Friday, June 1, 2012

It's June 1st! Do You Know What Time It Is?

It's tea time!!!  Last week I received a package in the mail from my good friend Marly.  She knows I enjoy drinking tea.  She is not a tea drinker herself but when she saw this tea she knew she had to send me some.  She says that with the company name it seemed to fit a tea loving stitcher   : )   It is indeed quite tasty tea!

Earlier this week my husband & I had to go to our nearest "big town" (Danville) to take care of a few errands & we found that there's a new business there!  A tea shop of all things!  I had lots of fun looking at all the cups & saucers & tea sets & tea trays & of course all the tea.  I am always rather brave when it comes to tasting tea & after much debate I came home with 4 new flavors to try thanks to DH   : )
Thus far I have only tried the Orange Vanilla.  I was a bit apprehensive about this one because it kind of smells like orange Creamsicles.  Thankfully it doesn't taste like them.  I've got nothing against orange Creamsicles but I don't want to drink them   : )   I'm most looking forward to trying the Serene Green.  If my fantasies concerning this tea come true then all my stress will float away on fluffy white clouds & I will be left with nothing but a Mona Lisa countenance for the rest of my days   : )

Here is another tea I'm looking forward to trying.  It was obviously developed to celebrate the queen's Diamond Jubilee.  With it being a blend of "black tea with silver tips, bergamot & citrus flavours," it has got to be good   : )
Of course there was something else that June 1st was supposed to bring.  Do you remember what that something was???  If you guessed this ...
... then you are correct!  The key words here are "supposed to."  If you have been following this blog for a while then you know that my husband & I have been wanting to sell our house since we moved into it 3 years ago.  Each spring brought a new round of "should we put it up for sale or shouldn't we" talks.  We had decided that this spring ... March 1st to be exact ... would be "the time."  Then we pushed it back to April 1st.  Then May 1st.  Then June 1st.  I became more & more stressed as each listing date approached.  It was affecting my entire life including my health.  There were many arguments in support of each possible decision ... to list it no matter what & hope for the best, to put it off yet another month, to put it off until next year, or to just give in & stay here.  I did a lot of research about the real estate market in general & how it pertains to our area in particular.  I did the pros & cons thing.  I left no stone unturned.  I presented all this information to my DH & asked him to give it all a few days of serious thought & to then let me know his take on things.  His take is "Let's forget about selling for now & see how we feel next year."  I like that idea.  Some might say it's not a real decision at all ... we're just delaying things ... but no, it is a real decision.  We are now blessed with a stretch of several months to leisurely clean out clutter, reconsider all avenues, & then next year we will be able to make a firm, happy, & what I fantasize will be a stress-free decision.  The important thing is a decision has been made.  Praise the Lord & pass the Godiva!     

Oh ... there's one more thing about June 1st.  We now have less than 6 months until Christmas   : )       


LindataxPA said...

Shirlee.....I have been following this discussion and am glad that you have both come to a decision and can move forward. My Father always said that home is where the family is. You and DH are a family and are together. Enjoy your home and being together. The rest will take care of itself.

Anonymous said...

Hello Shirlee

I think it's a great isea to give yourselves time to think and to start de-cluttering at your own pace.

I love the look of your teas and what a lovely present from Marly.
Have a good weekend.

Dawn said...

you are so funny, but I do sense the lack of stress in your post and off your shoulders. !!! enjoy your tea!

marly said...

Well, heck! You can't move now until you've tried all the teas in the new tea shop!! That should take a year or so.

Peggy Lee said...

Ohhhh a new tea shop? I might have to drive to Danville to check that out! Where is this shop? Is The Hub still on the corner? I sat there many times sipping on ginger peach tea while using their internet with my laptop.

We really should meet! Masterchief still goes to Junction City for his hair cuts!

I think it's a good idea to wait a year or so. We have several newly built houses for a fair deal around us but it's a bad time to sell.

Have a great weekend!

Vickie said...

Good for the two of you! Pass the Godiva Shirlee?!? Naughty, naughty you are!! ♥

Kaisievic said...

Shirlee, that sounds like a fantastic decision. As I have followed your "conversation" about this over the past weeks/months it has seemed to me that you are not yet ready to move. Good idea to take a breather from the idea.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, pass the Godiva....! Hey, a decision is a decision, and if there were any indecisiveness over selling (which there was), then the right decision would be to postpone that possibility, no? Ok - it sounded good when I thought it. Glad you have some "breathing" room. I am woefully behind here I know....and am indebted an email or two - so pull up a cozy of tea, I'll be here a bit.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

renee said...

Well Shirlee,
I am not even going to say a word about the house! LOL!
It will work out the way it is supposed to.
I am glad to see that you are doing alright for the most part. I haven't been around as much. Busy like usual. I hope that you will enjoy your summer.

butterfly said...

Hi Shirlee I think you made the right decision , I know it was making you stressed and unwell . Now you can take your time and enjoy your Summer and I truly hope you will feel much better, hugs.

Yana Hanim said...

have you tasted turkish tea? the way the made and served it is quite unique but I must say bedouin tea is the best, even my turkish husband couldnt get enough of it :)

Carol said...

I'm glad to hear you've released yourself from the stress of the June 1st date, Shirlee... I don't think you were really ready to sell and this way, as you say, you can clean out and prepare the house for sale at your leisure. Good decision!! Now go enjoy that tea from Marly :)