Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Exchange, Some Gifts, & Shoulder Pads - Very Picture Heavy

Good morning!  I know you've heard this about a million times lately, but can you believe it's almost Christmas?  I've been a bit behind this year despite the good intentions I had in January to not find myself in this fix. In the new year I will have these intentions once again, & they will be realized   : )

Yesterday I received my exchange package from Lisa.  I must say that I am overwhelmed!  We exchanged a list of ornaments we'd each like to receive, & her choice of ornament from my list was one of my very favorites ... O Holy Night by The Sampler Girl which appears in this year's JCS Christmas Ornaments magazine!  She also very thoughtfully sent me a beautiful project bag she made with the perfect choice of fabric (blue birds & strawberries), a Celestial Seasonings tea sampler, a vintage primer (I have a collection of these), & a really cool vintage teabag strainer!  I had never seen these before.  You would think these things would be more than enough, wouldn't you ... but Lisa tells me there is one more thing that will be coming my way! Thank you again, Lisa, for a wonderful exchange!

Next I have some gifts to share with you. This first one is from Vickie, aka the poodle princess   : )   She sent me a package of Peeps snowmen, some of her wonderful counting pins, & a beautifully stitched pen. She stitched the inserted design over 1 on 40 count!  
Chris sent me this very pretty pottery dish ornament & a little bar of Red Clay Soap, both made in her home state of North Carolina   : )
From Annette I received a lovely assortment of buttons & embellishments, some Cosmos floss skeins, a very cute notepad, & a beautiful needle book which she made herself!  Her workmanship is awe-inspiring!  I neglected to take a photo of the back of the needle book which I will try to remedy at a later time.  She really outdid herself with this! I have never had, but have always wanted, a needle book, & now I have a perfect one that I will use every year at Christmastime : )

These next gifts are from Myra.  A much needed gingerbread flavored Chap Stick, a little sewing themed notepad, a box of tea all the way from Taiwan (when her sister's coworker travels to Taiwan, he brings this tea back with him!), & one of her beautifully stitched sewing birds & floss catchers   : ) 

Gracie made this beautiful tatted & beaded ornament for me   : )
Last, but not least, is this wonderful array of stitching goodies from Kevin.  Three lovely kits which are just perfect for me (he kitted one of them himself!), a chart with a reindeer theme, a floss sorter, & some Carrie's Creation floss   : )
I will now show you some of the gifts I have sent which have been received.
Designer:  Prairie Schooler
Old World Santas II, Book 88
Floss:  Recommended DMC
Fabric:  I forget
Stitched for Carol
Finished by Myra
Designer:  Lynn's Prints
Design:  Outside My Window
(JCS Christmas Ornaments 2005 issue)
Fabric:  32 ct evenweave
Floss:  Recommended DMC
Stitched for Myra
Designer:  Country Rustic Primitives
Design:  Noel Pinkeep
Fabric:  Osnaburg
Floss:  DMC
Stitched for Calamity Jr (no blog) & Chris
Finished by me
Designer:  Country Rustic Primitives
Design:  Joy Pinkeep
Fabric:  Osnaburg
Floss:  DMC
Stitched for Dawn, Marly, & Jen
Finished by me
Designer:  Pine Mountain Designs
Design:  Up on the Housetop
Fabric:  28 ct blue Aida
Floss:  DMC
Stitched for Ruthie,
my best friend from high school.
(Ruthie hasn't received this yet, but she's not an online person so I can share it now.)

I think I will give you a break & show the most recent ornament finishes Myra did for my own tree in another day's post   : )

I now have a question.  I have some pullover Christmas sweaters I bought years ago but have never worn.  When I saw my heart surgeon for my 3-month followup on Tuesday (the surgery appears to have been successful & we are going to wean me off my heart medication & see how I do without it), I thought I'd finally wear one.  When I took them down off the shelf, I was dismayed to find they all had shoulder pads.  Me & shoulder pads don't mix because I have extremely broad shoulders.  I don't know what possessed me to buy these sweaters, but here they are.  Would I damage their shape in any way by removing the shoulder pads?  I'm guessing that my own broad shoulders will fill in any "gap" left by removing the shoulder pads, but I'd like to be sure.  

My baking is done with the exception of the traditional Christmas morning orange rolls.  I didn't do much baking this year.  I made M&M cookies, chocolate chip cookies, & brownies ... all which have been sent to Matt with the exception of one of each of the cookies.  I also made another pan of brownies & some pineapple drop cookies for John.  Yesterday I finished up with a few loaves of Christmas cake, one for me & John & the rest for the people at the local post office.    

Remember the reason for the season & the gift of peace which He has given us.  


Mii Stitch said...

Shirlee you have been a busy bee! So many beautiful finishes for your exchanges :) I love all the gifts sent & received! As for the shoulder pads, I personally would definitely remove them & enjoy wearing the clothes :) Have a great time for the Christmas holiday xx

Stitchy Mc Floss said...
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Sarah in Stitches said...

Wow, what fantastic gifts! You really have been busy. And you've made some gorgeous pieces for others, too. Can't wait to get my package! :D

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Cut the pads out! That's what I do :)
And I love, love, love every single one of the gifts that people have shared with you and every one of your lovely generous gifts you have stitched and shared with everyone else! A season of giving, perfectly illustrated by you and your dear friends :)

Kevin said...

WOW!! What an array of great gifts, Shirlee. And I love each and every ornament that you made and shared here (can't wait for the upcoming post with your work that Myra finished into ornaments - I'm sure they're beautiful!)
One thing is for certain - you are loved by lots of people. I'm so happy you got a great report at the doctor, too. I think that might be the best gift of all! Be well and thanks for sharing your pictures. (PS a I love picture heavy posts!). ;-)

Vickie said...

Fabulous! I agree with Kevin. Your are loved. =)
You don't think that is a lot of baking?!

Robin said...

What wonderful goodies you received, Shirlee, as well as the ornaments you created.

Glad you had a good report from your heart surgeon. I say remove the shoulder pads and enjoy your Christmas sweaters!

Robin in Virginia

Carol said...

Oh, such wonderful gifts, Shirlee--you are well-loved, my friend!! I so love my gift that you and Myra created for me :)

So good to hear the doctor thinks you are well enough to wean you off the medicine--what great news!!

I haven't even begun baking--I'm so far behind this year... But, I hope to get out today and buy the ingredients and get busy tomorrow :)

I always removed my shoulder pads, Shirlee--I am very petite, but also have wider shoulders so I always cut them out. No problems at all!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the package. I have to agree with the others, the very best gift was the good report at the doctor's office. You are special my friend, always know you are loved by many! {{Hugs}}

Lumiruusu said...

Hello Shirlee !
I have allways said that stitchers must be the most generous people in the world!! You have sent and received so many lovely gifts! They are all so beautifull!!

Thank You for the inspirational verse from the Holy Bible-I was very much in the need for remember those words that Jesus said !
With Blessings,Lumiruusu

Dawn said...

Shirlee, such wonderful gifts from and to wonderful friends!

Marsha said...

Nice giftees! The best kind of presents. I cut out shoulder pads all the time - no problemo.

Judy said...

Very nice gifts given and recieved. Very special. So great to hear your doctor report..wishing you all the best going off your meds. And continued wellness. I don't bake much because I seem to eat the most...even after sharing with others.

Judy Heartland stitcher

Myra said...

What a blessing to get that good report from the doctor! I absolutely love my gifts and I am happy that you like what I sent to you. You received lots of lovely things - lovely gifts for a lovely lady. :o)

I enjoyed reading about you and Miss Pearl in your previous post. So sweet.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Holy Smokes....I don't even know what to say....The presents - those both given and received - and the talent of which they bespeak is truly amazing.... I know I have been a long time gone, but wanted to try to pop in on a few blogs at least with some Christmas wishes....What a merry feast for the eyes I encountered here. I will try to get an email out to you soon....If not, please know I'm wishing you a season filled with joy and blessings.... Hugs ~ Robin

Annette-California said...

I can't help it but i am very teary eyed. I am sooooo HAPPY for you Shirlee that you got a great report from your surgeon. Prayers answered - WOOHOO!!
That's Fantastic news Shirlee. I'm with Vonna - shoulder pads come OUT!
And I agree with Vickie - YOU don't think that's not a lot of baking? lol. Merry Christmas,
love Annette

You are so loved Shirlee. All the gifts you received are a token of love. Everyone of the ornaments you stitched are Beautiful and the gifts you gave - that's you spreading love and joy to others.

butterfly said...

Lovely post Shirlee, wonderful gifts to a lovely lady.
Your stitching is beautiful.
I cut all my shoulder pads out years ago much better.
Enjoy your week, hugs.

Marilyn said...

What great gifts sent and received!
I would take the pads out, you might just have to press the shoulders a little if there are any marks from them.
Congrats on a good report from the doc!

Marilyn said...

Forgot to say.........Merry Christmas Shirlee!!!!

Hazel said...

What wonderful goodies! I do miss the exchanges and all the excitement at getting something other than bills through the post. Best wishes to you my dear. x

gracie said...

So many lovely gifts...It was my pleasure to tat an ornament for you...because you made it possible for me to learn. Lovely stitching all around!

Michelle said...

What a lovely post Shirlee - so enjoyed looking at your pictures x

Karen said...

Love all of your goodies! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and happy stitching....

Julie said...

Your friends gifted you beautiful things.
Have a wonderful Christmas

Kati Johns said...

Sigh, lucky Matt. You are lucky you didn't send him sugar cookies. I would be extremely sad. I love the beautiful gifts you received and made. They are so lovely. Phoebe likes your dolly. :) You have some very talented friends.

Catherine said...

Wow ~ such a wonderful group of goodies given and received!! So fun seeing them all! Good news from your doctor ~ I am sure that it feels so good. As for the shoulder pads, I have removed them in the past with no problems. Have a Merry Christmas!

Ryan said...

Love all your gifties and exchanges! I always cut out shoulder pads if I happen to run across any in older clothes. So glad to hear you are doing good and they are going to ween you off the heart meds! Merry Christmas!

Maggee said...

Snip those pads out! I do that and all id well! You have received many lovely gifts! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Pam in IL said...

Such very good news from the doctor. Continuing my prayers for your good health.

Definitely take the shoulder pads out of the sweater.

Sally said...

Wow what a lot of eye candy! All the lovely gifts you gave are beautiful and the gifts you received are gorgeous too.

I received a package from you during the week and emailed a thank you. I've popped the gift under the tree :). Thank you my friend. Hope yours arrives soon. I'm getting very worried now!

Glad your appoinment went well.

Merry Christmas!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What beautiful gifts both sent and received. You really do have some lovely friends who think the world of you.

Simply Victoria said...

What a blessed lady you are! A good health report and friends that have showered you with love. You are a blessing as well with all the beautiful ornaments you've made and the encouragement you share.

jennifer768 said...

Love all the gifts that were exchanged both ways! Thank you again for mine,it will be treasured forever.Yummy baking,those pineapple drop cookies sound really good.Sometime you will have to share the recipe.Christmas Blessings,Jen