Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Blogger Confusion

It won't surprise anyone that I am perpetually confused about many a thing, and now Blogger is adding to that confusion.  First of all, when I log into Blogger I get this huge yellow square telling me something about the European Union.  What's that about?  At the bottom of the same square there is a separate section telling me that Blogger no longer accepts OpenID.  What in the world is that?  And this morning I get an email, supposedly from Blogger, saying that they want me to confirm that I still want email notifications for comments on my blog and if I do I should click the link provided.  Is this on the up-and-up?  I do know that the comments on my previous post have not been sent to my email account so I can try to answer them.  Is there something I'm supposed to do so I don't have that big yellow square assaulting me every time I log in?  Is it okay to click the link in that email?


Robin in Virginia said...

Back in May, they changed privacy stuff to reflect the changes in the European Union. Jo posted the fix on her blog. You can find it here, . Hope this helps you with your issues, Shirlee!

Vicki said...

I don't know about the big yellow square, it only appeared once late last spring so I must have clicked it. You definitely need to click the link in the email if you want to receive comment notification by email.

marly said...

Well hello stranger! I received that email also and it was for my recipe blog which I did NOT subscribe comments to, so I right clicked and chose to block sender. It was not addressed using my name and I do believe it may be spam so don't open it just in case. I've been getting several such emails and Google never sent them before so I am deleting and blocking them all. Open ID is in regards to the people wanting to leave a comment that aren't registered. The notice of cookies and privacy, I ignored because my old template will not allow the notice to appear. Some new law for the EU about privacy notifications but I don't share my blog or allow ads so I'm not sure if it even applies. Sorry if I'm contributing to the confusion but hey, that's my job.