Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Finish (Which I Can't Show You Yet), A Just About Finished Finish (Can't Show You This One Either), & A Start

Good morning!  The rain is, as the old saying goes, coming down in buckets!  The school bus will be going by any minute now but I suspect they might be using the school ark this morning instead!

I went back to the oral surgeon yesterday for my postop check.  Thankfully I am healing well.  She told me that she ran into a bit of a problem during the surgery.  She usually doesn't need to stitch anything but with me she did.  That is why I was having more pain than anticipated.  I still need to be careful how I eat ... not directly biting down on anything with my front teeth.  She says I am now free to eat anything though, with the exception of popcorn, just as long as I cut it up first & use a fork.

I indicated in my title that I have a finish which I can't show you but actually I do need to make 2 French knots on it before I can technically consider it finished.  I'm not exactly the French knot making champion.  I tried doing them last night a couple times.  My first attempt resulted in what looked like 2 door knobs.  Way too big.  I figured I wrapped the floss around the needle too many times so I tried again.  My second attempt resulted in one tiny French knot & a much larger one.  Since they are very near each other they just couldn't stay that way.  I'll try again later today.

The just about finished finish needs some buttons sewn on it ... then it needs to be finished into something.  I think I will try to frame it as the cover model shows.

I can't post photos of the above two items until the people receiving them actually do receive them.  I have one more item I need to make for an exchange, an ornament for a SAL, & today I will be starting the January Word Play SAL which I am doing with Shar.  This will be the first time I will be working on more than one project at a time & it is freaking me out.  I am going to try working on the Word Play during the day & the exchange item in the evenings.  I'm afraid the ornament SAL is going to have to be delayed.  Of course it's only the 11th of the month ... I might actually have time to finish that too.  Hope so!  Otherwise I will double up & make 2 ornaments next month   : )

All but 2 of the Christmas things are now put away & I've gone as far as I can go at this point with the insurance paperwork.  Today I need to finally take my new laptop for a test drive.  This was another Christmas gift from John & I think he's thinking I'm not happy with it.  I am ... it's a lovely laptop ... but I just felt I had to get all this other stuff taken care of first.

Tomorrow I will try to post photos of my Word Play progress along with maybe a photo of two of some more stash enhancement.  Yes, there is more   : )   I think 1-2-3 Stitch probably has my picture up in their office ... maybe with candles in front of it & incense burning ... lol!  By the way, have you noticed that there are a lot of great cross stitch shops & designers in Utah including 1-2-3?  I told John we need to take a look at moving to Utah when the time comes   : )      


Siobhan said...

I'm glad to hear that you're healing well! I can't wait to see your Word Play! I rarely do French Knots, opting for Colonial Knots instead. I find them a bit more user friendly.

Michelle said...

So so glad to hear you are healing well Shirlee. I always use seed beads the glass tiny ones for french knots. I have been stitching 35 years and still can't master them! x

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

LOL! Can't wait to see what you bought! : ) I'm thinking I must do Colonial Knots, too... Not quite sure though, but I've never had any problem with them and if Colonial Knots are easier, those must be the ones I'm doing. : )

TheCrankyCrow said...

Utah??? Oh NO!! You're heading in the absolute WRONG direction from Nod!!! You don't want to go there! Besides - I heard they've had little it any snow this year....and we're expecting a doozy tonight/tomorrow (yeah - first night of class...yea...) ;o) Besides, I LOVE doing French knots....If you were close I could be your personal French Knotter....Glad to hear you're doing better mouthwise - and back into the stitching groove. Oh - I am being sorely, sorely, tempted...but now is NOT the time....Happy Wednesday my friend....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Jane said...

Isn't it funny how 2 french knots never look the same ~ must say if I can avoid them then I do and use a small bead instead.
If you move to Utah ~ find a property next door for me too ~ I'll be near the Shepherd's Bush shop then!!!

cucki said...

Hello dear, I am so happy that you ate feeling better..can't wait to see the word play..
Oh dear I love French knots 😍sweet little fellows :)
Hugs cucki xxx

Chris said...

Glad that you are doing well. Stitches...yuck!
I am looking forward to seeing all the ornies and stash :)

Nicola said...

So pleased that you are getting over the surgery. I adore French knots they are a very useful Stitch. If you are having problems you could use small beads instead.

denise said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one who can't do a french knot worth a durn!i think 1 2 3 stitch has my picture yp ,too. right along with patternmart. patternmart e-mails to you and you can get the same day. happy stitching!! denise