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the warmth of Christmas, which is love;
the radiance of Christmas, which is purity;
the righteousness of Christmas, which is justice;
the belief in Christmas, which is truth;
& all of Christmas, which is Christ.
--Wilda English

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Need Help with Dresser Measurements Please?

Life continues to be good here in ... what do I call this place?  I'm not in The Devil's Playground anymore.  I will have to give this some thought.  In the meantime, if anyone isn't overwhelmingly busy with anything else, I could use some help regarding dresser measurements.  I am curious about the height & width of your bedroom dresser.  The reason I'm asking is that after many days & an enormous amount of stressful deliberation regarding the purchase of some bedroom furniture, I settled on an Amish made set ... then the next day told the owner that I changed my mind ... then contacted her again the day after that to tell her no, deliver it as planned.  Yes, I'm that pathetic ... lol!  The furniture was delivered yesterday.  It is solid cherry & more beautiful than I remembered it being in the store, but I didn't quite remember the dresser being so short or the drawers so shallow.  Here is a photo I found online.  I looks like the dresser in this photo is oak rather than cherry, & there is a mirror that attaches to the dresser which the photo doesn't show.  

The dresser measures 74" wide, 25" deep, & 35" high.  The length is great, the depth is fine, but the height is a bit of an issue.  I feel like this chick when I stand next to it.
I don't remember ever having a dresser that made me feel this big.  Have I grown taller as well as wider over the years?  Is 35" the typical height for a dresser?  Or perhaps the Amish are typically short people?  Or did I get a dresser based on a prototype for Munchkin Land?

And while on my knees & bending over at the waist trying to fill the dresser's Munchkin size drawers with my clothes, I quickly realized that I either needed to downsize or buy another dresser or two.  I opted for downsizing.  I don't know about you, but I have struggled with my weight for many years.  About 20 years ago I was quite plump, but when I would find neat clothes on sale, I would buy them despite the fact that they were a couple sizes smaller than the size I wore because surely I'd lose weight & be able to wear them one day!  Well, not only can I still not wear them ... I'm even plumper than I was back then!  I have some pretty cool jerseys & jeans & cords.  Oh, how I love cords!  I considered wearing 2 pair of cords at the same time, one pair on each leg ... & 2 jerseys at the same time, one jersey on each arm ... but I couldn't quite figure out how to go about doing that without looking stupid, so into the giveaway pile they went, still dangling their price tags & size tags at me, laughing their fool heads off.  And I attempted to put my Designs by Omar clothing collection (you know, Omar the Tent Maker) into the dresser drawers made for Munchkins, & I sat there in the midst of the cotton & the denim & the wool, tears streaming down my face, & then I went & got a Hershey bar, a bag of chips, & a gallon of Rocky Road.  Stupid Munchkin drawers.

Why was I writing this post?  Oh yeah ... what's the height of your dresser?  


Edgar said...

I hear you about modern furniture.... even my GG grandmothers dresser (c 1870) has low narrow drawers not made for clothes I think..... I keep photo's and papers in. I use a tall cherry wood dresser (it comes to my shoulder) with 5 deep and hefty drawers bought by my grandmother in about 1918/19 when she first set up house. It's a godsend, not only does it hold my sweat shirts, pants and sweaters but the deep top drawer is divided for socks and underoos. I do like the look of the dresser you bought!! and I do love cherry wood!!

Danice said...

Yeah, Edgar is correct. Also, years ago, people used chifforobes to hang their clothes. At one time in the new USA, closets were either small or non-existent because they counted as a room and thus the homeowner was required to pay taxes based on the additional square feet inside the closet. So, perhaps older dressers were not really meant to store clothing. After all, the Amish do tend to retain many of the older traditions. Many modern furniture pieces are smaller, especially if they are intended for a child or youth. 'Could be that today we have so many large closets that large dressers aren't really needed. Interesting, to say the least.

Vickie said...

Good Morning my friend! I just went upstairs and measured my dresser's height. It is 33" and then the tall mirror on top. The drawers are fine. I store lots and lots of shirts and stuff in them. We have had our set since our wedding in '92. Maybe you will get used to it. I have never known different, and I am 5' 11"!!!! I wish I felt like that chick next to it!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Now we encounter the language differences. To me a dresser is a large sideboard you would keep in the kitchen or dining room. It would have cupboards with doors at the bottom, then a drawer, then some shelves, maybe some glass cupboards to display the best ornaments. Google Welsh Dresser for examples.
The thing you keep your clothes in your bedroom would be a chest of drawers or maybe a dressing table. Which would have a mirror built in to it so you sit in front of it to do your hair and makeup.

Maggee said...

I measured two from two suites... one was 29+/- inches tall, the other is 31 inches tall... Those are the wide ones. One suite included two tall ones (25 years ago)--one for clothes and one for 'underwear' (that one has stash stuff in it!!) Both are about 5 feet tall. Yours is even taller than both my wide ones...

Robin said...

Okay, I just measured the one I use. It is about 34 inches wide and about 45 inches tall. But it is only about 18 inches deep. I bet your dresser is gorgeous in the cherry.

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Mary said...

I hear you Jo, we have dressers, chest of drawers and the bureaus. All to put clothes in, or stuff. I measured my bureaus are 34" tall, except for an old mahogany one used as a "dresser" in the kitchen it is 36 in tall, where I store tablecloths and napkins. I personally love bureaus a bit on the tall side, I am 5 ' 10". Like the look of the one you saw Shirlee reminds me of mission furniture. Good choice,

Ele said...

hope you will get used to it because... it looks beautiful!!

Kaisievic said...

I have what is called a Tall Boy, so it is quite high. It has wide, deep drawers which I love.

Julie said...

It does look lovely.

Pam in IL said...

I just measured my dressers. The dresser I inherited from my Grandmother is 34 H x 19 D x 42 W and the new dresser I purchased a couple of years ago is 30 H x 19 D x 63 W. Seems dressers come in a wide range of sizes, but I've never had the problem of one not being tall enough -- but that's probably because I'm only 5'4" tall, lol. The one you purchased is lovely!