Saturday, August 22, 2015


I have been getting more & more frustrated with the never-ending cleaning, the never-ending unpacking, & the never-ending trying to find a place for stuff.  After my last visit to the storage units (you will recall that we now have two of them again), I came home vowing to rid myself of more things than Carter has pills.  (I wonder if anyone uses that expression about Carter's pills anymore?)  Make no mistake, this is going to be a HUGE undertaking.  I took a small step in that direction today by listing some lacemaking things on eBay.  I think I listed two cross stitch books as well.  Of course listing things on eBay brings its own set of frustrations.  If only I were a wealthy woman & didn't have tons of dollars tied up in this stuff, I would give it all away ... or burn it! ... just to get it off my back.

Having said that, I'm now going to show you my new shipment of crochet yarn ... lol!  Out with one batch of stuff, in with another, eh?  At least crochet yarn is something useful   : )   Here's the box of yarn after I brought it home from the post office.  Yep ... that's unpacked moving boxes you see behind it   : )

Let's peek inside, shall we?  Oooooooooo!!!  Pretty colors!
Oooooo!!!  More colors!!!
I'll sort them out a bit for you   : )
Do you see the two skeins of the same color?  I don't know how I did that, but I ordered two of the same.  Of course they'd have to be ORANGE rather than that pretty lilac color you see there, or that peacock green on the top right.  I despise orange.  I only ordered a skein because it's useful for snowman noses   : )

Here's the "new yarn" combined with the yarn I came home with from Michael's last week.  (Two of the skeins have WIPs attached.)
I think I should get a nice blanket out of this.  I just need to decide on which colors I'm going to use.

Incidentally, I know I have months ahead of me to rid myself of excess stuff, but right now I just want to be like Jeannie.  Fold my arms in front of my chest, nod my head, & blink everything into some semblance of order.
Doesn't she look happy?  No moving boxes or no-longer-wanted things piled around her bottle!


Robin said...

What a great color assortment of yarn you received, Shirlee! I am looking forward to seeing what you create. I'm with you on the Jeannie idea. I would love to do that and my house be cleaned and the basement purged of unnecessary stuff. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

gracie said...

Oh funny girl! Love the new yarn. I know what you mean about the investment we make and it would be nice to give it away, but~~~

Hazel said...

Lovely colour choice! X

Michelle said...

I love the new yarn Shirlee xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Beautiful colours! Good luck with the destashing and uncluttering. I started the summer with good intentions but have only managed to sort one drawer of stuff! It is nice to be able to open and close that drawer without it jamming.

Julie said...

A parcel of wool is always a treat to open, better than a box of chocolates lol.

Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous colours, Shirlee and yes, I would love to be like Jeannie - I am still, slowly, cleaning out my FIL's room. Hey, which cross stitch books did you list? Can you send me the eBay link, please?

LindaLee said...

Shirley! You and I are a lot alike I think. I have so much stash, but find myself looking at yarns, threads, aida and linen all the time. I think if we did only one type of needlework, it would be easier to keep away from so many things,,,but it wouldn't be any fun at all. I love your yarn and think it's so neat that you've already started a couple of pieces with it. Way to go girlfriend.