Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This & That & Begging Your Pardon


Let me say that again with a bit more feeling.


The time is moving swiftly this year, isn't it!  I swear ... when I was younger each day seemed to be a month long.  Now each month is like a day!  Argh!  I've got 15 days ... 15 days mind you ... until the For Sale sign is posted at the end of the driveway.  I've noticed that quite a few other houses in this town have been recently listed on the market.  They are joining the 3 that have been for sale since we moved here 3 years ago.  I am trying to be optimistic but the butterflies are break dancing in my tummy & I just want it all to be over & done with.  Sigh!

First of all let me beg your pardon if you have commented on one of my posts & have yet to receive a response or you have sent me an email & have likewise yet to receive a response.  I am freaking out more & more as the days go by resulting in total paralysis on some days & then flurries of activity on others.  Then there are the continuing medical/dental visits which eat into my do nothing/do everything times.  Calgon can't even take me away since I can't use the bathtubs here (they were made for Munchkins).

John & I were in Lexington for 7 hours yesterday running various errands & visiting the eye doctor so I could tell him what he could do with those no-line bifocals he talked me into getting even after I regaled him with the history of my inability to get used to them last year.  I now have a pair of simple computer glasses ordered & let's all hope they actually allow me to see the computer screen!  On the way home we stopped at Walmart & if you remember my last posting then you can probably already guess what I came home with   : )
I took along my list of colors I still didn't have & my sweetie bought them for me   : )   A few of the colors were not available.  I think maybe Walmart is stocking just what they think are the most popular colors?  I'm not sure but they had what I needed (with the exception of maybe 10) so I'm not complaining   : )

Throughout the flurries as well as the paralysis I have been trying to stitch at bit each evening & usually have been successful at it.  I finished stitching my May RAK as well as a small gift for someone but I can't show them to you yet.  I still need to make them into something.  I wonder if there's some sort of "stay awake & be productive" pill that I could take for a while?  It sure would be nice if there were.  Anyway, I did start a 3rd project ... something for an exchange ... which is just in the early stages so I can show you a wee bit of it.
It's one of those "I need to make one of these for myself someday" projects of which I have stitched many ... lol!  I hope I do actually get them all made for myself one of these days   : )

Tomorrow I revisit the dentist.  She thinks she is going to permanently cement my bridge but I am once again going to tell her how unhappy I am with it.  When I told her this before her response was that I needed to get used to it.  Well, it's been a couple weeks now I hate it even more.  Even John has said that I talk as though I have a set of bad fitting dentures in my mouth ... lots of "sssss" sounds & whistles.  That shouldn't be!  A crown also isn't fitting correctly & she nicked the edge of one of my front teeth when she was doing some drilling in that area so it's uncomfortably pointy there.  I am not a happy camper.

Okay ... that's it.  I need to finish the garage & yard work which the days of rain prevented me from doing last week.  John is upstairs working on making "his room" (where he stores all his CDs & DVDs) look presentable.  


Vickie said...

Look at that haul of floss! HA! They loved you at the check out right?! Oh well, TOO BAD!! That's the way you need to handle that dentist of yours too! Hey, those are YOUR teeth for crying out loud!! Time to get aggressive Shirlee. I am getting worked up for you in case you couldn't tell!! :)

Dawn said...

Shirlee, One day a time, one thing at a time, it's how I survived work as a person of 1 who did the work of 5 people. If i got to feeling overwhelmed, I cleared my desk off and worked one case at a time, responded to one message at a time. Phew, don't miss those days. I completely understand the stress of preparing to sell, it was only 2 years ago we did the same thing. I will keep you close in my prayers and hope that everything goes smoothly. A dear friend got me hooked on a mantra at work when I was stressing and couldn't change is what it is...somehow it worked and I realized I couldn't control everything, as much as i wanted to.

You are right, you shouldn't be having issues with your bridge. I had an awesome dentist in va beach, he was so picky that everything had to look and fit just right. One of my crowns he sent right back to the lab and made them redo it. I know it's extra running for you but those aren't cheap and having an comfortable mouth is not acceptable, I know you've got the spirit to let her see things your way, lol. Maybe its time to look for a new dentist, she doesn't seem to be looking out for your best interests.

I hope you are having as great as weather as we are having right now, breezy, warm, not to hot, though storms may pop up later this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Oh that pile of threads is a thing of beauty! Lovely hubby you have there!

Hope your specs are ok and you can get your teeth get sorted.

butterfly said...

Hello Shirlee, I know what you mean about time going faster , I can not believe it will soon be June.
Where have the last 5 months gone , is the time going faster or am I getting slower !.
Best of luck with the dentist my pet hate.
So glad to see you got your threads what a lovely man you have. HUGS

Kaisievic said...

Hi Shirlee, maybe try making a list and just aim to do one or two big things on it a day. It always makes you feel better when you can cross something off. I think that you need to get a new dentist. She does not sound as if she knows what she is doing. Good luck with it all.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

OMGOSH, All that wonderful floss. Now to get it organized which for me is not fun.
And another thing .. For me, it's not the time that is moving too fast ... It's ME moving a LOT slower these days. LOL
Anyways,hope you have better luck with that Dentist ... I get to go on the 25th and this is the 3rd reschedule for me ... guess I just do not want to go.

Peace and Blessings,

marly said...

The older we get, the faster time flies. I better get moving on Santa charts. Glad you found your floss!

Chris said...

Breathe Shirlee. Just take it one day at a time, you will get there.
I hope the computer glasses do the trick and that the dentist goes well.
I am glad that you have had time to stich, it does help!

Peggy Lee said...

Good luck with the sale of the house.

I didn't know Walmart still sold our threads!?! I was told they stopped carrying all things stitch related. Glad you got most of the colors you were looking for anyway.

I have had no line bifocals for over a year now and it wasn't the "no-line" part I couldn't get used was having those things on my face! I just got contacts a few days ago and it's taking some getting used to. With a few tweaks here and there I should be seeing clearly in no time.

I'll be in Kentucky soon! Keep the light on for me.

Michelle said...

I understand what you mean about time I cannot believe it will soon be June. The last 5 months have flown by. Will be thinking of you with the dentist. Lovely threads Shirlee - what a lovely man you have there xx

Michelle said...

I meant to say let me know what colours you are missing and I will forward them to you - I have duplicates xx

Anne said...

Aw Shirlee, I wish I could chase those butterflies away for you. I hope everything goes okay for you and your husband with selling the house. When I read about the teeth problems, I winced. My husband has gone through similar issues with his teeth and those dentists, never take the blame when they muck up!!!! They've nicked his mouth so many times while drilling, I can't imagine the irritation you feel with a nicked tooth!! I hope things turn around for you!

Love the flosses and can't wait to see the secret stitching :D I'm like you, always saying to myself "I'll stitch this one day for me!" And never do!!!


Laura said...

The threads have wonderful colors (your hubby is soooo lovely!).

:) :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh I so hear you on that time thing. Half my days are spent looking around in dazed confusion wondering how I ever did what I used to do. Is it that the days are going faster or that I am going slower? Or heaven forbid, both??? Nice little stash of floss there....but those are colors you know you need for projects? Or is your goal to someday own every DMC color made? I don't have a problem organizing my DMC b/c I put them on the little cards and they're numbered; but I have a heck of a time with my Valdani....never know what I have or what I need. Wish someone would come up with a system for that. Good luck with the dentist...nope, a bridge should definitely not feel like that....I have one and don't even know it's there (except when they yell at me for not flossing under the bridge....WHAT??!) Smiles & Sunday Hugs ~ Robin