Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snow Again!

Two days of snow in the same week!  I think this is more snow than we've received since we moved here!  Flakes of love from heaven   : )

Those of you who have visited me for a while may recognize those pots there on the back porch.  When we had our foundation landscaped a year & a half ago, I had to dig up all my iris plants before the guys did their work.  I tossed them willy nilly into these pots & threw in some dirt to keep them alive until I could find a place to plant them.  I placed the pots on a ledge outside the garage & there they stayed, totally neglected.  To my surprise they bloomed this past spring!  This summer I decided that I needed to get them planted.  I had John carry them from the ledge outside the garage to the back porch & that's as far as it went.  I don't think you can see this in the photos but our weather has been so warm the past couple months that a few of the iris plants actually started to grow!  There were green shoots coming up until our recent cold snap!

I think our little birdbath looks delightfully wintery   : )
The birds were visiting this morning.  At one point there were several pair of cardinals having breakfast but my photos did not turn out well with the exception of this one where unfortunately you can't see the little guy's face.  How gorgeous are cardinals though! They are especially beautiful in the snow  : )  
This is my new start ... LHN's It's Snow Cold. This chart was among my gifts from Santa Bear!  He saw it for sale & thought I'd like it  : )
I have another gift & an RAK to share with you   : )   This first photo shows a gift from Vickie ... some of her beautiful counting pins! Vickie's counting pins are the best!  These are made with Christmas colored beads & she even secured them in a Christmas bell cutout   : )
Yesterday I received this thoughtful RAK from June.  I had admired some ribbons in a picture on her blog a while back.  England has such wonderful ribbons ... ones like I've never seen for sale here!  Anyway, I admired the ribbons & she said she would send me some & here they are   : )     
Notice the beautiful card June included with the ribbons!  I want to live there   : )   This is a print from an original painting by a man who paints with his mouth.  I have always marveled at people who paint beautiful pictures with their hands & here's someone who paints them with his mouth!  Amazing!

After a bit of a whirlwind morning (I actually cooked breakfast ... bacon, eggs & toast!) I am feeling a bit lazy.  I think it will be a "go with the flow" kind of day.  I do have some laundry in the dryer but other than that I'm open to whatever.  Must be the after-effects of the snow   : )   I hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend   : )     


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Shirlee,

So bee-u-tee-ful, I don't know what snow is but Mom says I will soon. Whatever that means?

Have a fun, lazy day. I am doing the same - oh wait, everyday in a teddy bear's life is fun and lazy. Giggle.

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence ♥

Grit said...

Oh how wonderful, snow.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Kathy Ellen said...

Like you, I love the snow too. There is nothing more wonderful in winter, than a beautiful new fallen snow. We are expecting 6-8 inches of snow later today. What a beautiful picture of the gorgeous cardinal you captured.

Cute little snowman start and beautiful ribbons from June. She is so thoughtful and generous.

Blessings for a lovely weekend and very Happy New Year.

Maggie said...

Love the snowy photos, we are just getting rain, rain and more rain here in the UK!
Lovely gift from June, and I love your new stitchy start :-)

marly said...

Nope. I'm not enjoying this white crap over a foot deep. I'm glad you got your dusting of white though. Cute start - great pins and ribbons. Enjoy the white crap!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I didn't figure you'd be long without a new stitchy start....and look how quickly you stitch!! I finally put the last wayward stitches in JOY last night. Lemme tell ya, there was absolutely NO joy in that project. I'd like to start something - but should probably pick up my hook first...and then, oh yeah....I forgot....there's class to prepare for. :o(

As for the white stuff - have I told you lately you're sick??? ;o) We were only supposed to get flurries yesterday - maybe up to 1/2"....well, we're on 4 new inches of flurries and counting. What the heck.....But I gotta admit, it was a pretty snow - all fluffy and clinging to the pines and buildings....too bad I left my camera at home when I left this morning..... Stay cozy and snug - and enjoy....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

jennifer768 said...

Evening Shirlee,shoot you still ended up with more snow than us.LOL! Love all the goodies you received.Hope that you are having a great weekend my friend.Oh by the way love the new stitching design.Hugs,Jen

Myra said...

I am wishing for a little snow here Shirlee. My DH always says when I stitch snowmen, we get snow so maybe I should start a snowman piece. LOL Love your new start.

Michelle said...

Oh the snow pictures look lovely Shirlee. I wished we'd had snow over Christmas. Lovely photos xx

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely goodies from your friends!!! I'm so jealous of your snowy pic, we had yet again more rain (or melted snow! I'm trying to see the good side of things :P) Have a lovely day, Mii

Sally said...

Beautiful snow pics Shirlee. I really wish we had some here as all we've had is rain. So dull and depressing. I hope we might get some in January.

Lovely gifts you received.

Happy 2013 my friend. Here's to another stitch filled year and friendship x

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful snow pics Shirlee!
Love the cardinal one ~ we don't see many of them around here like we used to.
Yesterday I was stitchin' hearts while it snowed ~ snow just makes you want to snuggle in a warm blanket and stitch I think.
Very nice RAK's ~ I can see why you like the ribbon.
Wishing you many Blessings in the coming New Year!
Prim Blessings

Trace4J said...

How beautiful Friend.
Just when we needed it too.
God makes everything beautiful.
Love the dear little cardinal too.
And what a perfect gift from a friend.
Woolie hugs & love

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

we might have gorgeous ribbons here but we don't have cardinals. I'd never even seen one until I started reading blogs!
The foot and mouth artists are a well-known charity here, disabled people who paint with their feet or their mouths. Incredible!

Catherine said...

Beautiful pics and goodies!

Nicola said...

Happy New Year dear friend. I wish the New year brings you lots of happiness and joy. May God shower his abundant blessings upon you all year round.

Prims By The Water said...

My gramma use to tell us that whatever you did on New Years Day was what you would be doing for the rest of the year. Love the snowman you are starting on. Hope you have a Happy New Year Janice

butterfly said...

Love your snowy pics, big hugs.

Suzanne said...

I can only dream of snow! The whole country is in the grip of the worst heat wave in a very long time. Tomorrow is supposed to be an extremely hot day with severe fire danger. We spent the weekend getting the house ready just in case there is a bushfire.