Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Doctor Visit Results

Good afternoon!  At least I think it's afternoon.  I'm not sure of anything I'm seeing anymore.  Yes, I picked up my no-line bifocals from the eye doctor yesterday.  The technician smiled brightly & said "Let's give them a try, shall we?"  What choice did I have?  I put them on & she disappeared into a cloud.  I looked at the poster on the wall behind her.  Another cloud.  I looked down on the counter & thought "How did all these stupid clouds get in here?!?!?"  However, it did not appear that I was seeing things in a bowl.  When she said "What do you think?" I politely replied "I think it's too soon to tell if they're going to work for me or not."  She then said "Well, give them a couple days & if you aren't happy just bring them back & we'll do something else for you."  I'm sure she'll be seeing me again very soon.  I'm wearing them now but I honestly can't read what I'm typing.  These particular no-lines have 3 "tiers."  The top half of the lenses is supposed to correct my distance sight.  If I look through them to see something across the room & try really hard to notice a difference between looking at whatever is there through the glasses & then looking at whatever is there without them, there appears to be such an infinitesimal bit of difference between the two that I really can't say it's worth the bother.  The bottom half of the lenses is divided into the remaining 2 tiers.  I have no idea what the largest tier in this area (the top part, about 3/4 of this half of the lenses) is supposed to correct.  It doesn't help me see what is written on my computer screen, anything beyond that, & nothing closer than that as far as I can tell.  The remaining sliver of a tier at the very bottom of the lenses ... & it is a teeny, tiny sliver ... sort of helps me see a couple words on the computer screen which are directly in the center of my vision.  All other words to the left, right, top, & bottom are cloudy.  I also have to tilt my head up a bit toward the ceiling in order to look through this slivered area & if this were to continue I can just see myself before too long making trips to the chiropractor or physical therapist in order to have neck adjustments.  I should not (should not, SHOULD NOT) have let that eye doctor talk me into trying no-lines again but I thought perhaps since they were being made by a different company than the ones I tried last year they would be different.  They really aren't.  Another trip to Lexington is on the horizon.  Sigh!

The visit to my regular doctor was also interesting but in a different sort of way.  You may remember that a couple months ago she suspected that I have Lyme disease.  She ordered lab tests which confirmed this.  I, however, knew better & said there must be some mistake.  When I came home, Googled Lyme disease & read several articles about it, I was even more convinced that I do not have this malady.  My doctor has the patience of Job & ended up letting me have labs done a total of 3 times (using 2 different lab facilities) & yesterday I was told that the third series of lab tests likewise revealed Lyme disease.  I told her okay, I would give in ... she can treat me for Lyme disease.  However, she has also now discovered that I'm anemic (I guess this is unusual for a postmenopausal woman) & I have some type of inflammatory process going on somewhere in my body.  I cannot start the treatment for Lyme disease (which is just a very long course of low-dose antibiotics) until we take care of the inflammation & anemia so the next month will be spent working on those 2 things & then we'll take it from there.  We also talked about how I've allowed myself to gain back half the weight I lost last year.  She told me I need to focus on a healthy diet again which means no more dinners like this.

This truly was my dinner the other night.  No, I'm not kidding.  John insisted I take a picture of it to share with everyone.  In what I know is my pitiful defense, we had a big lunch that day & neither of us were wanting a big dinner.  I think John had opted for a simple cheese sandwich.  This was my choice.  Anyway, no more dinners like this apparently but we won't be focusing on a healthy diet until after the anemia & inflammation are taken care of.  I just sat in her office shaking my head.  I have got to be the poster child for strange ailments.  This doctor is always telling me how I challenge her & what a fascinating patient I am.  As we were ending our visit I said "You ought to do a case study on me."  She smiled & said "I am."  I guess my physical condition will be providing me with my 15 minutes of fame when I will be focused upon in her next book.  

More lab tests today but that should be the extent of ... oh wait.  I forgot about having to return to Lexington to visit the eye doctor's office again.  Surely there will come a time when all these visits will be a thing of the past?  I hope so!


Vickie said...

Um...gee..are you done with the dentist possibly? That could be the bright side of things. Oh Shirlee, I have prayed for you. Have a good evening with a healthy dinner! :)

Nancy said...

sent you an email!! Hope you feel much better very soon!!

April said...

Oh Shirlee!! I am not alone.. You sure you did steal my plate! and me a diabetic... lol My ex boss had Lyme disease.. He was told there were no cases in Alabama.. Now I have heard of at least 7 people that have it in Alabama.. You take care of yourself.. Hope You don't have to go get your neck worked on too from those glasses! I am still laughin.. Sorry..

Paula Nunes Lima said...

I'm pretty sure you rather not be a fascinating patient to your doctor!! The eye is so precious, please pay attention!


Maggee said...

I feel your pain! As a Breast Cancer survivor, I had all that treatment stuff, then they found the medicines started to cause osteopenia (not Quite osteoporosis...) so had to get scans, take meds, etc. Then got goiters from the radiation, so now I have an Endo, added to the Onco. And I had some liver thing from the meds too, so add a Gastro to the mix. Top it off, my bladder went nuts so got a bunch of appointments with a Urologist! Plus, I fired my regular doctor and got a new one who is a D.O. (doctor of osteopathy, more open minded)I am pretty sick of doctors and appointments for sure! Of late, I developed some kind of spot on my right forearm, so now--dermatologist! oh golly gee!! I look for an end to this, but I forgot I have to have my last eye surgery next week too! (Post cataract thing... cataracts also caused by the radiation) Aieee!!Big Hugs!

Chris said...

Oh Shirlee!
I hope that you are feeling better soon and you can get back to some fun stuff. That dinner is definitely fun but bad fun :(
I am sending good thoughts your way.
Are the glasses any better?

Michelle said...

Oh Shirlee I hope you feel better soon. Has trhe postman arrived with you yet?

TheCrankyCrow said...'re my kinda girl!! I haven't had a grape soda in years though! Now you gave me a hankering for one. If it makes you feel any better, I had half a batch of chocolate chip cookies and an ice cream cone for dinner last night. :o Sorry to hear about the added medical issues. Yikes - like you need any more on your plate....(ooops - no pun intended....) But think of all the energy you're going to have once they Lymes and anemia are gone!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Shirlee!!! I have my "mother" hat on now - my 9 year old would know better than to try have that sort of "meal". LOL
At least you know the root of the weight problem.
I do feel your pain with the new glasses though. I'm not looking forward to my next visit to the opticians.