Friday, October 31, 2014

More Tea Stuff, a Grievous Error, & a Wonderful Surprise!!!

I am hanging my head in shame because when I did my tea post the other day, I totally forgot the two most famous tea drinkers of all!

Yes, Wallace & Gromit!  How in the world could I forget these two???  I love them so!  Here's Gromit pouring himself a cuppa.
And here's Wallace enjoying a cuppa ... along with some cheese & crackers it looks like!  Another favorite of mine, cheese & crackers.  Wallace & Gromit & I would get along very well if we were neighbors   : ) 
I remember when Wallace thought he had met the love of his life, Wendolene ... a knitting shop owner who I also thought would make a great neighbor   : )
Of course Wallace ended the relationship because Wendolene did not care for cheese   : (

And speaking of knitting ... that's another thing I have in common with Gromit!
And Shawn!
And then there's Babs.  She & I could pass for twins.  Same hairdo, same body build.  They do say that we all have a twin somewhere.  
This is sad, isn't it.  After 5-1/2 years living in The Devil's Playground with unfriendly townfolk & no family nearby, my friends & family have become Nick Park characters.  

Hmmmm ... I seem to have gotten off of the original topic here   : )   When I did my tea post, I forgot to post about some lovely Christmas tea books! If you are interested in learning more about them, you can Google them or look for them on Amazon.  

I've saved the wonderful surprise for last.  IT MIGHT SNOW TONIGHT!!!!!  Yes, you read that right!  Snow!  Yep, here's my twin brother again, born in my imagination after seeing his picture online, showing how we BOTH feel about the possibility of snow   : )
I need to think of a name for him   : )


Robin said...

Last night, I saw that snow might make an appearance in your neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing the tea books. I have given several as gifts in the past.

Thanks for the giggle about Wallace ending his relationship over not liking cheese.

Enjoy your weekend, Shirlee! Hope you get a bit of the white stuff.

Robin in Virginia

stitchersanon said...

Snow..yuck: you can keep that but I will happily share a cup of tea with you. I'm a huge fan of Wallace and Grommit too. I'm sorry you live in an unfriendly area; its their loss hun xxx

Pam in IL said...

LOL, such a fun post...except for the snow part, hehehe. You may keep it all. Actually, I think it's mostly going to be east of us. I want Monday's temperatures back -- sunny and 78!

gracie said...

As I read your post, I am barefoot and in snow for me! Loved you post today, heck I like it everyday!

Frances N said...

Fun post today!
And I'm jealous of your snow! It's still warm here in Mississippi, but at least not as hot as it was! We'll get steadily cooler.....(can't wait!!)

Vickie said...

Well, as I told you, we got a bit of snow. It is mostly melted now.
Would your twin brother be named Sherwin?

Kaisievic said...

I love Yorkshire Tea, a very robust brew. As usual, you have made me laugh! I think you should call the guy, Trevor or Trev, he looks like one to me. Oh, snow, how wonderful I am so jealous!

Kaisievic said...

P.S. I love all of the Christmas tea books, too.

Simple Pleasure said...

Dearest Shirlee,
I must live a very sheltered life...Would you believe I have NEVER seen or heard of the cartoon characters in your post!!!!! LOL...but I do like cheese and crackers...and I can knit!
I know those tea books...they are delightful.
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

Ele said...

Lucky you! Snow!!! Temperatures still very warm here... I am sure it will be lovely to wake up to a white landscape tomorrow.., it's so magic and silent!
I adore Wallace & Grommit too. Come to think about it, it's time we watch again the one you mention! :)
Speaking of tea and food, I remember you mentioned the Kousmi tea. If you like spiced tea, try Kashmir Tchai.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I just need to see Wallace and Gromit and I smile - the characters are so comical and the humour is so clever. You made me smile too with your comments about Babs:-)

Michelle said...

I like a lot of different Teas but Yorkshire Tea is way to strong for me - love your photos cc

Anne said...

When Christmas comes around the corner, I now think of you getting excited and then I get excited for Christmas!! Love tea, as you know and your selections below are very tantalizing!! Hugs to you!