Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Back, I hope, after a lengthy illness that just wouldn't quit!  John and I were both sick since the start of the month.  We are still working on getting totally over what amounted to acute bronchitis and pink eye on John's part, & a horrible case of the flu, a horrible sinus infection, & pink eye on my part!

Although I have not in any way given up on knitting, an Instagram kit-along brought me to the point of pulling out a cross stitch kit to work on!  I am as surprised as you   : )   It has been three years since I've stitched anything.  I think we can all remember what ruined it for me back then.  This is my first finish, a Bent Creek Zipper kit titled Winter House.

The kit along will not end until March 31st so last night I began another cross stitch kit.  This one is A-Wassailing by Shakespeare's Peddler.  
Unfortunately none of my knitting photos are on my computer so I will have to try to transfer them over here at some point so you can see those projects.

I hope that everyone had a happy & peaceful Christmas.  John & I had a very low-key one.  I didn't bake anything.  We didn't have any gifts.  Initially I wasn't going to put up any decorations at all, then I decided to decorate the skinny prim tree with my cross stitch ornaments.  I also put a handful of small decorations on the mantle & leaned a prim sled against one of the walls.  I did make our usual feast of turkey, ham, & potato salad which we enjoyed very much, & we also enjoyed Christmas movies throughout the season.  Well, we started watching them in October actually.  We have a LOT of Christmas DVDs ... lol!!!

January has flown by.  Time flies when you're near death.  I am very happy that tomorrow is February.  One step closer to when we move again!!!  Another rental for a year (ugh).  Where are we going?  Who knows.  Most likely we will try to move back to Lexington or somewhere near there since I am still dealing with doctors and a dentist in the area.  I know John would like to settle down in Tennessee again, & depending on how the medical/dental issues go we might end up renting a place there.  I just know I am looking forward to settling down.  24 moves in 42 years.  It's getting a bit old.

A belated Happy 2018 to you all!!!