Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's Been Over a Week!

I think this is the first time in my blogging history that I haven't posted anything in over a week.  My excuse is that between physical therapy visits, home exercises, dieting, & constant tiredness, it's been that sort of time.  I have been taking photos along the way, however, so I have a few goodies to share with you   : )

First of all, here is a RAK I stitched for Chris at Tot Hill Farm Stitches.  She received it last week & said she was very pleased with it   : ) This is another of Laura's great designs (The Little Stitcher) called A Day of Joy.  I used an 1800s reproduction print on the back.   

Here are some finishes Myra did for me recently.  There are 4 but I can only show you 2 because the other 2 are gifts.  I'll show them when they are received   : )  Of course all of them are amazing   : )   If you follow Vickie's blog, you might remember her posting a finished piece she did called Rabbit Stitcher.  I thought it was so cute & I asked her if I could borrow it.  She kindly said yes. The designer is Little Treasures Designs. Myra finished it into a pin pillow (note the cute scissors charm she added!) using a fantastic polka dot fabric front & back.  Unbeknownst to her, I have a "thing" for polka dots so I was thrilled   : )
This next finish Myra did for me is a box finish ... my first one!  Naturally she did a fabulous job   : )   The design is Tis Better by La-D-Da.  Not only did she paint the box & attach the stitched piece, she included a little quilted coaster inside, each side of the coaster being different!  Oh that Myra! There's a special place in heaven for her   : )   

Now I am going to show you a bunch more daylilies that have bloomed over the past 7 or 8 days.  Just scroll down through the multitude of photos if you aren't interested in them.  There are raindrops on a few of the daylilies.  That particular morning it kept raining off & on so I had to zip out there & take the photos when I could   : )   A couple of them might look somewhat similar but they are truly different daylilies.


These next 2 are "rare" daylilies.  I would tell you their names but I'd have to go out into the garage to dig out the tags.  My very favorite of these is the white one.  The dark one, which I do remember has the word Midnight in the title, looks a bit ratty.  I got the photo of that one after it had already been out for a day.

Believe it or not, there are still a few more I am waiting to bloom!  You might be wondering where all these daylilies are planted.  Well, here you go   : )


Okay, you've probably had enough pictures for one post   : )   I have no other news to tell you except I've been continuing to stitch on the LHN Winter Forest ornament & I'm about half way done with the stitching right now.  I also was in the emergency room yesterday.  My atrial fibrillation went crazy for some reason & I woke up with it at 5:35 a.m.  I was supposed to go to physical therapy at 8 o'clock so I decided to get ready, thinking it would fix itself which it often does.  I had a very difficult time.  I couldn't stand ... I felt like I was going to black out & I felt all clammy.  I had to brush my teeth sitting down on the side of the tub, fix my hair sitting down, etc. Very, very odd. Like I said, I kept expecting it to stop.  Since an hour & a half went by & it was still going crazy, John took me to the ER.  They had a bit of trouble getting my heart to start beating correctly again but they finally infused me with something or other & after a while I was okay, thank goodness ... otherwise they would've had to admit me.  I surely didn't want that!  I was in the ER for about 4 hours & came home & slept most of the day.  I am okay this morning but need to followup with my cardiologist.

I wish everyone a happy 4th of July ... even my foreign friends   : )   Nothing special will be going on here.  It will be a day like any other day.  Maybe I'll get in some extra stitching time though   : )


gracie said...

Lovely stitching and pretty flowers. But I am not happy to read you are not feeling well! Please rest and hopefully you will feel better.

Mii Stitch said...

Great gifts & gorgeous lilies :) Glad you're feeling better x

Peggy Lee said...

So glad to see you here again but not glad about your recent health issues. Please take it easy and make sure you eat good stuff. OK, that sounded too much like something a momma would say but really...take very good care of yourself. What would we do here in blogville without YOU? º¿º

Kim said...

That is scary. Good thing you went to the hospital and they were able to regulate it.
I love all your little stitchies. And the day lilies are beautiful, especially the ones with the rain drops on them.

cucki said...

Aww sweet stitching and I love the little box so much..
Pretty flowers..
Hugs x

Michelle said...

Sending you hugs my friend - thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us xx

LoriU said...

Oh I LOVE that polka dot fabric!!!!

Funny, my DH had an A-Fib attack at 5:30 in the morning on Sunday! He was also almost passing out and just dripping in sweat! Luckily it righted itself without intervention (this time!). He has had Cardioversion done in the past (where they shock the heart). Scary stuff.

Glad you are feeling better!

Catherine said...

Fabulous post! Loved seeing your goodies and gardens!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Wishing you good health, Shirlee! I had no idea you had a heart issue. Happy 4th of July!

Joyce Mayer said...

Hi Miss Shirlee,

Now you take good care of yourself, do you hear me?

We are having rain everyday and lots of thunderstorms (scary). Our Molly Brown is terrified of them so Mom has pills to help her relax. Jessie goes to sleep during the storms. Me, I'm cuddling with our Molly.

Happy 4th of July.

Prudence ♥

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness Shirlee! Thank God you went to the hospital. I will keep you in prayer. I was praying hard for you and had no idea why!?! Now I do!
Beautiful, gorgeous day lilies. I am still waiting for any of mine to bloom. It has been so cool here overall.
Take care sweet friend. Glad you will be taking it slow and easy this holiday.♥

marly said...

Glad you got your rhythm back. Did they give you the pills to take as soon as it starts? They've worked like a charm! What a great collection of daylilies. Your little box is so sweet!

butterfly said...

Oh Shirlee, take care sweet friend, hope you feel better today.
Beautiful lilies what amazing colours, Your stitching looks fab ,and wonderful finish by Myra .

Ele said...

lovely stitching and wonderful flowers!!

Katrina said...

Gorgeous stitching, and finihing too :) Love all the flower pics, so bright and cheery! Take care Shirlee :)

Maggee said...

I too am thanking God that your heart was righted, and all is well again! Myra does great work! Pretty pretty flowers! Yummmm...

Carol said...

Oh, Shirlee--that heart episode sounds so scary! I do hope you get some answers soon from the cardiologist. I would imagine you're under a lot of stress with the house for sale and your physical therapy... Please be extra kind to yourself.

Your finishes are darling--I especially LOVE the stitching bunny with that perfect polka-dot fabric. Myra is so talented and her finish is perfect--love the little box, too, and it's quilted coaster. You two have become quite the team!!

Take care now, Shirlee, try to rest and stitch and admire those gorgeous flowers :)

Linda said...

Glad to hear your okay Shirlee. Love seeing all the pics of your flowers. Your friend did an awesome job finishing your awesome stitching.


Myra said...

Shirlee! Oh thank goodness you are okay. Please do follow up with your cardiologist, that had to be so scary for you and your husband.

I am glad you liked your finishes. I sure had fun working with your gorgeous stitching.

Thank you for sharing all those gorgeous daylilies with us. I love the white one. I also love the little gift you sent to Chris, I admired it over on her blog too.

Wishing you and John a Happy 4th!

Krista said...

Wonderful daylilies!! All so beautiful and different! We have plenty now blooming here, more than I have ever seen before but all of the orange variety. Love your rainbow of colors. Have a wonderful 4th of July!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling your best the other day ~ but glad your feeling better ~ take care.
Beautiful stitchin' and such a generous person you are.
Lovely lilies!!!
Happy 4th to you too!
Prim Blessings

Judy said...

Oh my...sorry to hear of that scary episode. Hope you won't have another!! Your stitching and Myra's finishing are perfect. I love the box and will give that a try someday. WOW.. all those beautiful daylilies..I could stare at them all day! Enjoy your 4th--rest with lots of stitching.

Judy heartland stitcher

Danice said...

Beautiful stitcheries, and daylilies. Thanks for sharing :)

~Sara said...

Wow! So sorry to hear about your health issues. Hopefully they will be able to figure it out. How scary!
Your flowers are beautiful, I just love them. The stitchries are amazing. Blessings~Sara

Pam in IL said...

Beautiful finishes and love the RAK! Your daylilies are lovely too. Your yard looks so colorful!

That A-fib sounds scary as well as the ER visit. My mom has that too, but she never feels it and doesn't even realize it's happening. She has had to have the stop the heart/shock it thing several times. She also takes a medication that is supposed to help keep the normal rhythm.


Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Well Shirlee, Looks like we are a sorry Lot. My back and your A-fib. Glad they were able to finally get it back in sync. Your Lilies are to die for. My daughter had them for her wedding. A burgundy color and we had many people say it was the most beautiful wedding they ever saw. It was held in the Catholic Spanish style Church in Diamond Bar, CA. We paid for her 5 years of college so when it came to her wedding we told her she was on her own. I had nothing to do with it and we was extremely proud of their choices. To this day, I think back to their wedding when I see the burgundy colored Lilies.
Anyways, I hope you continue to do well and will keep you in my prayers. Peace & Blessing to all, Barb

Melody said...

I'm sorry to read about your health issue. I'm glad they were able to regulate your heart. I bet you were tired after that!

Your day lilies are so beautiful! I didn't realize there were so many different ones. Your yard is so pretty with them.

I love your stitching finishes. The rabbit stitcher especially is so very cute. Love the design.

Take care. Hope you are feeling better.

Jennifer M. said...

Love the finishes! Myra does such great work. They are fabulous.

The flower pictures were gorgeous. The colors are so bright and vivid. They make you happy just looking at them.

I'm so sorry to hear about your health. Going to the ER is never fun. I hope things improve. Take each day one at a time. :-)

Kaisievic said...

Oh, Shirlee, my dear! I hope that you are okay - I am so worried for you. Please look after yourself. I miss you everyday even though we have not even met. Sending thoughts, prayers and good wishes your way plus lots of hugs and virtual homemade cakes and goodies!

I love all of your finishes - especially the box and the bunny! So cute!

The day lilies are spectacular!

hugs, Kaye

Sally said...

Beautiful finishes Shirlee. Love Tis Better To Give. So pretty.

NOt happy to hear you've not been well. Hope you are doing much better now. Keep smiling my friend xx

meggie said...


Found your blog through Cucki.
Beautiful finishes and gorgeous lily photos.
Hope you feel better soon x

Anne said...

Myra is a genius with her finishing! She does have a special place in heaven for sure!! Hope all is well with you with the dieting and exercising. I fell off the wagon with the exercising bit, but I mean to get back on it again! Love all your tiger lilies. Such variety!!

I'm praying for you and that your heart will be okay. BIG HUGS from me and Titus. Give Sophie a kiss from us!