Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Morning Update

Well here it is ... another day, another handful of Xanax.  I'm now to the point where I'm living with a daily river of anxiety flowing through me & I'm pretty sure I won't be feeling anywhere near better until all this house selling stuff is over & done with.  I have taken more anti-anxiety medication this month than I have in my entire life.  If this keeps up I'm going to become a druggie!  Can you just imagine the frogging I'm going to have to do if this happens ... assuming I can actually stitch while being drugged out?  Or maybe I won't care where the stitches end up at all!  I'll just stitch away ... threads on top of other threads, over 2 here/over 5 there, knots all over the place both front & back, etc.  It would prove to be an interesting future show & tell post   : )

The shake-like drinks which go hand-in-hand with my inflammation cleanse remain unopened.  My house is devoid of the allowable cleansing foods & the goodies still abound.  Now I know that I can just toss out the goodies but honestly ... the nuns in elementary school pummeled into our brains that there are pagan babies out there who are starving!  How can I toss away food ... even junk food ... with that on my mind?  I was looking in the pantry yesterday & noticed something lumpy underneath a bag of oyster crackers.  The lumps turned out to be several Tootsie Roll Pops.  I don't know how long they had been there but they were very chewy & I'm not just talking about the chocolaty center!  Of course I ate them.  Can't throw food away (see pagan baby reference above).

I know that since my post yesterday you've been waiting with baited breath to see which PS chart I chose to start stitching last night.  Well, the answer is neither!  I decided to stitch this instead.   
It's a Country Rustic Primitives design called Noel Pinkeep.  It is stitched on osnaburg & I really like the primitive effect this fabric gives.  As you can see I finished stitching one of the design & have started a second.  I plan to make several CRP/Nash designs for Christmas for myself as well as for gifts & maybe even to sell in my Etsy shop (if I can ever decide on a name!!!) so I figured "why not now?"  I decided against the Santa & Friends because I didn't feel up to stitching on black.  I decided against the Starry Night because I didn't want to mess with the silk metallic thread ... nor do I know if I will ever want to!  I then went for another trawl through my pattern files & came up with a lovely ornament leaflet by Victoria Sampler that features birds but calls for fiddly stitches which I decided I didn't feel mentally able to deal with at this point.  The CRP/Nash designs are quick stitches & I can use the instant gratification   : )   

I will end with this video clip of me captured by the local paparazzi yesterday although it could very well be from the day before ... or the day before that ... or last week ... or tomorrow ... or ...   


Kendra said...


You crack me up! I completely understand the instant gratification thing. If a project is going to take me longer than a day or at most 2 forget it, no interest.

I am so thankful that we have a brick wall conviently located right out on the porch for the purpose of your video! LOL!

Trusting in Him,

Trace4J said...

Hey Shirlee
You as usual just crack me up.
Love the stitches. Love anything christmas.


Anonymous said...

Were I work we ususally say about the ways of our boss: if you can make something really complicated, why simplify?
I'm glad you simplified in the stiching! Why not try a bit of that in the rest?
Forget the catholic education in what food is concerned and think about those bridges in the mouth!!! :-)

Minnie said...

I'm loving the video LOL!

Prims By The Water said...

Thanks for making me smile today! I am stuck inside cleaning the house too...been negleting my duties here. Love that Noel stitchery! Take care, Janice

Anonymous said...


Your post made me smile too!

Lovely stitchiing!

Marie-P said...

Once again you win for the funniest blog! You should be a comedian, but maybe you are!

Kaisievic said...

Oh Shirlee, You make me laugh! Hang in there, it will work out okay!

Sending you lots of hugs.

Maggee said...

Paula is RIHGT!! You just got the new bridge!! No more Tootsie roll pops!! I also went to Catholic grade scholl and had those talks about 'pagan babies' ingrained in me!! Ha! If you can still see humor in your situation you are doing good! Big Hugs!

Sally said...

Oh your post really made me smile today my dear friend:) Cyber hugs coming across the pond.

Love your Christmassy stitching:)

Chris said...

Breathe!!! Just go with the flow Shirlee. I totally understand how stressful the situation is.
I love your new start. The fabric is prim and lovely.
My husband can eat anything, so at least I have him to work on cleaning out the crap. Maybe you need to adopt a teenager for awhile to help with that?
Happy Wednesday!

Vickie said...

Under the oyster crackers huh? Well I have a hiding place too, but I am not telling. I have a husband and three teens who can eat anything, wanna borrow? :) It works pretty well actually. Remember Madeleine's beautiful, delicious Confirmation cake? At least I didn't eat all of the remaining cake, just the most!!!

Melody said...

Well everyone knows you can't throw out candy... ha!

The video is a hoot.

Take care!

butterfly said...

Oh Shirlee you are so funny and you always put a smile on my face, your posts are so entertaining with your life, even though some times it's not funny, I think you should write a book, it's good to get every thing off your chest, and I think it's good to share it make's you feel better, sending you a bucketful of hugs.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ha!! You sure the Paparazzi captured you, not me?? Love it.... And cleansing shakes??? Huh??? Sounds like a disease. (Or am I combining two concepts here?) Nevertheless - give me sweets, or give me death. I LOVE your new stitchings!! I've always wanted to try the osnaburg, but haven't. Where do you get yours from? And you know me, I love, love, LOVE anything CRP or SN!!! Stitch on Girlfriend, stitch on.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin