Monday, December 3, 2012

Myra Finishes & My Own Personal Frankenfinish

God bless Myra!  That's all I can say   : )

Before I show you the finishes, I want to extend a very warm welcome to my new followers!  I really appreciate everyone who stops by & decides to follow my ramblings    : )

Okay ... the finishes!  I know I've been talking about stitching for quite some time but I haven't really been sharing much in the way of photos.  The reason for this is that most likely the things I've stitched are destined to be gifts, but then I thought who suspects that they are getting a gift, or even if what I share in a photo is a gift, so there you go  : ) Of course I can't show you exchange pieces until my partners receive them.

You have seen the completed stitching of these first two ornaments but here they are finished by that aforementioned angel named Myra.

LHN - Pine Tree Inn
LHN - Snow in Love

And now for the ones I've stitched but have not shared with you before.  I especially love this next design.  I call my husband "Bear" & this is him   : )
LHN - Snowy Pines
LHN - Ding Dong

Naturally my photos do not do justice to these finishes.  I wish you could see them in person ... you would swoon   : )

Thank you Myra!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I will now share with you a finish that I've done myself.  Brace yourself.  I've decided that my finishes are best described as "Frankenfinishes."  Here is the one & only Frankenfinish I can share with you at this time.
Stacy Nash - Winter Woolens

This is the design I was stitching a few months ago & had a meltdown when I discovered that Stacy had slipped in a few colonial knots.  I've stitched it on osnaburg, which as you know I love to use for my stitching, lined it, & stuffed it with sawdust. Sawdust is a wonderful stuffing but you must be sure to line your project if you are going to use it or you will think you've got a talcum powder can in your hands every time you pick it up.  I am proud of the stitching but likewise as proud finding this fabric in my stash to use as the backing! Lots of winter woolens!  I love it   : )
A few people have been asking me about the results of my visit with the root canal specialist last week & I promised to comment about it in one of my posts so here it is.  I need surgery.  There are actually 2 infected root canals that need surgery (I thought it was only one) with one of the RC infections being termed "severe."  The specialist scheduled the surgery for this coming Thursday but I just have not felt comfortable having the surgery done so soon.  We will be out of town next weekend (not this coming weekend) & what if I ran into some sort of post surgical difficulty while I was away?  Even more frightening, what if I couldn't enjoy eating?!?!?  Heaven forbid!  So I called this morning & asked if there was any reason the surgery was scheduled so soon & I was told that the specialist just didn't want me having to deal with the surgery close to Christmas.  I asked if there was any reason it couldn't be postponed until January.  The response I received was "January would be fine" so I am now scheduled for the surgery on January 15.  The RC specialist was surprised that my regular dentist not only decided to attach a bridge to the metal post of this infected root canal but that she placed a bridge at all with such an obvious infection! I'm in the midst of trying to get my money back from her.  I can pretty much guess what the outcome of this will be but if I am ignored I will be filing a complaint against her with the state dental board.  This won't get me my money back but I found out she's been in trouble with the dental board in the past & that she is currently on probation so my complaint will not be good for her.  

I hope all of you who are having snow & cold temperatures realize the enviable position in which I find you!  Right now the sun is shining brightly here in the devil's playground & the predicted temperature for today is 71 degrees.  It's an outrage, I tell you!  An outrage!  Santa is not ho-ho-hoing!  Instead he is no-no-noing!  Whatever weather you are blessed (or cursed) with, I hope you have a wonderful day!   


Carol said...

Oh, Shirlee--I'm so, so behind on blog reading and am doing my best to catch up this morning (was up in NY last week touring potential nursing homes for my day--talk about depressing)... Love your Winter Woolens finish--not a "Frankenfinish" at all in my eyes!! And your Myra-finished ornaments really compliment your lovely stitching. Each and every one looks great!! I especially love Snow In Love--think I need to stitch that one for my son and his girlfriend.

I'm so sorry to read about your root canal problems and upcoming surgery. I'm glad you were able to postpone it until mid-January.

No snow here at all and it is 56--weird for December in Pittsburgh :) Take care now and know I'm thinking of you and your poor mouth :(

Mii Stitch said...

What a lovely post! I love all the ornaments, they look great :) Glad you postponed your surgery to after the Festivities, at least you'll be able to have fun & as you said EAT!!! Have a great sunny day, Mii x

cucki said...

Aww I love all the ornaments so much..they so cute..
Yup so glad you postponed your surgery you can have fun and enjoy.
Love for you xx

Vickie said...

ALL of you ornaments look good. Winter Woolens looks perfect. I don't see the problem, really!
I am so sorry you need surgery for two. Not at all what I was praying for. Oh that dentist. I could just throw a tantrum in her office on your behalf. What a jerk!
With that said, hey, have a wonderful day yourself. ;)

Dawn said...

so glad to hear your dental problems will be fixed in the new year and you can enjoy the holidays.

Love the finishes, they are all beautiful ornaments.

It's warm up here too, just not right :)

Judy said...

The ornaments are so lovely, your finisher did a great job with your beautiful stitching. Your winter wollen finish is great too--love the back fabric--perfect!

Good idea to postpone your surgery--surely you would not have felt like eating on your trip. That would be awful!! Good luck with your other x-dentist. She sounded suspect from the beginning.

Sorry your don't have snow.

Judy heartland stitcher

Trace4J said...

Afternoon Shirlee Friend
Oh I love your beautiful stitches and your Winter woolens.
So glad you made your dental surgery for after the holidays!
Woolie Hugs from warm PA. :( (dreaming of snow too)

butterfly said...

What lovely ornaments, and great finish by Myra.
Lovely post.
Good news your dental work will be done in the New Year.Hugs

Annette-California said...

Oh your ornaments are beautiful Shirlee. I love the way you finished them. So pretty. I hope your pain does not get worse till your surgery but glad you get to postpone so you can EAT.
Hope you do get your money back for the one dentist. I wish you all the best Shirlee.
love Annette

Katrina said...

ohh your ornaments look wonderful and so does Winter woolens. Sorry to hear about the surgery needing to be done, wishing you all the best for when it goes ahead :)

Sally said...

There is nothing Frankinfinish about your finish Shirlee. I think it is gorgeous.

Lovely ornaments finished by Myra too.

Good luck for your root canal surgery {{{hugs}}}

No snow here as yet but some parts of the country have had some. It has turned very cold though. I love it like this.

Anne said...

Beautiful Myra finishes!! Love them all! I think yours is adorable and by no means a Frakenfinish! I'm glad the surgery is postponed till January but I hope you can deal with the pain! Take care Shirlee!!

Nicola said...

As you know I had root canal surgery in April and I was pleasantly surprised how easy and painless it was. I hope that it goes well for you.

Karen said...

Your finishes are so pretty and perfectly finished! Hope all your dental issues are soon solved too!

happy stitching...

Nancy said...

Shirlee, Your finish is no where near a Frankenfinish. I think it looks great!! I like the ones Myra has done also. Sorry to hear that you need surgery but glad to see that they are finally getting to bottom of things. Hope you get your money back from that quack dentist.

Leanna said...

Dear Shirlee, I'm horrified at your trouble with those old root me, it seems that once you've been through THAT, you should be free. I followed all your posts with that dentist, and am relieved that you are going to report her. You have suffered so much, Dear least you can say now, "It's HER, not ME!" at least that is some measure of relief, I hope.
Hugs and Prayers to you...

Siobhán said...

Oh gosh, Shirlee, I'm so sorry about the fact that you need surgery, but hope that it will solve the problems and that you can get back to healing! I hope you get your money back from the other dentist, too, it sounds like she's a real crook. :(

LOVE your finishes! They're really pretty.

Chris said...

This weather is crazy!! Just stay cold please. It is December.
What amazing ornaments! They are lovely and Myra did an amazing job. I also think that your finish is perfect too.
It sounds like you are on the way to have some of the dental issues resolved. What a nightmare this has been!
Hugs & hot chocolate!

Catherine said...

Glad to hear you will be getting those dental issues taken care of, but that they could wait until the new year. After all, one must enjoy the foods of the season!!
Loved seeing all of your finishes ~ Myra did a fantastic job. And your finish looks just fine to me ~ very cute!!
Old man winter seems to have taken a holiday in my neck of the woods ~ the 50's and 60's make it hard to get in the Christmas spirit ~ although I won't be complaining about my heating bill!

Janet P said...

Dear Shirlee I have to ask why do you call your hubbie Bear? I hope that dentist who treated you so shamefully has a conscience, and has a rotten holiday time - so there!! Flippin teeth, they are trouble coming and a trouble when you have them. x

♥ Nia said...

ohhh still in battle with your teeth =/ Hope your surgery will fix all soon!
Great finishes! All very pretty :) Congrats!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

The finishes, my friend, are SPECTACULAR!! But you know I'm partial to the Stacy Nash....And really? You line your pieces when you use sawdust?? I suppose I should, but never have. Yeah, I'm bad like that. Oh...and I finally tracked down some Osnaburg...and am stitching PL "Joy" on it....Me no likey.....Having a dickens of a time seeing that to do over hoo....there has been no "Joy" in it whatsoever.... Good luck with the dentist thing....Too bad you don't know any good lawyers. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin