Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hard to Believe

I prayed for God to give me the motivation & energy to get a few things done today that I've been putting off.  He did   : )   In addition to a few chores like washing dishes & doing laundry, I cleaned the clutter off the top of the kitchen counter where I had been putting things I was too lazy to put in their place for far too long, & I also cleaned the clutter off the top of the dining table which was an even bigger mess.  Two simple sounding jobs, but believe me, they were anything but.  I then filled out insurance forms that have been multiplying since November & made copies of everything & got them ready to mail.  I then noticed how sunny it is outside.  The colored Christmas lights still strung on the little pine tree in the front yard looked like jewels gleaming in the sun.  However, I knew it was way past time to remove them, so I did that too ... & I marveled at how spring has sprung here so quickly & grabbed my camera before I walked out the door.  Come along & take a little walk with me   : )

   Just look at those pinecones!  I love pinecones!  And just look at that sky!  Not a cloud to be seen!

The house is looking sadly bare landscape-wise.  Last year's winter killed all the butterfly bushes & grasses we had planted around the foundation.  This year's winter killed all the willow bushes.  It's really a shame because they not only looked pretty, but the birds & butterflies really enjoyed them.

Nothing kills the daylilies though   : )   I couldn't believe how these ones out front were so lush & green already!

 This is one of the rhododendrons out back.  Lots of buds here.  They will all probably be blooming in another week or two!

This is a large bush out back that had been planted by the previous homeowners.  No one seems to know what it is.  We call it a pussy willow bush.  Whatever it is, the birds love it.  You sometimes see photos that I've taken of birds sitting in its branches.  When those cottony-white puffs bloom, they become tiny green flowers which the bees love.  You can't get anywhere near the bush for about a week after the flowers have bloomed because of all the bees!

Here's a closer look at the cottony-white puffs.

There are lots of buds on the weeping cherry tree.

  John really made a mess of this part of the yard when the ground was soaked from all the snow & rain (it still goes squish-squish-squish when you walk on it) & he couldn't see to back up the car.  I'm sure we can smooth it out when things dry up a bit.  

With the temp today predicted to be 66 & tomorrow's temp predicted to be 75 ... with more of the same on the horizon ... I decided it was time to bring the rockers back onto the front porch.

This is our view today from the front porch.

It's hard to believe that just 9 days ago ... 9 days!!! ... that view looked like this ...
I'd rather have the snow   : )

Thanks for taking a walk with me!  I hope you enjoyed it   : )


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

If you rather have snow, I can send you lots of ours, we are getting another snow storm today and we have 7 to 8 feet of snow around our house. Yes, that is a pussy willow bush. Lucky you to have one. hugs from Lynda Ruth in the great snow bound north.

butterfly said...

Lovely photo's of Spring, and good for you doing some Spring cleaning , I need to do some this week .
Have a good week Shirlee .

Robin said...

Glad you were able to get those tasks completed, Shirlee! I often wonder why I don't take care of stuff immediately when I know down the road it will take longer and then get annoyed with myself. I enjoyed the photos you shared today.

Robin in Virginia

marie said...

Love your porch, it was always on my bucket list, but (sigh) not to be. Love the snow in the yard, sure is a lot to mow in the summer.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

What a contrast in the space of a week or so - I know which one I prefer!!

Justine said...

What a beautiful view - in both weathers! I often put those kind of jobs off too. So much easier to keep on top of things.

Vickie said...

Glad you got so much done. Necessary stuff to get done.
That is quite a difference in the weather!!

Joyce Mayer said...

Miss Shirlee,

Yes, they are Pussy Willows, ours are just winding down. (o:

Hugs Prudence ♥

Linda said...

Lovely pictures Shirlee. I love the one of your house.


Annette-California said...

You can see the ground again. I am so happy that your not snowed in anymore! Now you can drive out easily. It is a good feeling when you get necessary stuff done.
love Annette

Julie said...

You have a lovely home and such a pretty view. I think I prefer the spring sunshine to the snowy view.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

It's fun to see the earth waking up again. I enjoyed our walk together. Have a good week!

Frances N said...

It really is amazing to see the difference 9 days of weather made in your yard!!
I love that pussy willow bush. I'd like to have one here. A side note--I work on the flower guild at my church, and I was researching Palm Sunday, and read that some Eastern European churches carry pussy willows instead of palm fronds, because the palms are not readily available that far north. I always add pussy willow in the Palm Sunday arrangements for that reason--interesting!
I'm envious of your cleaning--I am drowning in clutter on the counters, etc, but am slowly digging through it! I need to pray for that same motivation to come my way!!

Kaisievic said...

Wow! Such a contrast from nine days ago. I am sure that your garden will bloom again very soon. We call that bush a pussy willow, too, here in Oz.

Maggee said...

I love Spring, but I know you are missing the snow! I transplanted some daffodils and tulip bulbs about 10 days ago and they are all perked up and some of the daffodils have blooms already! Some days are more productive than others for me, but it will eventually get done! Hugs!

Weronika said...

Wow, what a difference. You have a lovely spring. Just enjoy it! :)