Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Trip to the DMV

"...Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of satan, to torment me."
2 Corinthians 12:7

Thorns take the shape of many things.  Of course in this verse, Paul is talking about a thorn in the flesh which tells me he is referring to something physical.  However, I think thorns could be other things too.  A person's ongoing struggle to make a decent French knot, for example.  Or, for the purpose of this post, the thorn of unphotogenicness.

I renewed my driver's license this past Thursday.  When we moved here, I was quite impressed when the DMV clerk took 4 photos of me, grouped them together, & asked me to choose which one I liked best.  Like a proof sheet!  Back in the days when people used to take photos using cameras with film in them, professional photographers, especially those who photographed Hollywood stars, would use rolls of film during a photograph session & would then have the photos developed onto proof sheets, like this one.
Usually the photographer would then choose the photos he liked best for distribution. Note how only 4 of the photos on this particular proof sheet were deemed acceptable, but the photographer in this instance had no say in the matter.  This actress, Marilyn Monroe, had it stipulated in her contracts with photographers that she would look at the proof sheets first.  She would then mark a big X over the photos she thought were unflattering.  Per their contract, the photographer would not use them.

My license was due to expire next week. About 2 months ago I received a card in the mail reminding me of this fact.  I put the card where I could see it so I wouldn't forget.  I kept putting it off ... waiting for a time when the angels might possibly smile upon me so that I might end up with a decent photo.  Thursday was the day.  No marks on my face, my hair cooperated with my styling attempts, & my eyes were still sparkling with happiness due to the euphoria I was still experiencing from the snowfall earlier in the week.  I felt the time was right. I headed to the DMV. 

Marge, or whatever her name was (I'll call her Marge) called me up to the counter to confirm that my information was still the same & to get the 20 bucks the devil's playground charges for a person to renew their license.  She then told me to sit down in the chair across from the camera.  Her instructions were "Look at the blue dot & smile big."  I guess Marge has a quick trigger finger or something because no sooner than I began to smile, she took the photo. Because of this, I am shown not smiling big, but in the process of smiling big.  I look like some kind of mutant farm animal.  It doesn't help that the DMV ... or maybe it's just Marge ... decided that the photo should show nothing but my face.  A great, big, boxed closeup of my face.  

I looked for a photo online that would somehow convey to you what my photo looks like on my license ... the photo I am going to have to use for identification purposes for the next 4 years if this house doesn't sell & we are stuck here that long.  The best I can do is show you that on my driver's license photo, I look something like this.
The really sad thing is that now when someone asks me for my ID & I hand them my license, they will look at it, then look at me, then look at my license again, & then had it back to me saying "Yep, that's you!"  Sigh!

On a happier note, I took some additional photos of the snow God blessed us with this past Tuesday & here they are.  These are taken from the porch looking straight out at our front yard, then to the left, then to the right.

Makes me smile just looking at this scene again!  Of course the snow is all gone now, but hopefully it will come again.  If nothing else, it's been a bit on the cold side as Sophie shows us in these photos.

I think it's so cute how she curls up over the heating vent to keep warm   : )   

It's IHSW weekend (see link on sidebar).  It snuck up on me this month!  Like last month, I'll be stitching things I won't be able to show you, but I'll figure something out to share with you   : )

Have a great weekend!  


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You look like Billy Idol? That's cool LOL.
My mum has had the same issue this month. She needed to renew her passport but the new rules are that you must remove anything which obscures your face. Including your glasses. "But I won't look like me without my glasses". Apparently that doesn't matter. You mustn't smile either. Or frown. You must have a "neutral expression". But you mustn't squint myopically at the camera either.

Beth said...

At least it wasn't you r passport photo! Those are good for 10 years! Enjoy your dusting of snow.

Peggy Lee said...

My license renewal comes up in August, I think. Not looking forward to it.
You got way more snow than we did here. It's funny how different our weather is when we only live a little over an hour apart. We didn't get any accumulation at all.
Oh did I tell you....I'm baaaack!!

Carolyn said...

LOL! It reminds me of the pic I have on my license. I often look at it and say "who is that person?"

I wonder how many people are ever happy with their DMV photo?

Nice shots of the snow. How cute is Sophie. My Mother's cat used to sit on the vents for the cool or warm air.

I hope your gets lots of Stitching done for the IHSW!

marly said...

I love your views. Hate your snow.

Vickie said...

hahahaha! I thought, "Billy Idol?! What?" Now I've got Rebel Yell stuck in my head!! sheesh.
sigh. I know, those DMV pictures. I had one really good one about a dozen years ago. The DMV worker helping me told me I had a beautiful smile! I blushed and smiled like crazy. I guess that was the trick! ;)

Maureen said...

Your snow pictures are so lovely and your pretty kitty looks content as can be. I got my license renewed last month and all I can say is I'm glad its so small!

gracie said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning. I really need it!

butterfly said...

You are so funny Shirlee, well you make me laugh you must be so much fun to be around .
Pretty snow, but I am still not ready for snow, lovely
Sophie. hugs .

cucki said...

Me giggling too..
Love the snow
Hugs x

carol said...

Thanks for the morning laugh, Shirlee!! I actually had a wonderful photo for my last Driver's License--sure wish I could re-use it every year until I can no longer see to drive :) But, alas, my new one is due to be taken in January--pale, wintry white skin and all.

Lovely snow--ours is gone and it's warming up again. At this rate we'll all be sick for Thanksgiving!

Trace4J said...

Oh friend you are too funny!
Love the snow.
I am green.
We had some flakes but that is all.
Woolie Hugs

Simply Victoria said...

Time to move to WI - we only have to go in for a renewal every 8 yrs. : ) Love your snow photos!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...
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Ma Teakettle said...

You crack me up, girlfriend! I'm sure it's not as bad as all that…or is it? LOL I agree with Beth, a passport pic would be far worse!
Now I'm singing…Rebel Yell…
The pics are gorgeous!
PS…I just love your writing style Shirlee <3

Linda said...

Love the pics of the snow and your furbaby. Mine all fight over the heater vents. lol
Thanks for the cute story. Made me smile.


Marilyn said...

LOL, great pic.
I wish mine DID look like that.
I renewed mine 2 weeks ago, and let's just say, fat face, gray hair and turkey neck snuck up on me!! LOL
And we keep ours for 8 years here!
Sophie is such a pretty girl.

Catherine said...

Loved this post!!

Pam in IL said...

Well at least you got to almost smile. Here in IL, they don't let you smile for the pic on your driver license. I renewed my license electronically last year and they reused the pic from 4 years earlier. I'll keep doing that as long as they let me, lol.

Kevin said...

LOL! The DMV story is one I think we can all relate to (as well as French knots being a "thorn" in one's side!)
Sophie is a kitty after my own heart! I'd fight her for dibs on the heating vent if I was in that snowy environment. ;-)
Hope you're keeping warm and getting lots of stitching done this weekend.

La Petite Gallery said...

Snow! This is pretty early for snow. We missed it on the coast. Have a nice Sunday.

Kim said...

Lol. So funny! You should see my passport photo's almost criminal. I might wait until the passport expires before I travel so no one has to see it.

Chris said...

Hey Sophie!! She knows where it is at!!
Every day at work I look at licenses that have nice pictures and then I look at the person in front of me and it is like wow, what happened to you? I guess it is because I work at Mental Health. The thing to remember is that it is just a snapshot and not a true pic of the person.

Myra said...

Hey! That looks like the picture on MY drivers license! LOL It does seem they could give you just a minute to compose yourself, doesn't it? Your snow looks so pretty and I love how Sophie struggles to stay warm.

Wendy S. said...

Oh how I miss snow! =)

Kaisievic said...

Oh, I feel your pain Shirlee! I just had my passport renewed and oh boy! I just look at it and think "How did I get so old? and ugly? and fat???????" Aaaagghh!
Plus to renew the passport cost over $200!

Sherri said...

That's how I like seeing someone else yard! I am fairly new to your blog and love reading it. When I see a picture of snow, I think of sitting by the fire with a cup of coffee and stitching all day. When I wake up the next day, I want it to be gone and that counts as a snowfall for me :)