Sunday, March 25, 2018

Last Week's Finish, A New Start, and Signing Your Work

Designer:  La-D-Da
Design:  With You
Fabric:  30-count Old Salem linen from
The Primitive Hare
Floss:  NPI Silk as suggested by designer

I really enjoyed stitching this design and am looking forward to getting it framed and hung on a wall one of these days   : )   I have been watching a variety of cross stitch podcasts recently with stitchers talking about how important it is to sign your work.  I would like to sign this sampler and I'm guessing the best place for a signature is below the border on the bottom right side.  However, what is considered the norm for signing?  My whole name with the year 2018?  Just my first initial & my last name with the year 2018?  Just my initials with the year 2018?  Or ???  

And here is my new start ... Winter ABCs by Little House Needleworks.
This pattern was gifted to me by Debra Scott when I admired her finished project on Instagram   : )   I am using the suggested 32-count Vintage Tundra linen and I pulled the suggested Crescent Colours and DMC colors although I think I might just use all DMC.  

We have had two winter storms recently.  One last week and one just yesterday.  Last week's was rather impressive for this neck of the woods.  Yesterday's did not end up being as severe as predicted but it was nice to see the snow falling anyway.  I will be sorry when it's gone.  

Incidentally, winter will remain on my blog until I can take my laptop to the shop to have whatever is wrong with it fixed.  It refuses to connect to the internet even though it is connected to the Wi-Fi.  

I wish you all a wonderful week!


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

I normally put my initials and the date(year)

Vicki said...

I sign all of my work. Typically I sign "VLK 18" but occasionally "VK 18". My daughter signs in a similar fashion but my DIL signs "Janel 18". I'm sure you'll get a lot of great suggestions on this topic!

Vickie said...

I would "sign" it with your initials and the year. What a sweet finish.

Robin in Virginia said...

Shirlee, your finish looks fabulous. I typically haven't signed a piece of stitching (other than a few gifted ornaments)in years. When I did, it was usually my initials and the year. I look forward to seeing your progress on Winter ABCs. I am glad you had some snow.

marly said...

My SIL always did her initials and the last two digits of the year on the bottom corner in single thread backstitch. I have never signed a piece. I don't know why, maybe because they will all be sold at a garage sale one day.

Justine said...

A lovely finish and a new start in the making! I used to sign everything with my initials and the year but then I used to stitch OAAT on much bigger pieces and would probably only finish one per year. I haven't done it for a while now. You're right though we should sign our work for posterity!

gracie said...

Computers can drive us crazy. Lovely finished project. Hopefully all the snowing has stopped and Spring is on the way for you.

Paula Lima said...

Glad to see that cross stitching is still a love of yours!
I sign PNL and the year.
Following your blog to keep up with all the lovely work you do (loved the designs you made!)!
Paula (all the way from.......Portugal)

Kaisievic said...

Great finish and a gorgeous new start - so lovely to see your lovely stitching again. I used to sign with my initials and the year but now I don't bother - not sure why, really.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

For samplers I usually put my initials as there is often a space for them somewhere in the design. For pictorial pieces I stitch my whole name if I sign it at all.
Smaller pieces I don't generally bother. My son can go through my Happy Dance blog if he wants to date anything!

The La-di-da is very sweet and I love the colours for the next start.

Julie said...

Lovely finish.