Friday, January 20, 2012

Pride Goeth Before A Fall

When we left our easily influenced stitcher on Monday she faced a dilemma.  Continue to stitch on her SAL or get going on an exchange piece due the end of the month.

I had every intention of continuing to stitch my SAL.  I am, after all, a one-at-a-timer.  Just the thought of stitching 2 cross stitch projects at the same time makes me shudder.  I even told myself that the deadline I needed to meet for the exchange piece would spur me on to completion.  

Although I did not think I would stitch any further after my post on Monday I had a bit of a surge of energy after dinner so I decided to pick up the SAL & have at it.  However, I took one look at that white snowman & got cold feet.  I considered the possibility that I would run into problems with Frosty, get hung up on the SAL, & then be faced with racing through the exchange piece or, heaven forbid, being late with it.  I decided to put Frosty aside & stitch the exchange piece.

I must admit that stitching the exchange piece was the proverbial walk in the park.  I concentrated all my efforts into it & within 2 days' time it was done!  (Imagine strains of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus accompanying this announcement.)  After the heady success of completing the exchange piece I loaded my needle with the dreaded white floss & immediately began giving Frosty a head.  Imagine my delight when I saw that it didn't look too bad!

See!  What did I tell you!  Not too bad!  Not too bad at all!

This is as far as I got on Tuesday night.  Wow!  I was on a roll!  I pictured myself in a cape & spandex body suit with the words SUPER STITCHER emblazoned across my chest!  Finished the exchange piece, Frosty was going well ... all was right with the world.

Dateline:  Wednesday - It was a cold, overcast, rainy day ... one of those days when you just want to crawl under the covers & sleep.  I did manage, however, to begin Frosty's body that evening with the confidence that all would be well.  It wasn't.  I was tired ... never a good time to stitch.  I ended up unstitching Frosty's body & starting over again 3 times.  The third time I was more than halfway done with the body when I discovered a huge mistake at the beginning of it.  I decided at that point that it was time to give up & go to bed.  I haven't met with Frosty since.  

I am not giving up on Frosty.  That just wouldn't do!  I am, however, considering putting him aside & starting my Christmas All Year Round ornament.  Yeah ... that sounds good.  Take a bit of a vacation from Frosty & at least get a start on something that's supposed to be finished this month.  Frosty, after all, has no deadline.  


denise said...

i know the feeling. i'm doing Jenn Hoffman's One Heart One Hand and it's worked with flesh colored floss and it's giving me a fit. good luck with Frosty!!! denise

Minnie said...

Just a few short months ago I was a strick one at a timer too, but I was bitten by the multiple bug and now have seven projects going in a wonky rotation of my own. I think it is a natural progression and it's hard, so very hard to fight. Good luck.

Chris said...

Sometimes you just need to put the stitching down even if you want to stitch. I would do that after the 2nd rip out :) Try again tomorrow.
Congratulations on completing your exchange piece.

Ma Teakettle said...

Oh Shirlee....It's always the cute and sweet WIPs that end up giving me fits and frogs, hang in there as tomorrow is always another day...keep us posted on the Frosty vs Superstitcher front ;)
Congrats on your exchange finish and a hearty high five!

natalyK said...

Congrats on completing your exchange piece! Frosty is looking good. Tired stitching never works and almost always leads to frustration.
A new day will bring a new perspective. Happy Stitching!

bettyj said...

You are so funny! I am sorry you and Frosty are bumping heads. Or is it needles? Anyway I loved this post.

~*Shar*~ said...

You make me laugh hun!! Frosty looks great; I have a visit from "Mr. Frog" a few weeks ago. Just put him down for a day or two; I stitched on your exchange piece last night and just have to "finish"'ll love it!! LOL

Hugs, Shar

Friendship Crossing said...

You are too too funny! I always enjoy reading your posts~they usually crack me up!

At least you got your exchange piece finished and you can just take a break w/Frosty~I'm sure HE needs it~LOL


Michelle said...

Like others have said - put it away for a while and then get it out again. I had a piece many years ago that I kept getting wrong and wrong and then finally when I had it all sorted I got up and had stitched it to my skirt argh!!!! Love your other stitching xx

cucki said...

hello dear,me giggling to..i am happy that finished your exchange piece you can take a break and relax for a while..
frosty is cute :)
sending you stitchy hugs xx

Trace4J said...

Who would have thought my Snow Girlfriend would have a tussle with Frosty! I think you can do it.
Go SuperStitcher Go!
You are too funny.
Hugs Trace

Sally said...

Oh Shirlee you have given me such a laugh this afternoon!

Love your progress on January but if it's giving you grief, as the others have said, just put it away for while.

I used to be a one at a timer too but I'm afraid I got sucked in by lots of lovely stitching and seeing how others stitched on several at a time and now I couldn't go back to it!

Have a great weekend Ms Superstitcher!

Maureen said...

Shirlee may I ask you a "technical" question? Do you like that style of fabric holder you show in your picture? I have always used the 2 piece circles with the screw for tension. Does this one hold the fabric tight?
I think your stitching looks great. I did counted cross stitch years ago. I have enjoyed making the simple prim stitcheries and now these cross sitch projects are reallly catching my eye again.
I enjoy your blog. :)