Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finishing Help Needed

Just a quickie this morning.  I decided that today was going to be a day to go upstairs & do some finishing.  Prayers will be much appreciated   : )

The directions for finishing one of my items reads as follows:

"After sewing around the stitching lines on the entire piece, cut a small slit on the backing & turn right sides out.  Stuff firmly with stuffing & hand stitch opening shut."

This is an odd-shaped piece so I can't opt to leave a seam open to sew shut as I usually do.  I only tried this "slit the back/stuff/sew up the slit" thing once before & it turned out quite horribly.  Sort of like a bad scar, all lumpy & yucky.

Any hints for how to do this so it looks at least half way decent?

Must get back upstairs & continue stressing myself, but before I dash off I want to thank everyone for commenting on yesterday's dishes post.  I have searched everywhere I can think of including replacements.com which someone so kindly suggested.  I paged through all 963 Christmas/winter dinnerware replacements that they had & still came up empty.  In the meantime I found another set that is in the running for second place.

Okay ... must get back upstairs ... must get back upstairs ... must get back upstairs. AAAAHHHHH!!!


Mii Stitch said...

Sorry can't really advised you on this one. I would have done what you did: sew, turn inside out, stuff & "discreetly" sew the remaining bit.... Lovely crockery!!!

Gray Bonnet said...

Good luck with your finishes--hope all is going smoothly!:)

pam said...

The second set is nice. I love redware

cucki said...

I hope you have a lovely sewing time
Good luck
Hugs xxx

Lee said...

Stitch two pieces of fabric together for your backing, leaving an opening in the center. Then sew the entire piece to your stitching. Stuff it through the seam opening you left, then blind stitch that seam opening closed.

I hope that makes sense. I've used that method a few times and it works well.

Vickie said...

Deep breaths and prayer Shirlee. You can do this. ;)
I do not know about finishing like you mentioned, sorry.

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Shirlee,

Mom is baking but says to tell you to try the ladder stitch (she uses that to close teddy bear seams). Don't tug at the thread but firmly close. The slit thingy gives her hives (honest) so she knows what you mean.

Prudence ♥

Barb said...

What is the name of the second set of dishes that's now is the running? That's a very pretty pattern, too.

I'll confess that I have a HUGE weakness for china so I always am interested in it.

Thanks so much!

Peggy Lee said...

Oh wow! I really like this second set of dishes! They are gorgeous. Where can you get them?

I am not glad that you made that mistake but I am glad to see that I'm not the only one who does stuff like that. That's when I just toss it to the side and run away muttering something like "why do I even try?"
Don't give up!

I absolutely L.O.V.E cardinals! I would really like to put a feeder up where I can see it from my stitching spot for the Winter. I'll put that on Masterchief's list.


Myra said...

Hi Shirlee! I have never liked this method because you can really SEE where it was slit and sewn together no matter how hard you try. I would pick out the seam and stuff through there.

marly said...

The only way mine came out decent using that method, was to machine hem four sides of a matching patch and then glue over the slit. I closed the slit with a few messy hand zig zags before covering.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oops....duh. I left my finishing comment on the wrong post. Wouldn't have bothered adding my two cents in given that it appears others more expert than I have spoken...but, yeah....like Prudence the Bear said....that "blind hem" thing I do is like a ladder stitch....works well and the key is, as she says, not to pull too tautly. r

Annette-California said...

Oh those dishes are pretty. I haven't finished or stitched a stocking. I've done large stockings that have a lining. Does that count?
love Annette

Carol said...

I agree with Myra--I tried this type of finish exactly once and it is probably my worst looking finish!!

OH, those dishes are gorgeous, Shirley!! I'd buy them in a heartbeat :)