Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Report, Mungo Jerry, & A SAL (Sing Along)

Four hours of my life were spent spraying weed killer on the weeds in the foundation garden beds Friday morning in 90+ degree heat & humidity.  Saturday morning brought me a 4-hour repeat under the same conditions with the addition of pulling weeds in the little strip garden along the back of the house which sits in the shade most of the day but is still one of the devil's favorite places to spend his summer vacation because of what he considers to be "weather just like back home."  Sunday I had to rest.  I didn't have any choice.  You would think that 2 days of bending, crouching, & kneeling for a few hours to spray/pull weeds would not be all that physically demanding but I felt like someone had beat me with a baseball bat.  I could barely move.  John had to help me get up out of my recliner Saturday night & I was about half way up when he jokingly asked if I wanted him to get me a walker & we both started laughing so hard that I ended up having to sit back down & then had to try to get up again!  This afternoon I decided to shuffle out & plant a couple daylilies we picked up at Walmart this morning.  Once again we're talking about 90+ degree temperatures.  After making my way back into the house ... a big, sweaty lump of a woman ... I thought of a song that was popular when I was in high school.  It was a little ditty called "In the Summertime" by a group called Mungo Jerry.  They sing about what they consider to be the joys of summer.  What can I say ... it was the early 70s.  They were apparently on drugs.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the song, you can listen to it by clicking on the link below.  Note that I have provided my own, more realistic lyrics underneath.  Feel free to sing along   : )

In the Summertime
Words & Music by Ray Dorset
Alternate lyrics by The Easily Influenced Stitcher

In the summertime when the weather is hot
You can scratch away at the bug bites you got
In the summertime you be scratchin', you be scratchin' all the time.
When the bites start to bleed then a Band-Aid you see if you can find.

When the sun is bright that's a problem for you
If you're in it more than a minute or two
'Cause the sweat will pour down your face into your eyes & you'll be blind.
And your clothes will be wet & your underwear will stick in your behind.

You buy sunscreen & you layer it on
In the blink of an eye the whole bottle is gone
But your skin still burns & it blisters, yes it blisters & you cry.
And your nose always runs 'cause of allergies & you wish you could die.

Sing along with me, dee dee dee dee dee
Da da da da da, we are NOT happy
Da da da dee da doo dee da doo da dee da
Da da da da da da da da da da.

When the winter's here it's like Party Town
Wearing sweaters by the fire as you watch the snow fall down
But it doesn't last, soon the summer comes to torture us again.
Come & kneel with me as we pray that Jesus takes us before then.


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Shirlee Your just too funny!!!
I get the same way after I've been pulling weeds all day on my knees ~ just sucks getting old.
But I bet everything looks beautiful!!!
Prim Blessings

Michelle said...

We spent our weekend in the garden, painting all the fencing panels, tidying the shed, weeding, mowing, planting and got burnt - we are in a heatwave here in the UK but its wonderful. I love that Song - thanks for sharing xx

dulcinella said...

Lol. Your version is great! I'm rather happy that our weather is great, but of course I didn't work in the garden. Try to take it easy for a few days. Maybe you'd better stitch, that is not such a burden on your body,I guess.

Anonymous said...

(: What a fab post! so funny.
I hope your body is feeling a little better today but maybe a day off is called for!

Chris said...

You are so funny!Now I have this song stuck in my head!

Vickie said...

So funny, I cried! Oh Shirlee, at least you accomplished quite a bit. Well, when my body falls apart from gardening, it is time to switch to stitching! :)

Judy said...

The song sounds like a hit to me! How true it is.

Judy heartland stitcher

Jenny said...

LOL - your text is great! You did so much better than I did though - I used the 90s+ as an excuse to stay in and nap for three days instead. And we really do need some serious weeding here... I am waiting for the cooler temps - in September or so.... ;-)

Prims By The Water said...

I think you need to record your version Shirlee. Loved it!! Take care, Janice

marly said...

So that's what Mungo Jerry looks like. You should make your own video of your version!

Kendra said...


You may want to seriously consider sending that song in to a recording company! Love it! I have to say I would have rather been doing what you were doing vs what I was doing (cleaning squirrel and bird nests out of an attic-GROSS!).


TheCrankyCrow said...

I'm with Marly....I see a recording future for you. ;o) Ahhhh....if we could only swap a little weather and come to a compromise. I picked up some plantings a week or so ago and they're dying a slow and painful death in my garage. First tornadoes, then gale-force winds, then 90+ degrees (one day only); then more gale-force winds; then frost. God must have been full of whimsy when he put together the weather for Nod. Anywho - can we share that walker? ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

butterfly said...

Love that song you took me back in time. Hope you can
soon work back in the garden, I just do 20 mins a day out there now , that gives me time to cut off the dead heads and pull a free weeds, it works for me.