God grant you the light in Christmas, which is faith;
the warmth of Christmas, which is love;
the radiance of Christmas, which is purity;
the righteousness of Christmas, which is justice;
the belief in Christmas, which is truth;
& all of Christmas, which is Christ.
--Wilda English

Monday, January 16, 2012

White Floss is the Bane of My Stitching Existence

Yes, white floss is indeed the bane of my stitching existence.  This is not good considering the fact that I LOVE winter & I LOVE snowmen & of course winter/snowmen designs usually call for the use of a good deal of white floss.  I can stitch with any other color of floss on any type of fabric & get marvelous coverage.  Not so with white.  Is there a brand of white floss ... or even off white floss ... that actually lays nicely on the fabric & makes stitches that don't look like you made them using 2 white hairs plucked from grandma's wig instead of actual floss?  Or is it possible, when the design calls for you to use 2 strands of floss throughout, to use 3 strands of white for better coverage?

I worked some more on my Word Play yesterday.  I will post a photo later when it's daylight   : )    


denise said...

i don't like using white floss either. it makes your x's look crooked or something.maybe one a good white floss will come along.LOL!~!~!! denise

flutterbygone's said...

Maybe that is what I don't like either....the way the stitches lay when i use white...I'm not sure but I've always seemed reluctant when there is a lot of white to use!!!

Nicola said...

I know what you mean. Have you tried using a laying tool.

Vickie Niggemann said...

HA! Funny you should mention this. I am stitching with all white floss right now. Using one strand over one on rose 28 count evenweave. The coverage seems okay. My problem is, it is B5200. There is color variation! Not good when you are putting in around 100 stitches of solid white for a little poodle. This is the second skein I used now. Did complete frogging. Not frogging anymore. Just accepting the variation, as much as it is making me MENTAL!

Michelle said...

I always tend to use a laying tool now for white floss xx

marly said...

My floss is always ishkabobbled no matter what color so white doesn't bother me. But I did load up on Anchor's white several years ago because next to DMC's, it appears a brighter white.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I always use B5200 rather than blanc which seems "dirty" in comparision!
I've not used other brands so can't compare.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wow....thought I was the only one who had white "issues." Guess not. But now I have another question....What is a "laying tool"??? I've cross-stitched for over half my life and have never heard of such a thing? What am I missing now???? Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin