Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Am I Missing?

"We are ... perplexed, but not in despair;"
2 Corinthians 4:8
I am majorly confused this morning.  I have seen a couple blog posts about IHSW being this weekend.  However, when I go to Joysze's site to sign up, there is no signup post for June.  The May signup post is still there.

IHSW or not, I plan to be stitching a lot this weekend.  Stitching & hopefully finishing.  I have 5 pinkeeps ready to stuff & close.  I'm not sure if I will be adding any trimming around the edges.  All of them are primitive so the plainer, the better.  

I keep looking at the photo I found to post above.  That girl looks to be maybe in her 20s?  She looks thin, has a nice head of hair, her face doesn't sag, she doesn't have a turkey neck, her arm skin isn't hanging down past her breasts, & you can actually see her breasts positioned above the table edge instead of lying in her lap.  If she was old, fat, balding, saggy, floppy, & had breasts that resembled wind chimes, we could be twins!  


Vickie said...

Oh Shirlee dear! My how you exaggerate!! We have seen a picture or two of you ya know. ;)

Kaisievic said...

You always make me laugh, Shirlee. Is it IHSW this weekend? I didn't think so either.

hugs, Kaye

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Techically this is the third Saturday of the month so it could be IHSw unless you consider the weekend to start on Friday, in which case it's not until next weekend.

Or just do both LOL.

cucki said...

Hmmm I am also confused about the ihsw stitching..but I am busy with exams so I will study...but in between I will try to finish my pin cushions too..they waiting for me..
Your prim pin cushion sound so sweet too..
Sending you love
Hugs x

butterfly said...

Shirlee , it is what is inside that matters.
you are funny and you know we all love you.

Have you ever looked at your arms at night when you are reading a book I had a real shock very nasty.ha.

marly said...

Yes it seems everything goes south. Inversion tables make you feel so young...until you stand up again.

Peggy Lee said...

You paint a very interesting picture my friend! I too have wind chimes. I never liked them. I prefer peace and quiet. :o)

I have been acting like this is IHSW but if it's not until next weekend then it will be just another excuse to sit and stitch some more! Yes, I think I like that idea very much.

Chris said...

Omgosh we could be twins too!! It doesn't matter what we look like outside God still loves us.. and what we have inside as believers is like gold!
Chris xx
Ps I did send you an email, did you get it?

Trace4J said...

Morning Friend
Oh you are soo funny.
Well I lost some weight but things are still hanging and not so pretty,
Thankful God sees our heart.
Would not wanna be in my 20s
Sending you a big hug.
I am beginning to dream of Fall and woolie pumpkins.

Sally said...

I always giggle at your posts Shirlee.

Hope you got sorted with the IHSW. I haven't taken part this year so can't help and probably wouldn't be able to as I'd be as confused as you!

Michelle said...

Like Sally says I am not a part of it - it doesn't take a lot to get me confused so just as well I didn't. You so brighten my days xx