Sunday, March 18, 2018

A New Ornament, A New Start, A Nightmare, & A Surprise

Happy Sunday one & all!

Last week I worked on Chessie & Friends by Chessie & Me.  This is another ornament I had kitted up from 2014.  I didn't realize there were Symra cross stitches, round eyelet stitches, & star stitches in the design, but of course I should have known ... Chessie & Me ... lol!  I am glad I persevered.

Designer:  Chessie & Me
Design:  Chessie & Friends
from 2001 JCSCO
Fabric: 32-count Café Kona linen as suggested by designer
Floss:  WDW as suggested by designer

The only change I made was I substituted DMC Ecru for the suggested WDW Angel Hair to stitch the snowman.  My skein of Angel Hair was rather peachy/apricot looking.  Definitely not a snowman color.

Last night I began a new start ... a small primitive sampler.  More information to follow   : )
The nightmare is my ongoing dental woes.  I am still making payments on a $25,000 bill & will be doing so for at least the next year.  The dental work was done this past August.  There have been problems since the work was finished.  I have been going back to the dentist almost weekly.  She had nearly 500 positive online reviews & only one that was negative, & the negative one was simply from a woman who was upset that she was charged for a consultation.  No reviews mentioned how forgetful she is, or how she takes it as a personal insult when you try to explain that you are having problems.  Last week her husband, who is also in the practice, acted as mediator between the two of us.  When she finally calmed down I wasn't going to start her up again when she insisted I had some of these problems when I first came to see her   : (   As things stand now I need to locate another dentist for a second opinion because she & her husband both say they have ever heard of anyone having the problems I am having.  Her husband said that if another party can shed light on why I'm having these problems they will do whatever it takes to fix them.  Of course before the meeting was over the dentist had to pipe up with one last snotty remark which was "You might just have to learn to live with these things."  Your prayers will be greatly appreciated.

On a happier note, I thought our lease was up at the end of June, but I looked at our rental agreement last week & yo-ho!  It's up at the end of May!  Quite a surprise for me!  This is a very good thing but also a stressful one.  Finding a decent, affordable rental is like finding a needle in a haystack.  I would LOVE to get out of Kentucky but the dental issues will most likely prevent that.  We would just stay put if it wasn't for the mold & fungus issues in the Ohio River Valley.  Your prayers will be greatly appreciated for this as well.


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Oh, my God don't these dentist think they are gods and they do nothing wrong. I will pray that you get help from a second dentist and they fix your problems. You should come to my dentist he is great. I will pray that you find a better place to live and it dose not have any mold or fungus issues. I am sending you a big, big hugs and lots of love. Take care. Lynda Ruth

Robin in Virginia said...

Shirlee, your ornament is adorable. I like your thread change for the snowman. I am sorry to hear of your continued dental woes. I am praying for you on this matter along with finding a decent rental to live. Thinking of you!

marly said...

Dental work is ridiculously expensive isn't it? My cousin was tired of forking over a ton for his extensive work so he joined Costco, went on their inexpensive dental plan, and is happy as can be. You must go to the participating providers but the one he chose in the next town was great. He had 5 teeth pulled and a partial bridge made for under $300 total. Can you believe that? I am planning to use the same dentist.

Hope you find housing soon!

Justine said...

Sorry for your troubles Shirlee. I love your ornament.

Maureen said...

Chessie and friends is adorably sweet and you've got my prayers, dear one.

kelly tadlock said...

So sorry for your dental woes! Dental care is atrociously expensive! And we keep having the same teeth worked on! No lifetime guarantees!!!! LOL praying for you! Love your stitching!

butterfly said...

Sorry you are having issues with your dentist.
Love your stitching love the snowman so cute .
Your in my prayers for your issues,have a good week.

Julie said...

Sweet ornament finish.
I hope you can get your dental problems sorted out.

Kaisievic said...

Oh no, Shirlee, so sorry to hear about your dental woes - how awful for you. Good luck with your househunting and lovely, lovely stitching.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love the snowman, avoiding the yellow snow was a good choice!

The new border looks lovely, fingers crossed it meets up.

US$25,000 is ridiculous for dentistry. My first house only cost £25,000! I'd just tell them to take them all out and be done with it. Get some cheap false ones and live off soup.

Clare said...

I pray that you have the dental issues sorted by now and will keep you in my prayers. My JCSCO magazine`s are on a book shelf near my computer so looked up 2001 issue and saw I had marked this one to do so once kitted will do so. Love your finish. Happy Stitching.