Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Revisited

I have finally downloaded the photos from my camera of my very few but much cherished Easter decorations this year.  Yes, I have others, but we all know where they are   : )

The 2 large stitched cards you see here are from my friend Paula who lives in Portugal (no blog).  Last year she sent me the blue one, this year the green one.  Aren't they pretty?  The card in the middle is pretty too! That card was made for me last year by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching as a thank you for being in her Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop   : )

I also wanted to show you the Godiva Easter basket that the bunny (aka my Bear) gave me.  Yum!
Not much has been happening here ... just the never-ending dance of doctor visits & referrals for more doctor visits.  The lupus diagnosis is being batted around again   : (

The weather has been getting warmer ... BLAH!  My depression at the thought of summer weather just around the corner has only put me into bed with the covers pulled over my head a few times during the past couple weeks.  Against my better judgment, I went outside with John on Wednesday to do a bit of yard/garden work.  I just dug up weeds in one small area of a foundation bed & transplanted a few iris there.  Remember those iris plants I pulled out of the ground in May 2011 before the swindling, inept landscapers did their thing?  I just tossed them willy-nilly into planting pots with some dirt thrown on top of them to plant at another time.  They sat totally neglected on the driveway wall for an entire year.  Last year they were blooming like crazy in those pots.  They were then neglected for another year until Wednesday when I noticed them growing green & healthy again.  Thus my reasoning in finally transplanting the poor things.  Watch ... now that I've taken them out of their pots of neglect & placed them lovingly in the ground, they'll probably die. Anyway, this is all I did ... weeding & transplanting in a bit of landscape bed about 5' x 6' in size.  You would think a gang of thugs beat me senseless & then tied me to a horse & slapped his behind to get him to pull me all over the devil's playground for a few hours.  I am walking around here like a 90-year-old severely arthritic woman.  

Today I finally did something I've been meaning to do for a long time.  I sorted through my cross stitch charts & kits & put a bunch aside that I know I will never stitch. There are a lot of autumn things, some Christmas/winter stuff, & some miscellaneous. I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet.  Of course I kept ooing & ahhing over certain charts that I kept, my fingers itching to grab a needle & start stitching.  That ain't gonna happen though.  I'm wanting to work only on my crocheted granny stripe blanket so I can finish it before the hellishness of a devil's playground summer falls upon me like an Acme anvil falling on Wylie Coyote's head.
Yep ... this is just what I feel like when warm weather arrives.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I intend on hobbling around my house (see previous 90-year-old severely arthritic woman reference) doing a bit more reorganization & sorting out.   


Vickie said...

Well Shirlee, congratulations. You DID get some yard work done! Just take it in little bits like that. But keep looking for a landscaper to help you too.

Your Easter bastket is awesome! My mom gave us some giant peeps! I never saw these. Thought of you right away of course. ;)

~Sara said...

So sorry Shirlee~ Hope that you are feeling better soon. That chococolate should help! It fixes everything, doesn't it??!! Sending hugs. Blessings~Sara

marly said...

A little bit at a time girl! And when it gets to be too much, silk flowers look realistic!

Danice said...

Oh Shirlee, hoping you feel better soon. The Easter decorations & basket are so pretty :)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I hope you get back on the mend real soon.

Now pick up that hook and get busy lady, I want to see some updated photos. :)

Happy weekend to you, too.


Miss LindaLee said...

Hi Shirlee~I so hope that you'll feel a lot better very soon. I love the cards and the Easter basket would have been a hit in this house for sure! Way to go girl.

LindaLee at
CrossN' My Stitches

gracie said...

Sending a feel better hug your way!

Maggee said...

Yummm... Godiva chocolates! What a nice Easter basket! Love the way those Irises survive no matter WHAT you do or do not do for them! I would say they were a hardy plant! Take it easy in the yard... it will get done. Personally I hope you sell the house this year, and move back to... where the heck was it you wanted to be?? It's gone now... Oh well, you know what I mean! Hugs!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hope you are feling better soon, Shirlee!
Love the stitched Easter cards and the basket of Godiva chocolates, yum!

Myra said...

Those are some fabulous Easter goodies and cards. Godiva...yum! I hope you work out your soreness soon - getting older sucks, doesn't it? I am the same way when I get out in the garden, takes me a couple of days to recover.

Michelle said...

Love your decorations for Easter Shirlee and I hope you feel better soon my friend xx

Sally said...

I hope you are feeling much much better soon x

That Easter basket looks yummy!

I'm with you dreading the summer temps and we don't get it as hot as you do. I'm already feeling the disgusted looks withering at my soul from people who think I'm mad, crazy, stupid not to like the heat! Just makes me miserable! I've been loving the cool spring we've been having and am envious of the snow that we missed!

Take care my friend. I've not been a good friend of late I know {{{hugs}}}

Anne said...

You crack me up Shirlee with your description of what summer does to you! Not that it's funny, but your description of it is...the poor wile coyote always with the anvil on his head...sigh! Lovely easter treats from your Bear and I'm glad those irises got some attention. Crossing fingers that they will stay healthy!

jennifer768 said...

Hi Shirlee,girl you gotta learn to slowly ease into these things.I have been telling myself that all day as I avoid pulling the weeds out of my beds.So far it is working.LOL!Hope that you are feeling better soon.Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.Hugs,Jen

butterfly said...

lovely Easter cards ,and yummy basket of chocolate.
Hope you are feeling a little better.
Sounds like you have been busy in the garden.
Can't wait to see your blanket again, hugs.

Chris said...

Lovely things from Easter! When Rich and I were dating, he sent me one of those Godiva Easter baskets. Yum.
Sounds like you had a productive day organizing your stash. Isn't it funny how are tastes change?
Take care and Hugs!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

How sweet that you got my card out again! It's so nice to be appreciated.
Love your Easter basket too. I won one too (112) but mine didn't have so much chocolate in it. I did keep finding Creme eggs hidden in the tissue paper though.
Please feel free to send some heat here, my feet are frozen.