Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Still Snowing!!!

You probably can't see much difference between the photos below & the ones I posted yesterday, but we've got more snow, it's snowing now, & there's more coming.

Although we have our electricity & plenty of food, we are just about out of water (3 personal size bottles left).  The tap water here is bad, but we are going to have to fill a couple pots with it & boil it for drinking & cooking until we can get out of the driveway which, if the forecast is correct, won't be until the weekend or sometime shortly thereafter.  Maybe.  

True to form, I called several snow removal places yesterday including the guy who mows our lawn, & no one bothered to call us back.  I realize that they were undoubtedly busy plowing the driveways of a multitude of people in the area, but this is how things are handled around here. Since moving here almost 6 years ago I've called various people for help.  Attorneys, medical/dental specialists, realtors, home repair businesses, etc.  It is always a surprise when you leave a message & someone actually calls you back.  I realize this is hard to believe & you are probably thinking I'm exaggerating things, but it's true & I'm not.  So John & I are resigned to the fact that we're going to be here for a while.  

I have a dental appointment scheduled for tomorrow.  I'll need to call this morning to reschedule that. 

My plan for today, other than boiling water, is to kit a few ornaments as well as the cute little cat design that was recently gifted to me.  I have one egg left so maybe I'll also make half a batch of oatmeal cookies.  Sounds good to me   : )


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You wanted snow!! I bet this has come as a surprise to everyone.
If you have to boil the water you might as well make tea or coffee anyway. Hope you are keeping warm.

Rhona said...

WOW...what a lot of snow! I thought our 13 inches was bad, but yours is so much worse. Hope the water lasts out. Stay warm and safe.....spring will be here soon:)

Robin said...

What gorgeous snow pictures, Shirlee! I hope someone returns your call about plowing your driveway.

Stay warm! Kitting up projects is a good way to spend a snow day!

Robin in Virginia

Joyce Mayer said...

Oh, that is how it is in Tallahassee, FL - the attitude is unbelievable, like they don't need the business. Here, (Western NC) it's so different, we have met the nicest, hard working service people. Not only do they keep appointments, they are on time and call when they are on the way. It's taking some getting use to, most have dogs so they want to meet our girls, like getting down on the floor to greet them. Am I dreaming? NO.

Hugs, be safe and stay warm.

Angela said...

I am so jealous Shirlie. We have nothing but cold temps. Guessing we are just to far south. N. Ga. got more ice than snow. Stay warm and enjoy. The photos are beautiful.

Justine said...

Stay safe and warm Shirlee. Sounds like bliss being snowed in but I'm sure it's quite annoying!

Annette-California said...

Your photos are beautiful! You have snow at last. I too would of have made cookies with the last egg - lol! First things first:) Hope you are still warm and have plenty of food to get by till you are cleared out of the snow. Sending warm wishes,
love Annette

Julie said...

It looks wonderful from this side of the screen.
Keep warm and cosy and keep stitching!