Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Giveaway Win, A Gift, & A Decision

T'is a gorgeous day if you like sunshine & temperatures in the high 60s.  My plan for today is to continue cleaning out the garage ... something I started doing last month I think (hanging my head in shame that it's not finished already).  I also need to drown a multitude of weeds in weed killer so that is kind of a co-plan.  The garage has priority though.

Yesterday's trip to the post office brought me not one but two packages from dear friends in the British Isles!  I was lucky enough to be the first name chosen out of the hat by June's husband for her giveaway at Butterfly Wings a couple weeks ago!  I received this beautiful Jane Greenoff kit & I am really looking forward to stitching it!  Thank you June ... I love it!

I also received a surprise gift from Michelle at Michelle's StitchCraft Place!  She wanted to share the celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with me & so she sent me this lovely set of porcelain thimbles commemorating the event!  Thank you Michelle ... they are very special to me   : )
And now for the decision.  This is actually something that was decided about 2 weeks ago but I'm just getting around to posting it now.  John & I are definitely going to list our house for sale starting June 1st with the listing ending August 31st.  Three months.  I know that's not giving it much time but we don't want people traipsing through here during bad weather & holiday times.  Also, we don't want our house to be like the majority of other houses for sale in this area, three of which have been on the market since we bought this one 3 years ago!  We figure that if there isn't any interest in the house in 3 months' time then there probably isn't going to be.  If the house doesn't sell, the plan is to settle in & try to make the best of it.  I think that will be easier said than done (to infinity & beyond) but that's the plan.  I did try to make contact with our real estate agent (Dawn) last week but I have not had a response.  This is odd as she usually responds to real estate queries within a day.  She could perhaps be out of town but I wonder if that's the case because I noticed a while back that her sale signs are no longer posted on any properties in the area.  Perhaps she got out of the real estate business (the last time I talked with her she indicated that it was difficult to make a living from it anymore) or perhaps there was a family problem or health issue.  I could guess from now till Christmas but I think the end result is going to be us finding another real estate agent.  I did a bit of research this morning & found someone who appears to be a good choice.    I'll wait till next week & if I haven't heard from Dawn by then, I will contact this other person. 

So there you have it   : )   I shall now have a bit of breakfast & then push myself out the door & into the garage.  


Vickie said...

Well that is wonderful that you and John have a definite plan now. Have fun in the garage today. I hope you accomplish much. Hey you are going to burn calories doing it too!! How awesome is that?!?! :)

Carolyn said...

Ok---we're all going to put positive vibs out there for your house to sell!!! The perfect family will come and snatch it up!
Won't a new place be wonderful?? I love making a new "nest" !

Natasha said...

best of luck on selling your home. We are in the process of searching for a home.... it sure is frustrating us. Can I ask what town you live in?

Some homes we have looked at have been on the market for MONTHS and the home we fell in love with had an offer wothin two days

I will say a prayer for a quick sell!!

Kendra said...

Decisions, decisions, decisions, they are the worst but it is good that you have a 3 month plan and it sounds like a good one!

Good luck with the garage. If we don't hear from you by next week we'll send a search party for you, OK?


butterfly said...

Best of luck Shirlee with selling your house.
Sounds like you are going to be very busy.
Lovely gift from Michelle. HUGS.

Carol said...

Making the decision is half the battle, Shirlee... Best of luck to you--maybe you'll be as lucky as my parents were with their house :)

marly said...

Glad you made a decision. You have a beautiful setting, privacy, and a popular style so I hope it will sell quickly for you.

Anonymous said...

A decision, a date, a plan! Good!

Prims By The Water said...

Best of luck to you on selling your house. When you are done with your garage and want to make a trip back up to Michigan, you are more than welcome to clean our garage. Take care, Janice

Chris said...

What wonderful things landed in your mail box :)
I am glad that you guys have a plan. I hope that everything goes smoothly :)

Anonymous said...


What lovely giveaways you won!

I hope you have your house sold sooner rather than later.
Happy weekend.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Congratulations on the lovely giveaway win, Shirlee!! But, ooooeee, that looks like pretty fussy work! And sweet gift from Michelle....Guess I missed that occasion? And the house....oh the house....I know there's no good answer to that dilemma - but, at least you are moving forward with a plan. Praying you find peace with whatever the end result turns out to be. Hugs ~ Robin