Friday, February 17, 2012

You've GOT To Be Kidding Me!

Yes, two blog posts in one day ... but that's not the kidding part.  I'll get to that in a minute.

First of all, my waking up at 3:30 in the morning after 3 hours of sleep left me amazingly productive!  I made my sort of homemade loaf of bread.  It was edible but my aunt has apparently either lost her memory or her sense of taste because it tastes nothing like dad's bread   : (   Ah well, the search goes on.  Anyway, after my blog post I decided to tidy up my cross stitch charts & fabrics.  That led me to tidying up the dining table which really acts as a desk, file cabinet, & general catch-all as opposed to a piece of furniture where you eat meals.  While doing this tidying up I spied some long overdue insurance forms.  Yes, they truly are never ending.  I decided to tackle a couple of what I knew would be the simple ones merely involving the writing of a letter.  Finished those & felt a nice sense of accomplishment ... but did I stop there?  No ... I oh so foolishly decided to tackle "just one more."  Three hours later I was still struggling with this huge mess which I have been trying to get straightened out for 8 months now.  ARGH!  I swear this particular set of claims has traveled back & forth between our house & the insurance company office in Arizona more times than I used to travel back & forth to the neighborhood penny candy store when I was a kid.  John suggested we go into town for lunch.  Since at that point I felt like running out of the house screaming I thought it was a good idea to leave.  

We had a nice lunch & then stopped to take advantage of a sale on sheets & towels, both of which we have been in need of for quite some time.  Found what I hope will be good choices ... including new bed pillows ... & came home.  Checked my emails & found one from my doctor's office.  I had some blood tests done a couple weeks ago & the email said they have called three times & left messages for me to call them back but I never have.  Well, I never got the messages!  I suspect they have been calling my cell phone number which I told them very clearly is a phone I do not use except for emergencies when I'm traveling somewhere out of town.  Grrrr!  And the reason they were trying to get in touch with me?  Are you ready for this?  I've got Lyme disease!  The doctor told me at my last visit that she suspected this & tested for it in a previous blood draw & the test came back positive.  I told her surely it was a lab error.  She didn't think so but she humored me & ordered several other tests to make sure.  All positive.  Now ... Lyme disease is pretty unusual, wouldn't you say?  Especially since it's been apparently lying dormant in me for years & now suddenly Whoomp!  There it is!  I swear, I get the strangest ailments.  First I was diagnosed with adult growth hormone deficiency.  A couple months ago I had a brain MRI & my pituitary has, in layman's terms, "shriveled up & died."  It's called empty sella syndrome.  Now Lyme disease.  I am actually laughing here.  What's next?

Oh!  Before I forget, I want to thank everyone for your concern regarding my doctor visits the other day.  The gyn appointment revealed nothing but some irritation.  Got a couple pills for that.  The blood tests were fine.  My pregnant eye turned out to be caused by backed-up oil glands at the base of my eyelashes.  Warm compresses & a gentle scrubbing with No More Tears baby shampoo should remedy it in no time.  John says my eye is looking better already although it is still a bit sore.

I did not get any stitching done today.  Thankfully the weekend isn't over & I have no set amount of stitches I have to do for IHSW.  I am going to try to put in a few tonight before I head off to bed.

And th-th-th-th-th- ... that's all folks   : )          


Nicola said...

At least it has been diagnosed and can now be treated. Poor you, you must have been feeling very off colour. Sending a BIG hug xxx

TheCrankyCrow said...

Lymes - really? And you not sleeping much??? Whoa....You must have a pretty amazing doc to have picked up on that....Yikes. Hope you get to feeling better soon (that is if you weren't feeling good to begin with??) Yes, I'd say you've had some strange diagnoses....Remind me not to go to YOUR doctor!! Happy Saturday Sweetie....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

cucki said...

oh deary..hope you feel better thinking of you so much..
big beary hugs for

Chris said...

Wow! What a day!
I hope the the Dr. gets you all sorted out and that you are feeling better soon.

Kaisievic said...

Oh Shirlee, What a day indeed. I hope that Lyme's disease is something that is easily dealt with. Lots of hugs from me and Furio.

Kaye xoxox

Vickie Niggemann said...

Shirlee I am praying for you. Keep us posted as to what will happen next. Try to relax and stitch. :)

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Yup, you's definitely a Yooper if you's got Lyme disease. ; ) Seriously, though, I'm so sorry. That can cause such fatigue and miserableness!! Take care of yourself!!!

I need to clean up my stitching area today, too. It's a disaster in here!!!

~*Shar*~ said...

At least now you know why you've been feeling the way you have; hopefully the Dr. can give you some meds and you'll feel like yourself again real soon. Did you get my grandmas recipe I emailed to you a few days ago & never heard back hun??

Hugs, Shar

marly said...

My goodness. Where the heck did you contract the Lyme? Do you ever remember getting the bulls eye rash? I'm assuming they put you on antibiotics right away - some say you feel worse with the drugs and that's a good sign. I just hope you get better soon!!

Michelle said...

At least it has been diagnosed and can now be treated. Oh Shirlee sending you hugs xx