Friday, January 11, 2013

Do You Have This Chart?

If so, may I borrow it?  I saw it somewhere in my online travels with a notation that it's a Stacy Nash design.  I was unable to find it anywhere so wrote to Stacy who said it may have been a design she did for a stitching club & therefore she is out of the picture.  I would love to stitch this.  

Thank you all for your comments about my Shirlee & Ruthie post.  I have just been reveling in those memories since the day I received that Bent Creek chart   : )   I'm glad that my story brought back memories for some of you as well!

Remember the HE 2011 ornament I was stitching earlier this week, Jingle Jingle, with the yellow spot?  There was another spot on the fabric which was away from the design so I tried a bit of spot remover on it.  It did not totally take out the yellow but it faded it enough to where I really could not see it unless I put it underneath a daylight light. Therefore I spritzed a bit of the spot remover on the yellow spot along my stitching line.  Naturally not only the spot but the fabric faded in this area so now it looks like this ...
I'm not sure why my fabric looks gray here. It's a rather rich color of tan, but can you see the faded area  there to the left of the J?  It sticks out like a sore thumb in person   : (   I figure I will spritz a bit more around the outside of the design to fade more areas & it will look like it was meant to look that way   : )   Either that or I will have myself a pretty snazzy dishcloth!

I started another HE ornament on Wednesday.  This is their 2007 ornament titled All Is Calm.  I'm using all the recommended threads this time as well as the recommended fabric.  Another really fun stitch!  I foresee lots of HE ornaments on my tree next year   : )
Health wise I'm feeling almost back to normal again although yesterday I decided to do the dishes & move everything off the counters to clean them.  That little bit of activity really knocked me out ... lol!  Then for dinner I decided to make muffin pizzas.  Not a big undertaking.  The problem was that for the past week & a half I've been eating stuff like soup & toast & once in a while splurging on a cheese sandwich.  I use hot sausage on my muffin pizzas & really load them up with it.  Not a good thing to put into your tummy after a bland diet ... lol!  

The gifts I showed you back a post or two ... the ones still under the tree ... have been added to   : )   Yesterday I received a package from my friend Paula in Portugal. She had mailed me something way before Christmas & it took this long to get here! Anyway, Sophie is fascinated by a couple of the gifts & enjoys sniffing around them & even lying next to them.  She looked so cute yesterday that I had to take her picture   : )
Regarding my stocking gifts from my friend in North Dakota, I am afraid that I may have given the wrong impression about them & that I may have appeared to be bragging or something.  The farthest thing from my mind, believe me!  The gifts Mary & I exchange are very inexpensive things like pencils or candies ... maybe some DMC or little notions of some sort  I almost opened these gifts yesterday but just couldn't bring myself to do it.  I'm not ready to let go of Christmas yet ... lol!  However, I think I will probably open them sometime this weekend.  I should be well enough to put away Christmas next week.  Of course next week I have my dental surgery so who knows!

I have been unable to comment on some blogs for several days now ... not all blogs, just some ... & I've discovered why this is.  If you have a comment box that shows up at the bottom of your post, rather than a person clicking to leave a comment & being taken to a different page or getting a comment popup box, then I can't comment : ( Hopefully Blogger will fix this soon.

I wish you all a happy day!  For me the sun is shining & our temps are supposed to be in the 60s.  BLAH!!!    


missy said...

Great stocking design..I hope you find it.
I belong to a cross stitch board and we have an Advent Exchange where we exchange 25 gifts each with a stitching friend. So I can relate to all of the nice presents under the tree. Always fun to have a little something to open everyday. I always miss the gifts and trees. I'm still looking for a small tree like stand to hang my stitching ornaments on all year.

Have a great weekend

Janet P said...

Love Jingle Jingle, faded spot as well, shows it's made by hand and with love. What's wrong with blogger at the moment, I can't put photos on my blog, they say it is an ongoing problem which they are trying to sort out!! Good luck with the dentist. x

Vickie said...

I am glad your good health is returning.
You could not leave a border at all when you make it up into an ornament. You know, fairly snug up to your stitched border? Just another idea. Take good care of yourself.

Mii Stitch said...

Love your little ornaments (dots or no dots!) & hope you'll manage to find the chart for the stocking.
Don't worry about your posts, you were not bragging (I personally could see she is very dear to you) and I never felt you were showing off!! Ok, I might have been dribbling on my PC screen, wishing they were all mine & wondering what they could all contain... but I'll have to come back & read your future posts for this :D Hope the dental appointment goes well, Mii x

Dawn said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and love the HE patterns, very cute. Can't wait to see what is your presents, hope you share the pictures with us!

gracie said...

Love the stocking....if I should come across it I will certainly send it your way.

cucki said...

The stocking is so cute..I hope you find the chart for stocking..
Glad you are feeling much better...
Big hugs x

Stress Less said...

I love All is Calm. Can't wait to see it finished. Glad you are feeling better finally. Hope you find some stitching time this weekend.

Siobhán said...

Sorry, I wish I could help you with the chart! It's a darling design. Your ornaments are adorable! I think Homespun Elegance and Prairie Schooler do such great ornament designs. You know, I think the spot on your linen is fine. After all, you pay for overdyed threads and linens so that they look old and splotchy, right?? I would keep it as is and embrace the splotch. ;)

Angie said...

The stocking design is from her booklet A Simply Early Christmas.
You may still be able to order it.
Hope this helps!

Lelia said...

listed on etsy shop

Judy said...

You may be onto a new way to dye fabric---or undye! Wish I had the stocking pattern to send you, it is cute. Glad you are getting back to feeling well. Good luck next week. Maybe you should do gifts after dental surgery. Something fun to look forward to.

Judy hesrtland stitcher

Trace4J said...

Adorable stocking friend.i too loved the Shirley and ruthie post.
Woolie hugs

jennifer768 said...

So glad that you are feeling better.Hope that you are able to find the stocking pattern,it is really a sweet design.Love the Jingle,Jingle design as well as the one you are working on presently.Hugs,Jen

Peggy Lee said...

That is so sweet...can't open the gifts yet. It tugs at my heart!!
I'm so glad you're feeling better but take it easy now...the counters can wait. :o)
I vote for fading the piece all around the edge.
Your snowman is a cutie.
I thought of you today when I had my windows open all day. We set a record today!

Ranae said...

Sorry too, I haven't seen it before
Love jingle, jingle

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh good grief! You were NOT bragging and we did not interpret it that way! (Like how I speak for everybody?) ;o) I kind of like the faded effect (that you can barely see unless it is pointed out...) - after all, isn't that what we do when we age something? We strive for darker and lighter spots....It's just usually easier to add the "darker" than the "lighter." You, however, have found a way to do the reverse. (In any event, MUCH better than yellow....) Awwwww...Sweet Sophie....Will you please package her up and send her to me???

I'm going to have to de-decorate our tree tonight. It's real, and it's dying. The rest, tho, is going to have to stay awhile as I have to get back to the books.

As for blogger - this is a problem that has "recurred" over time. Best bet is to download a different browser....(e.g., Firefox.....) It's a browser thing too with the photo upload, altho there is a workaround for that (if you change back and forth from html....) Email me if you want more details..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Suzanne said...

Sorry, I haven't seen this design before. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. I think you can easily rescue Jingle Jingle by 'fading' around the outside of the design a little more and then it will all look like it was supposed to be like that all along.

Oh I can only wish for weather likes your, we have had the whole week with temperatures well over 100 and the other day reached 109 here with other areas reaching over 120.

Catherine said...

Cute design! I hope you find it!
Your finishes are so cute!!

Nicola said...

I have had the same problem when using my ipad. Its very furstrating.

Sally said...

Can't help with the design I'm afraid but I do hope you find it.

Love your finished ornament and your new start is cute.
I'm struggling with leaving comments from my tab. I can't see what I'm typing. I've changed my comment form on my blog now if you want to try leaving a comment.

Glad you are feeling better.

Kaisievic said...

Love the look of all those presents - I am presuming you can't comment on my blog as I haven't heard from you for ages. Do you know, I think of you everyday when I blog - even if I don't always get to read your blog posts each day.

hugs, Kaye