Thursday, September 26, 2013

September IHSW Report

Obviously I am late posting this report. Although I have been writing emails, responding to blog comments, reading, stitching, & I guess that's pretty much it really, I haven't felt up to writing a post.  I don't have much to say I guess.  However, I do have my IHSW stitching to tell you about, so here I am.

I have been stitching ornaments I kitted from JCS Ornament magazines before I went to the hospital.  The one I chose to stitch this past weekend is from the 2012 issue.
 Design:  His Gift
Designer:  My Big Toe Designs
Floss:  Belle Sole Silks
Fabric:  32 ct Antique Copper Hand Dyed

I love stitching Christian designs when I can find them & this one especially called to me. I liked it so much that I even purchased the silk floss & special fabric the pattern suggested.  I enjoyed stitching it but I did have a problem with the Belle Sole.  It is a beautiful floss with great coverage, but I'm not thrilled with the way it is dyed.  The color variations are too long, at least in the 4 colors this project called for, & therefore they tend to make long stripes or large blocks of light versus dark color.  I actually wasted a lot of the green floss because about half of each strand was so light it was almost white.  Quite disappointing ... especially since I purchased several other skeins of Belle Sole for other projects. Hopefully the other skeins will have better color blending.  

I didn't actually finish stitching this design until last night so my post title should technically read September IHSW+3 Days Report.  By Sunday night I had finished the brown & pink parts of the design & had started the green.  It's really a very simple design but thanks to this annoying little visitor ...
... it took me 6 days to complete it.  Well, I can't totally blame Froggie.  The Belle Sole floss color blending didn't help either.

Last night I started stitching a new ornament ... a mystery for now   : )

And speaking of mysteries ... if you haven't yet heard about the Plum Street Samplers Sunday Mystery Sampler, click here for the details.  There are 9 parts to the sampler which will be revealed over 9 consecutive Sundays starting this coming Sunday, September 29.  The theme is the birth of Christ.  The sampler is titled Mary's Sampler, but there are actually two designs to choose from ... the original design & a more "densely designed" version which will require more stitching time.  I don't know which design I will be choosing to stitch.  I will make my decision on Sunday.  This is the first time I'm taking part in stitching a mystery sampler & the first time I'm going to have 2 projects going at once ... an ornament along with the sampler.  I'm already feeling faint at the prospect of stitching 2 different designs at the same time.
Here is yet another mystery!  A mystery bird that came to visit us last week.  We sure are getting a lot of new bird visitors lately!  This one is a little bigger in size than a cardinal. It has a bit of yellow green (definitely yellow green, not just yellow) coloring on it's belly. Do you have any idea what it is?

Yesterday I saw my family doctor regarding the odd things that were happening to me last week including that weird stroke-like episode.  Looks like I indeed may have had a stroke of some sort.  She is sending me for a brain MRI to see if any "damage" is visible, & for an echocardiogram to see if there is anything going on with my heart.  In the meantime I have been counseled that if this weird stroke-like thing ever happens again to get myself immediately to an ER.  Message received.

I will leave you today with one of my favorite Bible verses. 

"I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace.  In this world you may have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world!"
John 16:33


Vickie said...

Amen to that good news from the Bible!
I am glad you persevered Shirlee. The ornament looks lovely.
I too will be doing my first Mystery SAL. I have my first SAL I signed up for coming up with Vicki too in a few days.
I am so sad to learn it most likely was a stroke. Oh Shirlee! I am glad you are following through with doctors, doctors and more doctors! Praying for you as always.♥

Julie said...

The ornament looks lovely, must say I have never used Belle Soire.

I think this SAL will be popular, I've seen a few ladies mentioning it.

Sorry to read it might have been a stroke, I hope the MRI comes back clear and it turns out not to have been, just a little blip in your recovery.

gracie said...

Lovely ornament.... be sure to heed the doctor's instructions!
As for the pretty bird...I wish i knew.

Vicki said...

One of my favorite verses and a great reminder of Who has overcome! Thanks for sharing it today. That bird is awesome, I hope you find out what it is.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Really hope the tests come out all right! I'll keep you in my thoughts. :D

rosek1870 said...

So glad you are feeling better although stroke symptoms are nothing to fool around with. My daughter is a Occupational Therapist on the stroke floor in a rehab hospital. With my blood pressure she is on me all the time lol.

I to am going to do the Plum Street Mystery SAL. I have never done one but am looking forward to it. Good luck and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful ornaments.


butterfly said...

So sorry to hear it might be a stroke Shirlee my mother had one but it was a very bad one but I know of friends who have had one , but they are fine now.
Love your stitching Big Hugs.

cucki said... are in my prayers dear always..
Sending you big hugs and my love x

Michelle said...

Sending you much love my friend - love the stitching x

Linda said...

Oh my Shirlee. I knew you should have went to the ER. Glad the doctor told you to go if it happens again. Love your new finish. If I can work on a zillion projects at a time, I'm pretty sure that you can handle two projects at one time. lol


Simply Victoria said...

So glad you went in and will have more tests run. Prayers for you!
Nice finish on your new ornament : )

marly said...

Very nice ornament. Let's hope there are no more episodes!

Myra said...

Your ornament looks great Shirlee. Makes me want to kit this one up too.

I am so glad you got to the doctor. Praying hard for you here in NC.

~Sara said...

You are really an encouragement~ to see all that you are doing, etc with all that you have going on, amazing. Praying that you will have no more of those episodes!Start feeling better! Blessings~Sara

Chris said...

So glad that you went to the Dr. I hope that the tests are easy and bring good news.
Lovely ornament stitching. So sorry the frog showed up.
I know that you can handle stitching more than 1 project at a time :)

Carol said...

Oh, Shirlee, I am so sorry to hear that it may have been a stroke. Please run to the ER if it happens again. I pray that it won't!

Your ornament stitching is so pretty--sorry the silk gave you fits. I am really looking forward to Plum Street Sampler's SAL--not sure if I'll be doing it, but that is such a generous thing for Paulette to do!

That is one lovely bird--hope someone can tell you what it is :)

Take good care of yourself now, Shirlee--sending a hug to KY!

Pam in IL said...

Your ornament looks great! Makes me want to procrastinate working on my commissioned BAP even more. I'm in no way ready for winter to come, but I do enjoy stitching Christmas ornaments.

Glad you saw the doctor.
Sending Hugs & Prayers!

llknbillburg said...

Your bird is a Flycatcher although as just and amateur birder I couldn't say which one. Hope this helps, Laura

Kaisievic said...

Please do go to the ER if you feel any the slightest bit strange! We all need you to keep well. Love your ornie, thanks for the link to the Plum Street Samplers SAL and lovely bird pic.

Marilyn said...

Very pretty ornament.
I'm not sure which version of the SAL I will do either, have to see it first. lol
Glad you went to the doctor.
The bird is beautiful.

Maggee said...

Oh I AM glad you went to your doctor! I know that is a lot of follow-up, but it beats the alternative. I will be doing the PSS SAL also--can't wait to see it! I have used silks over the years, along with overdyes, and I am definitely snipping and cutting when there is too long of a color. lately, I overdyed an overdyed! I needed something else, and by golly--it worked out! Using it right now on a current WIP! No real clue on the bird. First I thought it was a Cedar Waxwing, but I think not. Someone will know. Hugs! More later!

Maggee said...

Forgot to say--I love that ornament! That makes about three so far... guess I need the magazine! :)

Melody said...

Shirlee, Glad you went to the dr. Hope things are improving for you. I don't know what the bird is either. I'm afraid I only recognize the basic ones.

Paulette's Mary sampler looks lovely, I haven't decided whether I'm starting or not.