Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's the Little Things

God gives us so many little blessings every day ... simple little things that make us smile. I was sitting in my recliner the other day when I glanced over & saw Sophie sleeping so peacefully on the little braided rug at the bottom of the stairs.

Just look at her sweet face   : )
John & I enjoy feeding the birds during the cold months.  In the warm months we let them fend for themselves with the abundance of bugs & seeds they can feast upon.  However, we do toss a piece or two of stale bread into the yard when we have it.  I couldn't believe it when I looked out & saw a cardinal & a brown-headed cowbird, side by side, sharing the same piece of bread!  Here they are looking at me as if to say go ahead, you can take our picture   : )
Mr. Cowbird resumes eating.  
And look at this!  Mr. Cardinal is feeding Mr. Cowbird!
Mr. Cowbird is enjoying his treat!
Mr. Cowbird continues eating.
The birds delight us in other ways as well. We always get a kick out of watching them when they take their baths.  They bathe so enthusiastically, splashing water everywhere! Here are two little finches (I think) sharing a bath.

Although there appears to be only one finch in this last photo, I was surprised to spot the other one perched on the dried daylily stalk (yes, I've neglected tidying my garden) in the upper right corner, waiting for his friend to finish bathing   : )

Little blessings ... little gifts that God gives us every day just to say "I love you" & "I'm thinking about you."  Watch for them ... they're there   : )  

"God smile on you & gift you."
Numbers 6:25 (MSG)