God grant you the light in Christmas, which is faith;
the warmth of Christmas, which is love;
the radiance of Christmas, which is purity;
the righteousness of Christmas, which is justice;
the belief in Christmas, which is truth;
& all of Christmas, which is Christ.
--Wilda English

Sunday, August 24, 2014


If people know nothing else about me, this one thing they do know:  I love snow.  I have referred to it as "big fat fluffy flakes of Prozac falling from the sky."  I am happiest in a winter wonderland.  I always have been.  I have special childhood memories of waking up for school & seeing that it had snowed during the night.  I'd smile when I'd hear the sound of the chains on the snow plow's wheels & the sound of it scraping the snow off the street.  I'd literally stand in front of the big picture window in the living room to watch it pass by.  I did this even when I was in high school & beyond.  If the schools were open that day, I'd walk to the bus stop, all the while being wrapped in the beautiful peaceful silence that only early morning walks in the snow can bring.

I searched for various photos of snow scenes & sat here with a big smile on my face as I looked at them all.  I chose the photo above to represent today's subject because it reminds me of a place & time when I was in high school & me & my best friend Ruthie would skip school & spend the day in downtown Pittsburgh.  I wrote about this in a blog post last year.  Click here if you are interested in reading that post.  Our route from the school to where we'd catch the bus to Pittsburgh was about 3 miles along a road that wound through the woods. I can still remember that beautiful peaceful silence & the feel of the snowflakes falling on my face.  I remember very well the laughter that Ruthie & I shared & how it felt to have absolutely no cares in the world.  

Peace has been my goal this year.  My Joyce Meyer devotional last night, based on Colossians 3:15, was about peace, specifically how a feeling of peace is an answer from God when we need direction.

"The peace that Christ gives is to guide you in the decisions you make...."  (GNT) 

If you have been planning to do something or are in the midst of doing something & suddenly realize that you don't have any peace about it, you have heard from God. He is telling you "no."  And if there is something you really don't want to do ... you try to talk yourself out of it even ... but you feel an overwhelming peace about doing it, well, there's God leading you again.  

I think that once someone experiences "the peace of God which passes all understanding," they crave it in every part of their life.  I have experienced it.  It's a wonderful thing ... sort of like the snowy experiences I referenced above which I remember with such deep fondness, only better : )
"Seek peace & pursue it."
Psalm 34:14


Joyce Mayer said...

We must be related, I am a snow person and even as an adult (questionable) I run to the window to see if it's still snowing. And I really am down when I see the sun beginning to shine through the snow clouds.

We are from the northeast but lived in FL for way too long and I missed the 4 seasons, especially winter (think of this - Christmas, decorations, and AIR CONDITIONING) and that was in northern FL. Now that we are in the mountains of NC I am at peace and boy did we have a snowy winter last year. In fact it flurried on Thanksgiving Eve, we were here only here 11 days.

Blessings and "think snow"! God is and will always be a major part of my life, my #1 love.

Hazel said...

I love your winter pictures! I can relate to that same peace and silence after it has snowed. Wonderful! The peace of God, however, is so much better! xx

Laura Lane said...

I crave that peace.

Robin said...

Oh Shirlee, I love your snow picture! Like you, I love the winter wonderful the Lord provides us. Peace and many blessings to you.

Robin in Virginia

Annette-California said...

Lovely post! I haven't seen snow in a long time but I do when our Mt Diablo gets snow at the top during winter:)Here? NO snow.
love Annette

bonnie said...

the post is so --peaceful-- i just loved reading this as i feel the same way about snow and our LORD!!!

we don't get to see too much snow usually,but i love it when we do and i always enjoy your posts!!!

Julie said...

Snowy pictures always looks so pure.
Wishing you peace x

Vickie said...

Love, love, love to stand outside during a snowfall and listen to the silence.

Justine said...

Peace be with you always.

Simply Victoria said...

Isn't it great how God gives us symbols of His peace in nature?

Pam in IL said...

Ok, I understand the peace you're writing about, but I just can't quite put peace and snow together, lol. Snowfall for me is a source of stress and hard work. To me, peace is sitting along a quiet, calm stream with wildflowers on it's banks on a warm, sunny 80 degree day. Isn't it remarkable how God has perfectly created each of us and all our surroundings!

Pam in IL said...

Just wanted to add -- Joyce Meyer's comment about Christmas, decorations and air conditioning made me chuckle. I went to school in Florida and being from the midwest, found it very unusual to see people mowing their grass around their large Christmas yard decorations.

Sally said...

What a beautiful post Shirlee. I love the peace of a snowfall. So incredibly beautiful and special. Hope you are well my friend.

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Shirlee, I think snow is beautiful, but I do get tired of it after awhile. What a beautiful post, I want peace in whatever situation I am in, that peace that passes all understanding. hugs, Lecia