Saturday, November 12, 2011


I can't really say I know what I'm doing with my camera yet but I did take 2 photos yesterday & I seem to have downloaded them into my computer, resized them (somewhat), renamed them, & saved them.  The photos open up in some sort of paint program which I don't understand at all but here's what I've been able to do thus far.  Incidentally, God bless the inventors at GE for equipping this camera with a stabilization doohickie.  I took 2 photos & 2 photos only & neither one of them are blurry!  With my old camera, my photos were somewhat blurry most of the time.

This first photo is a pinkeep I made & festooned (that word just came to me ... don't think I've ever used it in a sentence before ... lol!) with chenille trim.  In an earlier post I asked how to go about attaching this trim with a ladder stitch.  The consensus was  basically "just stitch it on" & that's what I did.  I now have a chenille trim monkey on my back.  Every time I look at something I wonder if I can attach chenille trim to it.  I haven't seen the cat for 3 days!

Okay ... enough of that.  Here's the pinkeep ...

As you can see, I need to figure out how to "set the scene" rather than just plop something down on a table & take a picture of it.  This pattern is from Blackbird Designs.  There were actually 2 variations of it but I changed the colors to something "wintery."  The original colors used were summer/spring inspired.  Aren't you just loving that chenille trim???

This next photo is an ornament.  It did not lend itself to the chenille trim (pity) but I love how it turned out with the jute hanger.  Very simple & understated.  This pattern is in the 2011 Just Cross Stitch Ornaments magazine.  

Both these items will be used as gifts.  All the things I've been stitching lately are going to be gifts.  This is such fun   : )

Many people who have a room used solely for crafting will refer to their room as a "cave" because it is either very small or it's in a basement without a lot of light.  My craft room ... which has been full of boxes of junk as well as crafting supplies since we moved here 2-1/2 years ago ... is huge with large windows through which you can watch the sun make it's way across the sky the entire livelong day.  I'm sure the UV index up there is off the charts during daylight hours.  I've thought about posting a skin cancer warning on the wall as you mount the stairs.  If I were to put curtains or draperies on those windows, it just wouldn't "look right" so I avoid being up there as much as possible.  Of course if I need to use my sewing machine, it's up there ... right in front of one of those windows ... so I must suffer.  I suppose it is a somewhat similar feeling to what you are probably experiencing now as you read this paragraph & wonder why I must ramble on so ... lol!   Anyway, I have 2 ornaments up there is stages of finishing which I hope to accomplish today.  I also have another ornament which I can't figure out how to finish (if anyone can explain to me how to finish the Merry Little Bird pattern by Lizzie*Kate, please do so) & I will be finished stitching another ornament this evening.  This last one will have to wait to be totally finished until I receive some buttons I ordered for it.  

Why did I just go through all of that?  I don't know ... I think I just wanted to tell you I had 2 more ornaments upstairs to finish today.  This is where my husband would tell me that a person will ask me what time it is & 20 minutes later walk away not only knowing the time but a brief history of watchmaking as well   : )        


BumbleBeeLane said...

Glad you're figuring out the new camera.Love the good tidings ornament.Warm Blessings!~Amy

TheCrankyCrow said...

Woo Hoo!!! She has a camera and knows how to use it! Watch out world!!! Wonderful ornaments - love the chenille trim - but, nah....don't think it'd look good on the kitty. Lucky you to have a room for crafting - and big ol' room to boot. Can't you put wood blinds or something on those windows - or shutters? I have virtually NO window treatments on our many windows - but have put blinds in to block the (sometimes illusive and mostly rare) sun we get.....Hope you're having a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (And, yes, I need to resize all my photos in Paint before using them....)

renee said...

Beautiful! All of it, you are pretty clever my friend! I still haven't tried this yet, but I will.

bettyj said...

Proud of you for knowing how to use your camera. Love your X stitches too. Did I tell you when I was burglarized they took some of out of the box you gave me that said, "The Lord is my shepherd?" I just found that ironic.
Have a good one.

Debra said...

Your cross stitch gifts are wonderful - great photos too!

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

Your photos look great! Usually a camera will come with photo software to resize, crop, etc. Paint works good too. And there are plenty of places online to do all that as well. In fact, blogger stores your photos for this blog on Picasa. And you can use Picnik or Picasa to edit your photos (resize, crop and tons more. I use Picnik to add my blog name to my photos.)

Love your finished cross stitch pillows! I think the trim turned out great. I love making pillows with my cross stitched pieces, but I have not done trim on any yet. Hopefully we won't see picture of kitty with trim sewed on. ;) I bet the chenille would make a great cat toy though! Mine love chenille stems (pipe cleaners).

Have a blessed day Shirlee!
hugs from Jessica

Angela said...

Love your finished cross stitch items Shirlee. Glad you are using your camera. My SIL went and bought her one also. She is pleased with hers as well.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Wonderful Cross Stitches Shirlee!!!
They turned out great!

You are such a funny gal!!!
Prim Blessings