Tuesday, January 1, 2013

At Death's Door

Okay ... I'm probably not literally at death's door but I sure do feel like I am.  Lord knows I have plenty of health issues in my life but I hardly ever get colds or the flu.  In the past when these maladies have stricken me, I usually felt fine within a day.  It has been years since the last time I was sick ... so many years I can't even remember the last time!  In retrospect I probably shouldn't have gone to my endocrinologist appointment yesterday but, in my defense, I thought I was getting better. Foolish me.  Last night I begged John to return all my Christmas gifts & bring me home a gun.  I don't think there's a part of my body that doesn't hurt.  My nose is constantly running. My throat feels raw & 3 times its size.  I'm coughing & feverish.  I have chills.  I hate this!!!  In retrospect again I probably should have had the smarts to remember that the symptoms of illness are always better during the day & worse at night, & I should have asked John to stop at one of the many drug stores we passed on the way to & from my appointment so we could pick up some Thera Flu or Nyquil or something.  Instead I curled in my recliner, covered up with 2 blankets, & waited for Jesus to come get me.  I'm still here.

I did manage to do some stitching last night & I finished LHN's It's Snow Cold.

It's a nice little design but I really did not enjoy stitching with the DMC ecru floss.  It seems to be rather wimpy.  I'll have to see what the closest substitute to it might be for the next project I start that requires its use.

I now need to find a new start.  I never plan definite projects to stitch because when they come next in line I may not feel like stitching them.  I haven't yet come up with a plan, a set of stitching goals, for 2013.  I do know I am going to Etsy a LOT of charts & kits that I bought last year & now look at & wonder why.  That might be something easy to do today ... go through all my charts & decide which ones I'm never going to stitch.  While doing that I'll undoubtedly find a new start   : )

I wanted to share this next photo with you. It's a picture of a puzzle that I found in my stocking.  In addition to a few things from my Christmas list, Santa Bear always finds some unique items with which to surprise me.  He knows how much I love snowmen & he thought this little puzzle would be something that would help Christmas last longer.  Gift opening would be delayed until the puzzle was completed.  Too long a time to put the puzzle together was not foreseen.  It is very small, maybe 7" x 9", & only has 160 pieces. The joke was on us though.  Many of the pieces look remarkably alike & so closely fit together that you are sure you've got them in the right spot ... but this is not so.  I think it took us 2 hours to get this silly thing finished, but we enjoyed it & it did indeed extend Christmas a bit   : )   I apologize for the reflection of the light on the photo.  I just could not get a photo taken without it.  I took the photo before writing this post so as you can see the puzzle is still together.  I hate to break it apart but I guess I must. Can you picture the puzzle photo used for a HAED design?  AAAHHHHH!!!!!
Before writing this post I caught up on my blog reading list but encountered a problem with some blogs.  I'm sure the problem lies with my account somehow ... the same way I am unable to delete blogs from my reading list.  When I tried to comment on several blogs this morning, I received no indication that my comments were registered in any way.  No "blog comments are moderated" notation, no comment showing up on the blog, etc.  I hope that turns around soon.

Happy first day of 2013 to all of you!  Only 357 days left till next Christmas!  Woo-hoo!!!  


Vickie said...

Oh silly Shirlee, counting til Christmas again!! I am sorry you are feeling so poorly. Take care of yourself.♥
You know, I do not make any stitching plans either. I just take it as it comes. It always changes around a bit.

Krista said...

Lovely sweet ornament! You are on your way to next year already! :)
I hope you are feeling better soon, I have been under the weather too now for a week or so. Everyone seems to be catching something! Get lots of rest! Happy New Year!!

marly said...

Hey friend - you're not alone. I kept putting off getting a flu shot and I'm paying for it now. Sweet finish. I use Anchor's white and ecru and like it better. It's probably exactly the same as DMC and it's all in my head. Take care of yourself.

Trace4J said...

oh friend so sorry you are feelng so poorly.
now I know why I kept thinking of you.
love the snow cold stitchery.
the puzzle is soo cute too.
great job bear!
woolie hugs & prayers friend

p.s my blog has been a mess too.
no blogs I follow too no picture showing up.. :(

Mii Stitch said...

Hope you feel better soon Shirlee! I have no stitching plan neither as my WIP list is long enough at the moment... Love your little jigsaw, they are cute little snowmen :)

Kim said...

It sure sucks to be sick during the holidays. I hope you feel better soon. We haven't had the flu visit us yet this year (knock on wood) but I've heard it is a nasty strain.
Hugs, Kim

Loraine said...

There are so many sick people around right now. I hope you get feeling better very soon. My mom commented yesterday that she has never felt so ill either. It must be a bad strain of the flu this year!
Your little stitching is darling. Can't wait to see how you finish it!
Get better!

butterfly said...

Oh Shirlee, hope you feel better soon. there are so many bugs around at this time of the year.
Loved your stitching and what a cute puzzle.
Happy New Year , and really hoping it will be a wonderful one for you, hugs.

Michelle said...

Lovely finish Shirlee and I hope you soon feel better. I think every other person in the UK is poorly right now with colds and chest infections xx Happy New Year my friend xx

Nicola said...

I am so sorry you have been unwell. Ray and I have been quite poorly over the holiday season too.

Jigsaws are great fun and it is a family tradition for us to have a large one for the family to do over Christmas.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

I hope you get better soon, Shirlee. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.
Love your stitchery and the adorable puzzle. Snowmen are my favorite.
Take care! Happy New Year to You!


Peggy Lee said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well Shirlee. Don't take this the wrong way but I hope Jesus leaves you with us for a long, long time! ;O)
Masterchief and I have appts for a regular check-up later this month and we both plan on getting the flu shot.

It's Snow Cold is "snow cute"!! Love the puzzle too. Many have said they don't know how I have the patience to cross stitch but I don't know how some have the patience to do puzzles!
Hope today find you feeling much better.

Catherine said...

Hope you feel better soon! Certainly not a good way to start the new year....sending you best wishes for a happy new year!!

Cole said...

Cute little puzzle! My mom & I love Christmas puzzles too :)

I hope you're feeling better soon!

Mouse said...

sorry to hear you are not well *passes over lemsip and a hot toddy ... love that wee puzzle and also your snoww cold ... I've just done that one and thought it might have needed a wee bit of bling to it too ... looking forward to seeing your next start :) love mouse xxxxx

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Sorry to hear your not feeling well on the 1st day of the New Year.
Hope the rest of your year is a joyous one.
Take Care!
Love the stitchery!
Prim Blessings

Jennifer M. said...

Hello from a New Follower!

I'm sorry to hear you have been sick around the holidays. It seems to have affected a lot of people this season. I hope you feel better.

I love that LHN pattern you stitched and on that color fabric too.

Snowmen are my favorite too. I really enjoyed reading your post today. It gave me a good chuckle especially the part where you asked your hubby to return your X-mas presents and get you a gun instead. LOLOL. It will get better soon.

Happy New Year!

Linda said...

Cute finish and great puzzle. Hope you are feeling better soon.


Dawn said...

OH dear Shirley, I do hope you feel better soon, hopefully you'll feel a little better with some of your tea.

You Snow in Love looks great, especially since you aren't well!

Get better soon !

Debra said...

Hope you get better soon! Love your newest stitching!

Kathy L. said...

Hope you feel better soon. Lots of rest and fluids!
Love the ornament!


earlene said...

Get well soon!! It is really hitting people hard that catch it.
I would make you some homemade chicken soup...it always helps.

gracie said...

Just found your lovely blog....sorry you are not feeling well. You should frame that darling snowman puzzle...too cut to put away!

Myra said...

I just hate that you are sick Shirlee and hope you feel better soon. Your ornie finish is really cute and a great start to the New Year. Cute puzzle too.

Carolyn said...

I'm sorry you are starting out the new year sick! It sounds like a big bowl of my homemade chicken soup is in order. :) I hope you feel better VERY soon!

I love your ornament and the puzzle looks SO fun! I love puzzles.

Happy New Year! :)

Chris said...

I hope that you are feeling better Shirlee and that you have found a new stitching project.
I love the sweet snowman finish.

Carol said...

Ugh! I'm so sorry you're sick, Shirlee--there seems to be so much flu going around right now that I'm afraid of going to work! Imagine sitting at the desk as sick patron after sick patron is coughing and sneezing away as they ask you a question!

I do love your little snowman finish--sorry about the ecru thread. I wonder if a CC overdyed like Bamboo might cover better for you?

Wow--you're counting down to Christmas already! All I know is this year, I'm not leaving all of my Christmas stitching until the end of the year--way too much pressure!!

Wishing you and John a Happy New Year...I know it will have it's challenges, but I hope they'll all be overcome... Hugs to you!

Janet P said...

Dear Shirlee, I hope you are feeling better soon, just keep taking the medicine. I love that jigsaw puzzle. x

LoriU said...

So sorry you are sick! My go-to is hot tea with a dash of bourbon in it!

The snowman puzzle is so cute. You can buy glue and glue it together and then frame it. My dad has done that with puzzles in the past and they stay together very well!

Take care and get well soon!

Kay said...

Sorry you are not feeling well - we have all had a version of it over the last 3 weeks - not fun! What is your etsy store name? I check there for charts occasionally, and have found some great deals!

Terri said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!

♥ Nia said...

Hope you'll feel better soon sweetie =/
Lovely stitching!! Happy 2013 :D

Annette-California said...

Hope You feel better soon. I got sick the day after Christmas and just went to the store today to get meds for Cold...Hang in there my friend. I too am not planning 2013 wips but I sure have lots:)
Happy new Year to You. love Annette

Maggee said...

Hope that you are feeling well by now... Ugh! It is no fun being sick. Your LHN finish is adorable! Gonna do that one this winter... And I absolutely LOVE your puzzle! It is just so darned cute!!!! Hugs!

Sally said...

Oh Shirlee I'm so sorry you're feeling so ill. I do hope you'll be feeling much better soon. It's no fun being ill around Christmas.

Love your snowman finish. I have this one to do but not doing it until December as part of the Christmas All Year Round sal!

That puzzle is adorable! Oh how I wish Christmas was just around the corner instead of all those days away! Ours wasn't as good and I just want to rewind the clock and try and make it better. I could cry thinking about it!

Kendra said...

Oh Shirley, you poor woman, seems like it is always something! I hope you get feeling better very soon, chin up!
Your latest project looks wonderful and I am glad that Santa was good to you!

Happy New Year!


Kaisievic said...

Dear Shirlee, I hope that you get better soon although I have to say how apt that you were stitching "Snow Cold!". Love your snowmen they look like a fun puzzle to do.

Get better soon and I hope that blogger treats you well, too. I had been wondering why I hadn't seen your comments in blogland.

Happy New Year, Kaye

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I think you have Man-Flu! Either that or you caught the wimpiness off the wimpy Ecru thread LOL.

It's still a nice little finish though.

frontporchprims said...

Sorry you have been so sick. Seems to be the trend. Hope you are feeling better by now. The puzzle is cute. What a great way to extend the day. -Steph-

Laura said...

I wish you will feel better soon! Take care Shirlee! <3 <3 <3

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sorry to hear you're so sick!!! There are several very nasty flus going around this year!!!

Congrats on your finish despite being sick! Its cute!

Suzanne said...

Oh Shirlee, I am sorry that you are feeling so sick! I send you a big {{hug}} and hope you feel better soon.

PS. Beautiful stitching by the way.