Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life is Not Fair

Have you ever felt this way?  If so, you've got some pretty good company.  Solomon wrote ...

"I saw the wicked buried with honor, but God's people had to leave the holy city & were forgotten.  None of this makes sense."
Ecclesiastes 12:10

"There is something else that doesn't make sense to me.  Good citizens are treated as criminals, while criminals are honored as though they were good citizens."
Ecclesiastes 12:14

The prophet Jeremiah asked God ...

"Why is life easy for sinners?
Why are they successful?"
Jeremiah 12:1

There are many accounts in the Bible regarding men of God who pondered these things.  Is it any wonder that we have the same questions?

Can you remember how old you were when you first discovered that life isn't fair? Pretty young I'll bet.  I certainly was.  The unfairness of life bothered me a lot over the years, even after I became a Christian.  Why is it that a family member who cheats & lies lives in a home filled with beautiful antiques & heirlooms while I strive never to cheat or lie to anyone yet have been robbed of those things?  Why is a non-Christian friend's selfish, lackadaisical son handed a choice employment position on a platter while my own hardworking, decent, "would give you the shirt off his back" son has struggled for 5+ years trying to find a decent job?  

The Bible talks a lot about prosperity but we often view that word in a worldly sort of way.  The dictionary's definition of the word prosper is "to succeed in material terms; to be financially successful."  That is not, however, God's definition.  Wealth, fame, & possessions have never been things He has wanted us to pursue.  His concern is for our spiritual prosperity.  Jesus stated it plainly ...

"Don't store up treasures on earth!  Moths & rust can destroy them, & thieves can break in & steal them.  Instead, store up your treasures in heaven, where moths & rust cannot destroy them, & thieves cannot break in & steal them.  Your heart will always be where your treasure is."
Matthew 6:19-21

In his article titled "What Does the Bible Say About Money & Wealth?", author Jack Zavada states "Because of the world's false values, we seldom see ourselves as we really are.  The truth is that in the eyes of God, every believer is rich & famous.  We possess the richness of a salvation that can never be taken from us.  This is the treasure that is immune from moths & rust.  We take it with us when we die, unlike money or fancy possessions.  We are famous & precious to our Savior, so much so that He sacrificed Himself so we can spend eternity with Him. His love surpasses any earthly fame because it will never end.  It's time to stop comparing houses, cars, clothes, & bank accounts.  It's time to stop feeling inadequate because we don't own the outward symbols of success. Instead, it's time to turn our eyes to our intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. That's where we'll experience our greatest fulfillment.  That's where we'll finally find all the riches we've ever wanted."

Don't fret as you see Cousin Jenny adding even  more antiques & heirlooms to her already over-filled home via her lies & deceit. Don't get upset when you're riding the bus to your minimum wage job & you read in the newspaper about a wealthy celebrity passing drunkenly through a Las Vegas casino, stopping at a slot machine & winning hundreds of thousands of dollars.  What they have & how they get it is really none of your business.  You won't have to answer to God for the choices they've made in their lives ... they will.  Just keep your eyes on what you know is the real treasure in our lives ... our relationship with God & His Word.  

Have a blessed Sunday!


Maggee said...

Interesting thoughts Shirlee! Going to email you... Hugs!

Vickie said...

Oh how I want to be spiritually rich! Great message today Shirlee. Thank you.

marly said...

Very true. As generations pass, so go the virtues that encourage fulfillment and self respect, creating a need for things that we believe will make us feel good.

Pam in IL said...

My thoughts exactly!

Julie said...

A lovely message. Thanks Shirlee.

jennifer768 said...

Thank you girl for this beautiful post.I really needed the message today. Blessings,Jen