Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

I am tempted to say that once again Christmas has come & gone too quickly, but that wouldn't really be correct since today is only the 6th day of Christmas.  Many people start taking down their trees & decorations the day after Christmas. A very sad thing to do in my book, but if you bought a real tree to decorate on Thanksgiving weekend, you probably don't want it hanging around the house too long after the blessed day   : )

It was another quiet Christmas here in The Devil's Playground.  After our traditional breakfast of homemade orange rolls ...
... we snapped a few photos & then opened our gifts.  

Yes, once again we we lit the fireplace DVD.  Just imagine our joy if we had a real fireplace!!! 

Some of my happiest times leading up to Christmas were opening & displaying our Christmas cards.  I had asked in a blog post at the beginning of the month if anyone wanted to exchange cards with me.  I received lovely cards from all over the world!  I'm looking forward to another blog Christmas card exchange next year!

What was my very favorite thing about Christmas this year?  It was when John & I visited our wonderful son the weekend before Christmas. We hadn't seen him in a long, long time.  Now that he's living closer to us, we will get to see him more often   : )

Matt & a friend have entered into a business venture ... breeding Lllwellin setters & Weimaraners. I'm not really much of a dog person.  Don't get me wrong ... I like dogs.  I just prefer cats.  Well, don't tell Sophie, but I fell in love with Weimaraners.  This is me & Chloe.  Do I look happy much?  Lol!  I had never heard of Weimaraners before Matt became involved with them.  They are the sweetest, most docile dogs I have ever seen. Right up our alley   : )   If I'm remembering this correctly (Matt will correct me if I'm wrong), Chloe is 6 weeks old in this photo & she's weighing in at 26 pounds.  I really, really, really wanted to bring one of these puppies home, but Sophie would not have been a happy feline if I had done so.  This coming year I'm going to try to sell her on the idea.  Wish me luck   : )  
I am going to be adding two new pages to my sidebar ... Christmas Exchanges & Gifts from Me to Others - 2014, & Christmas Exchanges & Gifts from Others to Me - 2014.  I also plan to make a page with the remainder of my 2014 stitching & even go back to gather all my stitching projects per year together on their own pages.  Nothing I enjoy more than making work for myself ... lol!  This, however, seemed to be the best way to go about things ... keeping them all on their own page rather than a little here, a little there in various blog posts.  I'll do a post as each page is created.  

Our decorations will stay on display for another week at least ... the tree longer.  I think it was nearing the end of January last year when I finally took it down.  I'm in no rush for Christmas to be over.

At the grocery store on Christmas Eve Eve I discovered jars of tulip plantings & had to bring one home.  I didn't think to take a photo until today so they aren't as nice looking as they were a day or two ago, but still much enjoyed by both of us.  
I will leave you with this photo of our newest acquisition for our home.  I never include wise men in a nativity display for several reasons, but John talked me into it this year because they were "cute" & "fit in" with the set.  Next year I'll leave them out, but this year I let him have his way   : )  
Remember to keep Christ not only in Christmas, but in every day of the year.


Debbie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. So nice you had a chance to visit with your son. As for Chloe, please explain to Sophie that she will be buddy to get warm and cozy with.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

Jennifer M. said...

Wow what an amazing Christmas you had. Those puppies are adorable and gorgeous dogs when they get bigger. They have the prettiest eyes. I hope you take one home. :)

marly said...

Enjoyed the post! And the puppy. That's a pile of gifts! Wishing you a terrific new year.

Angela P said...

Everything is so lovely :) It looks like you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year :)

Mouse said...

awwwwwwww love the puppy .....weineramers (sp) are adorable .. love your fireplace ....never thought to have ours on to be honest ... that was a lot of goodies you got and how lovely re the cards :)...
wishing you a wonderful stitchy new year love mouse xxxx

butterfly said...

Lovely post Shirlee , how nice to have your son near to where you live .
We take our Christmas bits down just after New Year.
Wishing you and your Family a very Happy New Year.

Shebafudge said...

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas Shirlee.

I love your Nativity set. Our Wise Men travel round the house before reaching the Nativity.

Marilyn said...

Wow, look at all of those cards!
I'll look forward to that next year. :)
Your tree looks pretty with all of the stitched ornaments.
I'm glad you will get to see your son more now.
The puppy is too cute.
Happy New Year!

Chris said...

Happy New Year Shirlee! I love your Christmas posts. It looks like a wonderful celebration!
So glad that your son is close by. Puppies too!
Wishing you a wonderful 2015!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wow, all those presents! I think you got more than us four added together! Unless some are for decoration purposes only to make your house look more like the ones in the magazines?
Are those dogs the ones with really velvety fur? So nice to touch? I'm more of a cat person too but I do like to stroke soft dogs!
It's lovely that your son is closer to you too, he's a nice looking young man too.
I am looking forward to your new pages, I love a picture heavy page!
Happy New Year to you both xxx

Sarah in Stitches said...

Looks like you had a lovely Christmas! Your presents, tree ornaments, card display... it all looks wonderful :D Happy New Year, Shirlee!

Trace4J said...

Good Morning
What wonderful post.
I don't think I've seen you look happier.
With your son and the puppy.
Oh my you need a puppy!!!
So happy your Christmas was wonderful.
Happy New Year Friend

Vickie said...

How wonderful to see Matt! And a weimaraner!! Oh wow!
I look forward to your upcoming posts.

Kathy L. said...

Looks like quite a fun morning opening presents!! How fun. My husband is not a shopper so not too much under our tree. I would love to do this some Christmas.
I love surprises.
I enjoyed doing the Christmas card exchange with you and will definitely like to do it again next year.

Happy New Year

Carol said...

I'm so happy that Matt is now living a bit closer, Shirlee, and that he seems so happy with his new position. Wiemaraners are such nice dogs--big, though!! My sister had one for many years and he was such a dear...

Love the display of cards and oh, my, so many gifts under your tree! Our Christmas was very simple this year... Tim and I just bought one large gift for the other (I got corner cupboards, he got a large TV :).

Wishing you a blessed New Year!

Anne said...

Lovely photos of you and your son Shirlee! That puppy is sure darn cute! I was a dog fan well before a cat fan so now I can't play favourites, but Titus is definitely my fav! Your tree and gifts are amazing! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas as a family. We don't take down our tree until mid-January but that's because my Christmas is on the 7th so we have to wait until after then anyways. But yes, I don't understand those who rip it down the day after or so. Why not enjoy it a bit longer?! Hugs to you and Happy New Year!

Julie said...

A lovely post, your nativity scene looks wonderful.
What as rack of goodies under your tree and such a variety of cards.
Cute puppy!
I'm sitting here with a lovely roaring open fire going, very cosy on this New Year's Eve. Wishing you a very Happy and healthy 2015 xxx

Robin said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post this afternoon, Shirlee! I am so happy you were able to spend some time with your son. Lovely nativity and lovely card display!

Wishing you and yours a New Year filled with peace, joy, and much happiness!

Robin in Virginia

Annette-California said...

You look so happy and beautiful! Fantastic blessing to have gotten to be with your son. Loved seeing your display of Christmas cards.
Wishing you every happiness for the New Year. love Annette

AnaCristina said...

Lovely home!
​* *   * *  **  ★  ☆  ★  
★* * HAPPY NEW YEAR * * ★

Karen said...

Happy New Year, Shirlee! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

Krista said...

What a lovely Christmas you have had! Love all the decorations and wow, the pile of presents with lights. Like a holiday dream. :) Wishing you a wonderful New Year in 2015!!

Anonymous said...

in Italy we keep the Christmas decorations from the 8th of December until the Epiphany, January 6th, and if I could I would procrastinate that even longer. no room looks as good as during Christmastime.
I would trade our fireplace (considering the cleaning and lighting up time a real one requires) with your incredible card display, what do you say?
have a Very Happy 2015, packed with stitching and no frogging whatsoever! ❤️❤️❤️

Pam in IL said...

Looks like your Christmas was wonderful!

Happy New Year to you & John!

stitchinpeanut said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas... Thank you for posting it... I needed to see the fun of the season. Oh and looks like a great time with your son too.

Frances N said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I like the lights strung over the presents--looks so happy and festive!
Glad your son is near--that means many more happy times are in store!
Happy New Year!

Maggee said...

So glad you enjoyed Christmas, and especially that you got to see your son! You look very happy in that shot, and in the puppy one! Uh-Oh! Puppies are a lot of work... Happy 2015!