Friday, February 10, 2012

Bakeries, Biscuits, Scroll Frames, & Selling Stuff

I love a good bakery but I haven't had the pleasure of finding one for more years than some of you are old.  The only exception has been a few bakeries we frequented while visiting Europe.  The pastries & cakes that John & I have had in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, & especially France still make us drool when we think of them ... especially the patisseries in Metz, France!  Well, last month we discovered there is a Whole Foods grocery store in Louisville, Kentucky.  Whole Foods has delicious organic meats, eggs, & breads as well as other yummy things.  We usually go to the Whole Foods store in Lexington but since John had a doctor appointment in Louisville we decided to see if there was one there & there was, just 8 miles from his doctor's office,  so we made it a point to stop by.

Whole Foods in Louisville is larger & has a wider variety of things to offer than does their store in Lexington ... most especially their bakery.  The Lexington store has a teeny, tiny little bakery which is barely worth a second glance whereas the Louisville store's bakery is at least 10 times the size!  They have more than a dozen different varieties of cookies to choose from (& not always the same kinds), just as many different varieties of cupcakes, & then lots of breads, coffee cakes, pies, bundt cakes ... you name it!  We brought home one of each of the cookies that day & an almond coffee cake.  They were not with us for very long.  It was like eating homemade baked goods!  I thought about them every day since that time & yesterday when we had to go to Louisville for John's dental appointment we first stopped by Whole Foods to buy more cookies & another almond coffee cake.  Right next to the cookies they had little packages buttermilk biscuits.

Can you see how HUGE these things are???  And it turns out they are just as delicious as they are huge!  I am a biscuit lover from way, way back.  Sweets are yummy but I will opt for a good loaf of homemade bread or a few luscious biscuits any day!  There were actually 4 biscuits in a package.  As you can see I've already eaten one   : )   They are the best biscuits I have ever eaten in my life!!!   Thankfully Louisville is about an hour & a half from here or I would be putting on a lot of weight in no time   : )

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good scroll frame?  I used to have a beautiful wooden one years ago which I loved but of course it was sold along with all my other cross stitch stuff during my time of insanity.  I have several large samplers that I want to do.  I know that some of you stitch without a frame or hoop but I feel very uncomfortable doing that ... like I'm getting uneven tension.  If you use a scroll frame, could you please tell me what it is & if you'd recommend it?

Yesterday I did not get a chance to work upstairs because of our trip to Louisville & the stops we made along the way there & back.  Incidentally, John's dentist merely met with him, had some x-rays taken, & scheduled him to have 4 teeth pulled on February 24th.  This surprised me since two of John's teeth have been causing him a lot of pain lately.  The dentist told him to just take Tylenol & Advil till his appointment & if anyone cancels before then they will call him.  They only do oral surgery on Fridays so if no one cancels today or next Friday then he will still end up waiting till the 24th.  Anyway, during the 3 days I did work upstairs this week I decided that I am definitely going to sell some of my crafting supplies.  I just don't see myself doing these things anymore so it's really silly for me to keep them.  I have therefore decided to sell all my bobbin lacemaking things (bobbins, books, pillows, pins, etc), all my wool rug braiding things (books & a ton of precut wool braiding strips), & all my candle/tart making supplies (molds, wax, & fragrance oils).  I'm toying with the idea of selling my shop equipment, wood, & painting supplies as well.  Will definitely be selling a bunch of patterns.  So ... if I have mentioned anything here that catches your eye, just drop me a line & I'll let you know what I've got.  I'm going to either try to eventually sell on Etsy or maybe make a blog sales page.  For now I've got to keep plugging away at getting the house ready for sale.   


Vickie Niggemann said...

Baked goods! Yum! :)

Angela said...

Hi Shirlee, I have heard lots of good comments about whole foods, but we don't have one in our area. Those biscuits sure look good. Mr. P is off tomorrow so I might have to bake us up a batch, better yet just get out early and pay Cracker Barrel a visit.(ha) Hope you and John have a great weekend.

cucki said...

yummyyyy my mouth is watering here..i wanted one too..
love for you cucki xxx

Terri said...

I've never been to Whole Foods before. I will have to see if there is one near me.

I love scroll frames! Most of the ones I have are the type you baste the fabric to strips, which I don't really mind doing. I also have the Handi Clamp kind and I really like those, too! The others I think were from Tomorrow's Treasures.

marly said...

I used to bake bread several times a week, especially oatmeal honey. Your post brought back those memories and I can almost smell the bread baking. I sure hope it goes away before I get the honey out.

Trace4J said...

yummo me some biscuits too. Thank you for the birthday wishes.
Hugs to you

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Shirlee, OH my look at those buscuits!!! YUMMO! Only thing better, sausuge gravy to go with it! OLM

Kaisievic said...

Hi Shirlee, in Australia what you call biscuits we call scones. I have a great recipe for making them and they are really easy. I am renowned for my scone making and I often get up early before work and make them for work morning teas. I am happy to share the recipe with you if your are interested.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Rhona said...

Mmmm, you've got me drooling just at the thought of French pastries...can't think of anything else now!!

Sally said...

Yummy:) I'll be on the next flight over lol

TheCrankyCrow said...'ve been on overload with end of term, Little Crow's surgery, vet stuff, and I pop on to visit you and you make me wanna sign off and go EAT. Aren't French pastries the best??? YUMMM - and it's been too, too, many years. So, I'll gorge myself on Petit Ecolier cookies and call it good.... Hope all is well friend....Sorry I've been gone so long....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin