Monday, February 26, 2018

Still Stitching

It is beyond my comprehension that I have fallen so deeply back down the cross stitch rabbit hole.  I guess it shouldn't surprise me.  Cross stitch has always been one of the top three things I love to do.  Dare I say it may even be the #1 thing.

I have now completed my fourth finish of 2018 with oh so many more planned.  In addition to the Bent Creek Winter House finish I posted back on January 31st, I have now completed the following:

A-Wassailing by Shakespeare's Peddler

A mystery sampler (there's a reason this needs to be a mystery for now)

Come Let Us Adore Him by Lizzie*Kate
(please excuse the wonkiness ... poor positioning)

I have just started stitching Joy to the World, another Lizzie*Kate design.

The owners of 123 Stitch, Down Sunshine Lane, The Silver Needle, Stitching Bits & Bobs, Stitch & Frog, & another online shop or two are dancing with glee at my return.

I do miss sitting in my comfy old recliner in my wonderful farmhouse in paradise, stitching away with Sophie curled up in my lap or purring by my feet.  Good times, good times.  Stitching in my uncomfy new recliner here at Mold & Fungus House, thousand-leggers scurrying along the floor every now & then, just isn't the same.  

I have not given up on knitting but it has taken second place.  I recently started a pair of socks to work on when I'm away from home, sitting in the car while John immerses himself in various Half Price Books stores, or sitting in doctor & dentist waiting rooms.  I would take my stitching with me but I am blind as a bat without my daylight magnifying lamp.  

I hope everyone is doing well.  It is almost the end of February & you know what that means.  Soon it will be time for us to move again.  Another year of renting ahead of us.  Oh joy.  Not sure where we will end up of course, but the front runners at this time are back to the Lexington area or back to Tennessee.     


Robin in Virginia said...

I enjoyed seeing your finishes, Shirlee. Well done on each one! I wish you much luck and success in finding a decent and affordable place to go. Thinking of you!

Justine said...

Glad to have you back! I'm being slightly selfish as I don't knit and dabble only a little with crochet so I'm happy to see you stitching again. Love those little LK finishes - did you see the designer is retiring? Get them while you can!

Vickie said...

Oh hooray for these great finishes!! Your mystery sampler is intriguing. Did I tell you that we are renting now too Shirlee?

marly said...

I wish I had your enthusiasm, mine is gone. Whatever type of needle you are using, stitch or knit, always good looking work.

butterfly said...

Good to have you back with us I must say I missed you.
Lovely cross stitching , you were always a lovely stitcher .
Hope your back to stay with us hugs.

Vicki said...

Great finishes, Shirlee, it's fun to see your stitching accomplishments again!

Karen said...

Always so great to see your stitching finishes, Shirlee.

Julie said...

Pretty stitching, you've been very busy with needle and thread.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice to see you stitching and blogging again. I do miss reading your posts.

Hope you find a good place this time, you deserve to live somewhere nice.