Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Quick Update

I do apologize for being so neglectful of this blog. I have good intentions & that's about as far as it gets!.

I have continued keeping busy, mostly listing craft things on eBay.  There are lots of knitting things listed there now ... yarns, bags, & the like ... but also some cross stitch things.  A couple of designer floss collections, a set of mounting frames & boxes, two Liberty Hill boxes, & a Sampler & Antique Quarterly DVD.  Next I plan to sort through my charts & kits.  I have no intention of giving up stitching altogether, but I definitely have more supplies than I'll need to last me a lifetime! After sorting through my cross stitch things, I will tackle my quilting fabric, my bobbin lace supplies, & then prim & home decor.  If you're interested in seeing what I have listed, my eBay ID is lv2stitch53.

We spent a quiet 4th of July.  The next holiday will be Labor Day.  It's hard to imagine that in another few weeks the kids will be heading back to school! I am, of course, looking forward to the end of summer.

I will leave you with a photo of my latest project, a new pair of socks I am knitting.  I always sit & knit for a couple hours in the evenings.  John will sit & read to me for a while as I'm knitting.  Very comforting   : )


marly said...

Shirlee! Holy moly. I checked your offerings and you have more than some stores! Wow. Beautiful choices.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Our kids haven't even broken up yet! We are in the final throes of the summer term though. Sports Day and Parents' Evening and so on. Preparing for the arrival of bags of hand made somethings from the Small Boy!
Good luck with the destashing.
What a lovely way to spend an evening, being read to, bliss.

Barb said...

Hi there Shirlee,
Please could you tell me the make of wool you are using for your new socks and the colour they are just so my colours.Thanks Barb

Vickie said...

I can see you have been hard at work on ebay. Good for you! Lovely colorway on the new socks.

Vicki said...

Your new socks are gorgeous! I read your last post while on vacation. It's too difficult sometimes to leave a comment on my phone (too small!), but I was glad to see you blogging again. Good luck with your ebay sales... Enjoy your week!

Robin in Virginia said...

What gorgeous yarn you are using for your socks! Good luck with your ebay sales.