God grant you the light in Christmas, which is faith;
the warmth of Christmas, which is love;
the radiance of Christmas, which is purity;
the righteousness of Christmas, which is justice;
the belief in Christmas, which is truth;
& all of Christmas, which is Christ.
--Wilda English

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Butterflies have got to be one of God's most delightful creations!  We have sadly been seeing less of them this year than in other years.  I think it might have something to do with the hard frost we had about 2 months ago.  The warm spring weather came so early this year & everything was blooming & growing before it should have been & then wham!  I can only assume the frost is to blame.  I'm not even seeing very many of these lovelies flying around my butterfly garden!  When I do see one it's a special treat & I had just such a treat yesterday morning ... not in my butterfly garden but on one of our butterfly bushes   : )

I never tried photographing a butterfly before & it was quite a feat!  I'm sure I took at least a dozen photos.  I'm thankful I was able to get these 3 clear ones   : )

My thanks to everyone who offered their help regarding stitching with variegated thread.  I will tell you that I stitched one small each day for a total of 3 days.  The same small.  Needless to say the design is a quick stitch    : )   I first stitched using the loop start method which did not provide a good result & thus the reason for my asking for help.  My next attempt was completing one stitch at a time using 2 strands of floss & making sure the colors matched up along the strands.  The provided a more variegated effect but it still didn't look quite right.  This design is 90% lettering ... small letters at that ... with a little something in between 2 of them.  Most of the letters were wide enough apart that I had to end the stitching on one letter & then start anew on the next letter.  This made me end with, for example, a very light pink on one letter & then suddenly a very dark pink on the next. It just didn't look right.  For my third attempt I thought I would be more attentive to the blending.  When I ran out of floss I then got 2 more strands but I turned them around so that instead of ending with light blue & starting with dark blue I'd just segue from light blue to light blue.  The idea was that you wouldn't be able to tell I had started a new thread at all!  Unfortunately this ended up giving a bookends look to my stitched piece with dark blue at the ends & light blue in the center.  I decided I should have stuck with my original thought & used plain ol' DMC.  That is what I'll do when I attempt to stitch this design for the fourth time (argh!) but that's not going to be anytime soon.  I don't want to look at it again for a while ... lol!  I also didn't have the "oomph" to get started on another stitched piece last night so instead I decided to knit.  Being a bit apprehensive about jumping right in & knitting something "good" I decided to re-familiarize myself with the basics by knitting a dishcloth.
Unfortunately the stripey yarn I had on hand was not the best choice for this basketweave pattern but I'll continue along with it.  It's just a dishcloth after all   : )   I'm happy to say that the casting on, knitting & purling came back to me very easily.   I'll complete this cloth & then dive into something wearable.  Oh wait ... I just remembered that I joined a knitting exchange & I need to make something knitted for the person assigned to me.  This ought to provide fodder for quite a few posts ... lol!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  John & I are supposed to go to a daylily show this afternoon in Lexington. Only time will tell if we actually venture out into the mid-90 temperatures to do this.    


Mouse said...

ooooo gorgeous butterfly :)
mmmm how about you try stitching as you would do normally with the variagated threads ??? sometimes that gives a better effect or just do different letters not follow on ... does that make sense ???

and cute stripy dishcloth too :)
hope you have had a fab weekend :) love mouse xxxxx

earlene said...

That is a wonderful shot of that butterfly!! Thanks for sharing.
Just this week I started to see more. and lots of lighting bugs!

milly said...

Lovely butterfly photos, wish we had those beautiful ones where we live!
I love your knitting!

Vickie said...

Oh my! That butterfly is beautiful, haven't seen that one around. Enjoy the daylily show! :)

butterfly said...

OH you took a photo of me how nice. Don't I look pretty.! ha.
Great photos again what a beauty that butterfly is.

Great knitting.

Enjoy the Lily show, hugs.

butterfly said...

OH you took a photo of me how nice. Don't I look pretty.! ha.
Great photos again what a beauty that butterfly is.

Great knitting.

Enjoy the Lily show, hugs.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It's good to experiment!
I like the DMC variegateds but do find they don't change colour enough along one length. I do what you tried - starting from the "matching" end when I start the 2nd length.

Chris said...

Lovely butterfly pics. I have not seen a lot of them on my butterfly bushes this year yet. I have seen some hummingbird moths :)
I can't wait to see picks of your variegated thread pieces. And your variegated dishcloth finish :)
Have a great week!

♥ Nia said...

Beautiful butterfly :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wonderful catch of that gorgeous butterfly!! That first photo is amazing! I don't believe I've ever seen a butterfly like that here....we just usually see monarchs...and moths....tons of moths....Glad the knitting came back to you.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin