Saturday, June 9, 2012

Anyone Need Any Candle/Tart Making Supplies Or Wax?

I've been working in the diningroom all the livelong day.  Think "I've Been Working On the Railroad."  What can I say ... I've got the music in me ... lol!  Okay, moving along  : )   Although I've accomplished quite a lot it still looks like a cyclone came through here & the cleaning frenzy will carry on into tomorrow.  I ended up deciding to clean out my wax cupboard to make room for other things which of course means moving stuff from the diningroom into said cupboard.  This cleaning out of the wax cupboard has been a long time coming.  I humbly say that I do possess a few talents but making things with wax is not one of them.  Holding on to this wax paraphernalia isn't going to change that.  Therefore I have a LOT of supplies if anyone is interested ... various types of wax, a slew of high quality fragrance oils, wax colorant (both solid & liquid), lots of molds, & other goodies.

If you are interested in any of this stuff please email me & I'll give you a detailed list.  I would be happy to do some sort of trade or I will accept cash via PayPal if you'd like   : )  


~Sara said...

Fun times~ I sent you an email.
blessings for a wonderful weekend ~Sara

Vickie said...

It feels good to clear out unneeded things doesn't it? You are making progress!

Kendra said...

Unfortunately my "wax talent' consists of covering things with wax or simple pouring it into jello molds and then rubbing cinnamon on the form to make it look like a pantry cake. My candle leftovers are sufficent for this :)

When you are done cleaning out your place wanna' come up here and start on mine? I'd be happy if i could see the floor of my craft room at this point. We have been "dump and go" for weeks now and it won't quit anytime soon!

Love and blessings to you Shirlee,

TheCrankyCrow said...

Glad to see that it sounds like it has been spoken for already (and don't tell me if it hasn't been....) I have been very tempted to play with wax, but know I'd end up making a mess or hurting myself (seriously) - and I don't need another craft I don't get around to doing....but definitely tempting!! Ummmm, now, if I could only bring myself to get rid of my paintbrushes and supplies.....Robin