God grant you the light in Christmas, which is faith;
the warmth of Christmas, which is love;
the radiance of Christmas, which is purity;
the righteousness of Christmas, which is justice;
the belief in Christmas, which is truth;
& all of Christmas, which is Christ.
--Wilda English

Sunday, October 12, 2014

He is Always With Us

Nearly every morning, when I look outside the bedroom window, this is what I see.
The moon is on the left, & a bright star is on the right.  It makes me think of Revelation 22:16(b) ...

"I am the root & offspring of David,
the bright Morning Star."

Jesus calls Himself the bright Morning Star.  When I see that bright morning star out my window each morning, I smile.   It sort of makes me feel like there He is, saying good morning to me.  Of course I know that Jesus isn't a star.  That star is not Him.  It is, however, a reminder of how He is always with me.  Always looking out for me.

Some mornings are cloudy, & when I climb out of bed & look up at the sky I can't see anything. Does that mean the moon & star are not there?  No, they are still there.  They are always there ... just like Jesus is always with us.  It doesn't matter if I can see Him or not ... He is always there.  Always with me.  Always in my life.  

I don't know about you but that makes me feel very happy   : )

I wish you a very blessed Sunday & week ahead.      


Joyce Mayer said...

I could not nor would I want to get out of bed in the morning without Him in my life.

This morning Pastor reminded us that Jesus' arm is never too short to reach out and touch us, to help us. Isn't that beautiful.


butterfly said...

What a lovely view , such a blessing.

Vickie said...

This makes me very happy too. =)

cucki said...

Yup it's makes me so happy too :)

Julie said...

What a beautiful view to wake up to.

Maggee said...

Thinking of how happy it makes us to know that God is always there for us, with us, just brought me to the Happy song by Pharrell! Gotta go play it! Hugs!

Kaisievic said...

Such a wonderful view out of your window and such a blessing for you to start every day in the comfort of your faith. Blessings, Kaye

Sally said...

What a beautiful view. Makes you feel glad to be alive.