Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh no! Punchneedle again!

Some of you will remember my posting a while back about the punchneedle sirens song that was being sung to me when I stumbled upon an internet site with drop-dead gorgeous punchneedle patterns.  I explained what a total loss I was when I attempted punchneedle in the past ... but oh those patterns!!!  I reasoned that if I couldn't punchneedle then, I probably won't be able to punchneedle now.  I also reasoned that I have about a gazillion other things to take up my time & starting something new would not be a wise thing to do.  I won the battle raging within me & turned a deaf ear to the punchneedle sirens.  I instead decided that I would search high & low to find someone who does punchneedle commission work.  I tried & failed.  I even wrote to punchneedle pattern designers asking them if the people they employed to stitch their models would be willing to make some things for me.  Again I came up empty.   

This past weekend I was looking at an Etsy site, drooling over some new cross stitch patterns, when I heard a familiar tune.  It was those punchneedle sirens again.  Along with the new cross stitch patterns, this Etsy shop owner brazenly offered additional amazing punchneedle patterns along with those I had seen before.  I can't stand it!  I've got to have these finished items which means I must try to punchneedle again.

My thoughts are that maybe I need to go to a shop someplace where punchneedle classes are held.  This would perhaps be a good thing to do after the holidays.  Does anyone happen to know of a shop where such classes are held?  Perhaps in Illinois, or Indiana, or Ohio, or ???  I don't mind driving a few hours to attend a class.  I currently reside in central Kentucky.

I don't foresee myself becoming a punchneedle enthusiast.  I just want those punchneedled things I've seen in those pattern photographs   : )


Cottonwood Lane Primitives said...

Shirlee, I can't help with a shop since I live in Kansas, but I would definitely encourage you to take a class...or two! I took one about two years ago and didn't really care for my project so I never finished it. I found another project I really wanted to do earlier this year and took another class and realized I had forgotten so much! Or maybe this instructor had different tips? I'm not sure, but it really helped to work with someone knowledgeable. Good luck! ~Roberta

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh Sweetie - this shouldn't be so hard - either to learn PN or to find someone to make those pieces for you. Too bad you don't live closer - I am putting a class together for a couple of friends who want to learn. And had I not taken on this teaching thing, I'm sure we could have worked something out and I couldn't have done the designs for you. The way it's looking, I won't be able to breathe until after the beginning of March....But, if that is still something you would prefer, I can think of the names of at least professional crafters who do PN and I'm sure would do commission work for you...If you're interested, just send me an email and I'll get you their contact info (both have Etsy stores and belong to various selling groups so you can see the quality of their work - I've also purchased other pieces from these individuals and know first hand of their hand crafting capabilities....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

oops...meant to say "at least TWO professional crafters..." :o) (Too early in the morning for me - coffee hasn't kicked in yet.....) Robin