Tuesday, March 6, 2018

I Found Three!

You may remember me mentioning once upon a time that I used to be a design contributor to a cross stitch magazine many years ago.  Yesterday I opened a box marked Bobbin Lace Supplies that has been sealed for 10 years.  Literally 10 years.  I was surprised to find some old cross stitch pieces in there that were stitched back in the early 80s.  I was also happy to find three cross stitch magazine issues that contained my designs.

I will share these designs with you here.  Please remember that I was a young cross stitcher at the time, and there was no such thing as cross stitch design software back then.

Winter 1983

The Winter 1983 issue contained my first designs ... Overall Boy and Sunbonnet Sue.

Spring 1984

The Spring 1984 issue really surprised me!  I remembered having designed a Bible bookmark, but not this one ... and I had totally forgotten about the Peek-A-Boo, Happy Easter to You design!

Summer 1984

The Summer 1984 issue contained my quilt design potholders.  I was quite proud when the powers that were used them as part of a photograph display for a mailing promotion to try to get more subscribers   : )   I know I saved that mailing promotion.  It's somewhere.     

I had given the finished potholders to my mother when the magazine returned them.  Many years later she gave them back to me, and I still have them.
I have no idea what became of any of my other completed designs   : (   That little Easter bunny would have come in handy right about now!  Perhaps they will surface along with other magazines and designs, and the mailing promotion, when I open another box.  

I can't imagine what I might find in the boxes that have been sealed since 2004!


Justine said...

What a lovely find! Your boxes are like a time capsule, so very exciting.

Vickie said...

Shirlee these are super!! What sweet designs. My favorite is the Easter Bunny. I am so glad you unearthed these AND shared them with us!😊

Julie said...

Congratulations on having your designs in print.

Robin in Virginia said...

What super designs you created, Shirlee! I really like the bunny one along with the bookmark. Glad you found your treasures!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

How wonderful to find your published works!