Monday, June 25, 2012

Tweet! Tweetly Tweet!

Yesterday it was butterflies ... today it's birds   : )   Not rockin' robins though.  I think these little visitors in my photos are a pair of finches.  We have this very small birdbath in what has become our daylily garden.  It is right off the back porch outside our back door & we enjoy watching the birds come for a drink or a bath.  Mr. Finch in pictures 2 & 3 looks a little perturbed at my intrusion into his bathing time, doesn't he ... lol!  

We have several regular visitors to our birdbath.  In addition to Mr. & Mrs. Finch we have 3 sparrows, a humongous robin who just about takes up the entire bath, a blue jay, & sometimes ... sometimes ... a pair of bluebirds.  I love bluebirds!  They are probably my favorite bird.  We've lived here just a tad over 3 years now (this is our 4th summer) & we have seen a pair of bluebirds every now & then.  This year they are visiting more often ... hooray!

John & I didn't go to the daylily show yesterday.  It was just too miserably hot to make the trip   : (   We have had 2 new daylilies bloom this morning though!  This first one is called Look Homeward Angel & the second is called August Frost.  

Yesterday afternoon I finished knitting my "see if you can remember how to knit" dishcloth ... 
& now I am ready to begin my shawl.  I have been looking at shawl patterns for about a month.  I'll find a pattern I think I love but then it becomes apparent to me that there's one little something I don't like.  A pointy edge for example.  I do have a lace shawl I will definitely be making.  It calls for lace weight mohair yarn.  It will be gorgeous but I want something more "everyday" right now. Yesterday I found exactly what I've been seeing in my mind.  The pattern is called Mara & it's thanks to Nina at Between Crosses with Nina that I found it!  (Thank you Nina!)  It will be a perfect everyday shawl & I think it will look lovely in the colorway I will use to knit it!  That's my hope anyway   : )  

And on the stitching front ... last night I picked up my evenweave & my DMC & once again worked on the design that did not lend itself to variegated thread.  I know in yesterday's post I said that I was not going to try the design again anytime soon but my OCD wouldn't let me rest until I conquered it ... lol!  I am now almost finished ... hallelujah!

I wish you all a delightful & productive day! I need to finish-finish something for an exchange & get that ready to mail before the deadline.  Otherwise I don't have a lot planned.  Work on my stitching perhaps ... or maybe start that shawl.  Sounds like a heavenly day to me   : )   


Vickie said...

I do hope you have a joyful day Shirlee. Neat pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of the birds and Daylilies.

Your dishcloth looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing the shawl progress.
Have a good day!

marly said...

I need a new birdbath and after seeing your post - I'll get it tomorrow. How comical he looks! I can't decide which daylily I like best - too many gorgeous colors.

Melissa said...

Very pretty pictures!!! Great progress pictures!!!

Mouse said...

awww pretty birdies :) well done on the dishcloth finish and wayy hayyy you found a pattern for a shawl you like and well done on getting the variagated one sorted out too :)

gorgeous day lilies as well :) love mouse xxxxx

butterfly said...

sweet birds, I have never seen blue birds you will have to try a take a photo if you can . I would to see them .
More beautiful flowers, and looks like a nice day for you. hugs.

Suzanne said...

It's been a very long time since I have been blogging, so I apoologise for taking so long to thank you for visiting my blog.

You have so many beautiful flowers in your garden.

I love your stitching you have been doing, especially the Stacy Nash piece.

Nice dishcloth you have knitted, the pattern is very pretty.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

The bird pics are so adorable ~ I love to watch the birds too!
Beautiful daylilies Shirlee!
Happy stitch'n
Prim Blessings

♥ Nia said...

I've never seen birds taking bath :D hahahaha

Trace4J said...

Beautiful pictures Shirlee.
What a smile I have after that little bird bath.
Beautiful daylilies too.
Have a great day Friend.

Siobhán said...

I love your bird photos! I'm chuckling over the bird's expression in some of the photos. :) Enjoy your day!

TheCrankyCrow said... have a "problem" with me taking up almost all of your birdbath??? ;o) Seriously....Love the second two photos of the pissed-off Mr. Kind of looks like my mister on certain days. I hope that you are going to share photos of all those variegated rejects of yours..... How about mixing them all up and letting us rank which we like the best??? (Ok...bad idea....if you're like me, the minute someone likes one we didn't, it's all over....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Great dishcloth! You know I love crocheted/knitted dishcloths!!)