Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's About Time!!!

The last time I was able to enjoy a good snowfall was in 2004 when we lived in Iron Mountain, Michigan.  We were living in a small ranch house & it snowed so much that it was even with the bottom of the living room window!  So much snow fell that the town was running out of places to put it & started just piling it up along the center of the roadways, along the center lines.  Good memories   : )  

I have, on various occasions, referred to the snowfall here in The Devil's Playground as "God shaking a talcum powder can over the ground a bit."  It doesn't even cover up the grass ... just dusts it.  A couple weeks ago we had a surprisingly nice snowfall of 5" or so.  Yesterday 8-12" were predicted, & I sarcastically thought "yeah, sure."  Well, it fell!!!  The following photos are pretty pathetic but trust me, the snow is deep & gorgeous   : )   The following three photos were taken through the back doors.

All those footprints are John's, made when he'd go out to feed the birds.  I couldn't go outside   : (   One reason is I have no boots.  Never had any need for them here!  The main reason, however, is that I did some damage to my left big toe from all the walking we did in Las Vegas.  It is swollen & bruised, looks terrible, & hurts a lot.  It's getting better but I cannot wear closed-toe shoes ... thus, no making snowmen or angels or dancing through the snow with glee for me.  I'm enjoying looking at it though   : )

The following photos are taken from the front doorway.
If you look really, really close at the scene on the right side of the photo, between the corner of the house & the pole, you probably still won't be able to see it, but there is a "hidden treasure" there. With the use of my camera's zoom feature, I can show it to you.  Some of the neighbor's Holsteins huddled around one of his trees   : )
There isn't a hidden treasure in this next photo ... just a cool thing (to me).  This is the front of the yard looking down toward the driveway gate ...
... & here's a zoom of the gate   : )
And one more view, opposite the cow view   : )
I know that some of you enjoy seeing my bird photos.  I took a few yesterday in the midst of the storm.  I think the third photo is funny showing the one bird coming in for a landing.  I couldn't have taken that on purpose if I had tried   : )

Well, I hope you enjoyed my snow photos!  I know that some of you are pretty sick of snow, but for me, I am in heaven right now   : )


Vickie said...

Yes, I can hardly tell you are thrilled and excited. ;) Glad for you. At least yours will disappear faster than ours. sigh. Is it very cold also?
You have such gorgeous views Shirlee.

Robin said...

Love, love and love some more all your photos, Shirlee! All of them from the snow to the birds and the cows in between.

Stay warm and take care of that toe of yours!

Robin in Virginia

Maggee said...

I was hoping you would get some of this snow! Yay! I know how much you love it! We got about four inches then ice/sleet/freezing rain on top, so it is pretty solid! Wish you could frolic in it! Love the birds! I find it interesting that the white-throated sparrows, which you also have, never use the feeder. Until now. It is funny to watch them because they really don't get how to use them! They just hop from perch to perch, I think waiting for seeds to pop out to them! Funny!

marly said...

I'll say it again. You have such beautiful vistas! I wouldn't mind the snow if it left in a day or two.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I can see why you don't want to dance barefoot in the snow! We never get that much because we are near the sea and the air is too salty.

ps don't forget to change your profile to add another year to your marriage!

Frances N said...

That snow is beautiful! It would be fun to just stare and enjoy!
We don't get much snow, so when we finally do get some, we always enjoy it--probably because it is gone rather quickly and we don't have to contend with it long!
Those cardinals are lovely!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Yay! I'm so jealous :D Enjoy the snow!

Kaisievic said...

Wow! It looks so beautiful, Shirlee. Thank you so much for sharing the photos. I love them all.

CalamityJr said...

Beautiful photos! Hope your toe heals quickly - you wouldn't be going outside here in open-toed shoes as we're in for a couple of frigid days. Enjoy your snow. I'm glad someone likes it, since there's so much this year!

Carol said...

Wow, you have more snow than we do, Shirlee!! I love the photos of the cardinals and cows :) ENJOY!!!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Shirlee, I wondered if you all got as much snow down that way as fell near the river. Isn't is so pretty?!

Terri said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you're enjoying the snow. we haven't had much here (Indiana) just COLD!

I hope your toe heals quickly!

DJH said...

Beautiful pictures. I am a bit jealous of the snow, we don't get that here.
I love the picture of the bird landing, it looks like he is doing a cannonball into the snow!