Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Need Decorating Help

Okay, I need more than decorating help, but for this post it's decorating help I need   : )

I basically love this townhome we're living in.  Sadly it has a lot of issues, but it is still homey & comfortable.  I've said it before & I'll say it again ... I will be quite unhappy when it comes time for us to leave it & head off to pastures of unknown color.  One of the issues I have with this townhome are the transom windows above our front door & window.

I guess they look nice, but this side of the townhome faces a tad southwest ... so in the afternoons, direct sunlight pours through these windows as if it's pouring through a magnifying glass.  As the sun makes its way across the sky, the hot, blinding, glaring light goes from one side of this room to the other, eventually hitting John & I directly in the face as we sit in our recliners.  

What can I do to block the light coming through these transom windows?  Each of them have a sill several inches deep, so I could set something up there, but what?  Since Christmas is drawing near (71 more days until the big day!!!), I thought about maybe just getting some nice fake pine garland from Hobby Lobby to scrunch up there.  I don't know how great that would look, but it would be something.  Can anyone suggest another option?

The weather is turning much cooler now.  Temps at night are predicted to be in the 30s this weekend!!!  I am giddy with anticipation!!!  This morning I decided to open the lid on one of my favorite Christmas teas ... DAVIDsTEA's Santa's Secret.  The description reads as follows ...

Ever wonder how Santa manages to deliver all those presents in just one night?  Well, here's the hush-hush formula.  He uses a special combination of Chinese black tea, peppermint leaves & spices ... all sprinkled with real little candy canes.  It's both energizing & remarkably soothing.  All Santa needs in one cup, & his motto changes from "ho ho ho" to "go go go!"

See the little candy canes mixed in with the tea?
And it came in a nice storage tin decorated with candy canes   : )
I found some other teas that I might want to try this year.  This first one is sure pretty to look at! The name of it is Santa's Little Helper, made by Art of Tea.  

Santa's sleigh bells would not be ringing without a lift from Santa's Little Helper.  Awaken your holiday spirit with this fun & deliciously sweet infusion of rich dark tea interlaced with wintery notes of cooling mint & smooth decadent chocolate.  Steeps a wonderfully engaging cup with an expressive aroma that captivates the senses & invites you to start the day. 
Santa's Nightcap sounds good too!  It is made by Tea For All Reasons.  

A Rooibos blend that combines eggnog flavoring with cinnamon pieces & little candy sprinkles to create a yummy taste delight.  Now, won't Santa be be anxious to visit your house?

Here are a few more luscious sounding teas made by Tea For All Reasons.

Cookies for Santa

With its whimsical gingerbread men & holiday sprinkles, this is not only a delight to look at but a delight to taste!  Santa would be so pleased with this treat, especially if he is trying to cut back on the whole cookie thing.  Rich in cookie taste, our hand-blended creation is full of all the ingredients that make for an irresistible treat!
Della Robbia

Full of fruity flavoring & nuts, this super rich & spicy Christmas blend combines Chinese black tea with apple, orange, currants, cinnamon, almonds, & cloves for a spectacular taste sensation.  This may become a new holiday tradition!
Christmas Memories

A refreshing, hand-blended Rooibos tea with the addition of cinnamon, orange peel, apple bits, currants, cloves, & almond flakes.  A comforting & delicious way to remember Christmases past.
Tea For All Reason has quite a variety of Christmas teas as well as all-year-round teas.  I will definitely be ordering a few.  You can find them on Etsy by clicking here.

There are certainly more Christmas teas available on the internet.  If you know of any good ones, do comment to let me know   : )

And incidentally, what a sweet husband I have!  I told him I made a cup of Santa's Secret tea & that there are only 71 days left to Christmas, & he is now playing a Christmas CD   : )

I know my blog has been sadly lacking in stitching info these past few months.  I am still without a table upon which to clamp my magnifying light so it will be lacking in stitching info for who knows how much longer.  In the meantime I have been tackling some knitting projects, & I think I've mentioned in the recent past that I have taken up crochet.  I have surprised myself by how much I am enjoying crochet!  I am almost finished making a blanket, & my current WIP is a project bag.  I can't really show them yet as they aren't finished, but here's a glimpse of them both piled here in front of me   : )
Well, my cup of Santa's Secret is finished now, so I will head downstairs to make myself a cup of something else.  I know I have more Christmas teas in my cupboards.  "Ho-ho-ho!!!"  Or should I say "Yum-yum-yum!"   : )


Vickie said...

Wowza! That is a lot of teas! Enjoy!
Your crochet looks fantastic!

Paula Lima said...

Not fair to look at all this wonderful teas and Internet has no yet been conceived with smell! The smell of the teas must be as good as the description you make!
71 days till the Day and garlands seem fine to me to block the sun:
I would suggest also some fake stained glass, maybe it would help. I believe there are versions that adhere to the glass, if I'm not wrong!
Hugs from Portugal

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

How about taking a thin tension rod and extending it across the windows from very top of the vertical sides of the window. Then take a piece of vintage lace or embroidery and just drape it over the rod. You can do this easily and inexpensively. Pin the fabric with a straight pin, if it slides. I found a sort of oval shaped piece of vintage embroidery (white on white) that I used to hang over my kitchen window. I also did this in my guest bedroom with two of the giant pillowcases I found at an estate sale. They really look beautiful. If I think about it, I'll take some pics for my next blog post, just for you.

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Shirlee, you do have problems, have you thought of stick on decals that you could get. Cut to size of the top of the window and make sure the decals are dark and not allot of light can get thru. You can always peel them off. Get some colour to match the furniture in your room and see if that works. I am sure hubby will help you put them up. Your picture is so dark I can't see what colour your furniture is. try a rose or some other type of flower. Get a couple and hold them up to the windows and see which you like, you can always take the others back. Hope that helps. big hugs Lynda Ruth

Claire Kelly said...

Hi Shirlee!!!!!
That looks a lovely pile of Woolley goodness!
He he


Maureen said...

Hi Shirlee, my first thought about your windows was window film. I know Home Depot sells a product you can still see through but it filters that light. Now I don't know how tricky cutting to your shapes or installing would be. It's like a vinyl cling and is removable.It's made by Gila.

Michele Inman said...

We had a similar problem with the window above the door in our entry. Our solution was to get a translucent window film from either Home Depot or Lowe's. It went on easily even though the window is a couple feet above the door (might be a project for John) and has worked beautifully for about 10 years now.

Shirley said...

Have you thought about using window cling films? Lowe's and Home Depot show them on their websites-I am not sure if they have them in their stores. I have it on a window similar to yours- but it is very old and I need to replace it. They have more choices now then when I bought mine. They are not too expensive and can be removed easily.

Robin said...

Your blanket and bag look great; love the colors. I know you are enjoying your teas, Shirlee. Hmmm, what about paper fans or screens for those windows?

Robin in Virginia

Marilyn said...

Do you have blinds on the windows?
They make the light-blocking kind, and are very nice.
Maybe just something decorative over the arch shape.

Ele said...

I wonder if you may have room enough for some green plants. Like pothos, they would love the light and screen it for you.
Your teas look ... yummy!
And I love the colors of your crochet projects. I find crochet so relaxing! Enjoy

Kaisievic said...

What a wonderful collection of teas, Shirlee, such fun to have a different one to try each day. No ideas for the transom windows, sorry. Lovely colours on your crochet work.

marly said...

The stick on sun filter film or frosted glass liner would help. Or you could make a cardboard template and then make a fabric piece that size, tack to the trim with brads.

gypsyelves said...

I'm with you on the window problem, and mine is much bigger. I don't know what to do about it! But I sure love your tea selections! I drink Harney and Sons White Christmas in the winter, now I want to try some of your selections!

Carol said...

Looks like you've received some great suggestions for the window--I really like Terri's idea!

Lovely looking teas--makes me wish I liked tea just to try one of those!! Glad you are enjoying your year in this townhouse so much, Shirlee :)

Maggee said...

I bought some green tea bags to try... tho I am sure they would not be as tasty as your Christmas ones! I never have liked tea, but I thought I would try some... since it is good for you! We used the film from Home Depot on our back door and it really did cut down on the sun coming through. Not entirely but we were no longer squinting and getting sunburned! Ha! Not sure a plant up there would be a good idea, as a sudden slam of the door might knock it down... Something stuck to the window sounds best... Hugs!

Sally said...

Oh wow look at all those wonderful teas!!! They sound delicious as well as look good!

Your crochet is beautiful.

I'm no help with the windows but it looks like you've had some great tips.