Thursday, September 8, 2011

It looks like it's going to be REALLY prim here at the farmhouse this weekend!

You may be asking  yourself "why is it going to be so prim at Shirlee's house this weekend?"  Well, I'll tell you.  We won't have any hot water!

Our hot water pressure dropped dramatically a couple weeks ago.  We've just put up with it hoping it would go away but it's instead gotten worse & worse.  The hot water last night & this morning was coming out of the faucets in a little trickle.  We had a couple other minor plumbing problems to take care of so I called a plumber (Chad) who came over this afternoon to take a look at things.  The minor problems are indeed that ... minor.  Quick fixes.  However, the hot water issue is totally the opposite.

Chad, a 3rd generation plumber, says there are two possibilities for the drop in our hot water pressure ... (A) there is something caught or some sort of buildup either in the pipe coming in to the water heater or the pipe going out of it, or (B) the water heater insides are shot & we need a new one.  We have a 65-gallon water heater.  I don't know why the original owners selected such a huge water heater but I've been thankful to have it.  We've never ran out of hot water.  I guess they are difficult to find in that size now-a-days so we will most likely be ending up with a smaller size if that's the route we need to take.  Chad is coming back tomorrow to check out the pipe issue.  He said something about 2 to 2-1/2 hours.  I'm not sure if that applies to the time he will spend playing with the pipes tomorrow or the time he will spend if the water heater needs to be replaced.  Either way, I now see a dramatic drop in our bank balance.

Chad thought it best to turn off the water heater so we are definitely without hot water from now till he returns in the morning.  He is 90% certain that the water heater needs replaced & if that's the case, we will be without hot water all weekend.  Life will go on albeit a bit less comfortably.  Things could be worse.


jennifer768 said...

Shirlee hope that your problem turns out to be an easy fix and you get it taken care of soon.I am so sorry that you are having problems!Hugs,Jen

beforethedawn said...

Shirlee, I am crossing fingers for the easy fix. It's no fun being without hot water.

When I was growing up, we used propane, but there were times our tank was empty and we had to wait a few days to get it filled, so my mom had to heat water in the microwave. (Stovetop was also propane.) I always dreaded those times.

Blessings, Jessica