Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I gotta say I had a good laugh a few minutes ago when I checked the forecast on Weather.com & saw this.
It has been rather warm as of late, & the temp today reached nearly 60 degrees.  All the snow that fell two weeks ago is just about gone except for the stuff in the shady areas & the stuff piled high by the plows that didn't care to visit our house.  I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that my happy white fluffy times were over until next year, only to find the above Winter Storm Warning & 100% prediction of 5-6 inches of wintery mix to fall tomorrow night.  The Storm Warning is a little more delightful in its prediction.
Yes, I am doing my Woo-Hoo dance   : )

We will be better prepared this time ... which means the storm will likely pass us by.  By better prepared I mean that we will go out & drive up & down the driveway every hour or so to make sure the snow doesn't reach "we need a plow" depths.  Ha!  Take that, Devil's Playgrounders!!!

I am far, far behind in posting a stitching update. I will try to do that before the week is out.  I am even further behind in responding to blog comments & emails & for that I ask everyone's forgiveness & understanding.  Everyone who commented or emailed that is   : )   Lots of stuff going on here & I'm just trying to roll with the punches.


Julie said...

We've had some beautiful,spring sunshine since March arrived ....mm...perhaps I shouldn't have said that, I might have jinxed it and we get some of your wintry stuff lol.
It's 4am here and I can't sleep,so being productive and having a blog reading catch up.

Shirley Hill said...

Wish we were getting 60 degree weather. The cold nasty stuff has finally arrived in Texas! Hope yours goes back to 60s soon.

Frances N said...

Sounds like good plans you've made for this next "winter weather spree"!! You'll be able to get in and out this time! YAY! it will be easy!

Marilyn said...

Wow, you'd better get out and get some supplies.
Have fun!
Build a Snowman!

Vickie said...

Well, enjoy it while it lasts. Now if you two move up here to Wisconsin(hint, hint) you get to enjoy winter white for a loooooooong time yet.

Terri said...

I'm glad you're getting the snow and not us. :-) I'm in Central Indiana and we got about 10" over this past weekend and this next storm is missing us, yay! My dogs enjoyed it and so did one of our cats! LOL!

Take care and stay safe and warm!!

Maggee said...

Oh and I know you got more snow... Can't wait to hear how much, etc... We barely got a dusting, after rain... so it was slick and unpleasant at first. Now we have warmer temps heading our way! Yay! Still love me?

Kaisievic said...

Hey, Shirlee, no worries re the emailing/posting, I am way behind too. Good luck with getting snow - I am going to read your next blog post now to see if you got any - lol!