Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Glasses, Or New Brain?

I need one or the other.  I suppose I could need both.

Last night I made some progress on my Stacy Nash design.
Fear not, the words are not really running uphill ... it's just the way my fabric is locked in my Q-Snap.  I got to this point last night & my next step was to start on the geese feet.  I was sure that the pattern directions said to stitch the geese after staining the fabric but I thought I had better check to make certain because I wasn't quite sure if it said to stain before stitching the "geese" or to stain before stitching "the white of the geese."  The feet & beaks, of course, are not white.  They would be a part of the "geese" but not a part of "the white of the geese."  I then noticed something ... the design appeared rather small.  The design itself is supposed to measure 6-1/2" square.  I grabbed my ruler.  It was no surprise that mine measured 3-1/4" square.  Uh-oh.  Why on earth I thought the directions said to use 1 strand of floss over 1 thread of fabric is beyond me.  I have been cross-eyed while stitching this thing & it turns out I got it all wrong!  Not only that but the pattern says absolutely nothing about stitching either the "geese" or "the white of the geese" before staining.  It simply says to stitch the design, make it into a pillow, & stain it.  So you tell me ... is it my eyesight, or is it my Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz brain (prior to him seeing the Wizard of course).  In my defense I did contemplate stitching various designs before settling on this one so I suppose the directions from all of them kind of meshed together.  What a world, what a world!  (Another Oz reference for you.)  I guess I will end up making a little ornament out of this & try stitching it again as the directions tell me to ... but why 1 strand over 2 threads?  Won't that be a bit bare?

Yesterday I received a little package from Italy.  I love Italy!  I love most countries in Europe.  Have you ever felt you "belonged" someplace else?  John & I feel we "belong" in Europe.  He worked there off & on for a few years before he retired.  I was able to visit him during those times.  We then visited various countries, some more than once, & went back after he retired in 2008 to visit again.  We haven't been back since.  Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco but John & I left our hearts in Europe.  I'm a European girl stuck in America.  That would make a good book title, wouldn't it ... Stuck in America.  I'll get right on that   : )   We actually looked into moving to Germany about 2 years ago but John (not me) decided we were "too old."  He sometimes gets on a "we're too old" kick & guess what I want to do at those times.  Kick  him.  So as I was saying, yesterday I got this little package from Italy.  Inside was some linen I purchased from Isobel at The Primitive Hare.  She designs the most wonderful primitive cross stitch patterns & the linen she uses for them is always stained to primitive perfection.  About 2 weeks ago she posted on her blog that she has received so many questions about her linen that she decided to produce it!  I of course contacted her & bought some & I can't wait to use it!!!  Not only is it wonderfully primitively stained but it is packaged so nicely & Isobel even included a little prim bookmark & personal note along with it!

I will be finished stitching the geese today.  As I mentioned previously I ran out of WDW Navy & had to put my mystery project on hold.  I did order the WDW Navy by the way.  It should be here Saturday.  Thanks again to those of you who offered to send me some   : )   Blog friends/stitchers are the best!  Anyway, after I finish the geese I will need to find a new project.  I can't sit around project-less until Saturday!  I have no idea what I will choose to stitch but I will most certainly read & re-read the directions before starting!  Hopefully that will make a difference   : )  



Trace4J said...

Beautiful prim fabric. How wonderful. Just love your polish stoneware in your previous post. LOVE!! I went and joined Vicky's blog too. Are you adding Europe to a place you may move. :)
Hugs to my SHirlee Friend

marly said...

I've seen a few designs that call for one thread over two. I tried it, it looks more primitive and worn, but I ended up using two threads. It's great on 32 but I didn't like the look on 28. You're never too old for a new start! Your house is for sale, get a storage locker, and find a house to rent in a different country every year! You can always come back here.

Barb said...

Well hello I have just found your blog and decided to follow a lovely post and I too have a scarecrow brain (almost typed Brian there) Oh my!
You made me smile in recognition of things I do but do not admit to! Although Dh wondered why he had coffee made with cold water the other morning-I think our minds are on automatic pilot sweetie,they come back when they are ready. Good to "meet"you from me over the pond.

Vickie Niggemann said...

Wow Shirlee! How do you like Marly's idea?? Too radical for me. My husband and I have owned 4 different homes but they have all been in the same area of Wisconsin basically. I love being near my family. :) I have tried one thread over one on 32 ct and did not like it, so I used two. Can't be of help with the geese. I don't get it.

Michelle said...

Love your fabric Shirlee its wonderful x

cucki said...

such a lovely is so lovely..and this stitching is my fav one..
sending you big hugs deary..
kissesss..sticky ones :)

Anonymous said...

The feeling you have regarding Europe, me and my husband have related to Paris. My husband often says that if had been to Paris when he started working, he surely would have stayed there to live. But then he would miss meeting me and that would have been a great loss for him ;-)
I'm sure the stitching will be fine at the end. Be careful with your eyes

Nicola said...

It has happened to us all, I think it is the faires at play. LOL.

Isobel -Argante- said...

My dear, you're so kind and lovely :-) I'm very happy you love my fabric :-) It's aged with L.O.V.E. :-)
About Europe... well it's strange... you fell europe s close to your heart, and I fell USA so close to mine :-)
We could made a home exchange, hihiihihi :-)
Italy is a wonderful country and I love it, but Massachussetts... that's my land :-)

Hugs my dear :-)

Sally said...

I love the fabric you purchased from Isabella. She is so sweet and helpful.

Well my brain is so bad at times it's a wonder I read instructions ( or anything!) correctly. However a lot of the Shepherd's Bush kits use 1 over 2 and it comes out really nicely.

Jenny said...

"...running uphill" LOL - I love the way you described that! I love that little design, I have not seen it before - very cute!

TheCrankyCrow said...

LOL....Only you my funny friend would torture your eyes by challenging them even more than stitching on linen can challenge them! I bet this is absolutely adorable all teeny, tiny, like that! (Insert giggles and guffaws here....) Sorry....I am only laughing because that sounds like something I would do. I've actually been thinking a trip to Wizard is order. Wanna skip along? ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin