Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Poll - Please Participate - Dates & Initials On Cross Stitched Items

I'm using the photo of the magazine below as a visual aid   : )   If you look closely, on the right lower half of the cover you will see 2 ornaments.  One is a partridge with the date 2005 stitched in red.  The other is just to the left of the partridge, a little cabin which reads Christmas & then the date 2005.  
I could not find a sample of an ornament with an initial on it but of course it would look something like this (note the stitched B in the bottom right corner).
My question is ... how do you feel about ornaments that have your initial stitched on them &/or a date?  I personally don't mind them but I'm always over thinking things & I wonder if there are people who might prefer stitched items without initials or dates?  

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to sit & look through my back issues of JCS Ornaments.  I did.  I found a lot of really nice ornaments but some were dated or had an initial or both.  Of course for some reason no one provides a chart in case you want to change the initial or the date. Unless you find another alphabet/number design somewhere or come up with something on your own, your only choice is to stitch the date &/or initial or leave them off.  This is neither here nor there though I guess.  I am simply asking how do you feel about ornaments that have your initial stitched on them &/or a date?

And speaking of JCS Ornaments issues, I found quite a few ornaments that I want to make during yesterday's browsing time.  No surprise there   : )   I am missing a couple issues so went in search of them on eBay.  I have none from before 2002.  I'd like to get the 2000, 2001, & 2003 issues & I did find a 2003 & made a bid on it.  No issues currently for 2001.  However, there's a 2000 issue that someone is selling as a Buy It Now for $29.99! She has got to be kidding!  I'll wait for another one to pop up one of these days at a more reasonable price   : )

Incidentally, have you noticed my Christmas countdown thingie on my sidebar?  Isn't it exciting!  Almost less than 90 days till Christmas!!!   


Vickie said...

No Shirlee, I actually find 92 days terrifying. I have way to much to make before then. I do not know how I will do it.
I don't mind the initials and date. I have rarely done it myself though.

Danice said...

I love personalized ornaments, whether it be initials and/or a date.

Chris said...

Hey Shirley.
If you don't when the 2003 issue I can send you a copy :)
It depends on the design. I will change the year or the initials to the current year and my initials . I don't usually add them if they are not part of a design. I will sometimes stitach a personalized back for the piece.
I love my JCS issues and looking abck through them. I think I have them back to 1997.

Xeihua (Sara) said...

I'm with Vickie.... it's terrifying... where did the year go... and I MUST start the Christmas stitching :X....
As per your question... it will depend... if it's the correct year (2012) now I'll stitch it... or I might change it to the current year. That way it will make a nice memory gift for that year... Same thing with the initial... if it's either mine or of the person I'm intending to give it to... I'll stitch it... if not I'll either remove it... or change it :D


butterfly said...

The only thing that make's me worry about the date is you date it and one day you look at it and think oh my where did those last 10 years ago, and knowing at my age I have to slow these years down .ha.
But no I really don't mind, hugs.

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Hi Shirlee,
Time sure is flying by! I'll be starting Christmas/winter crafts next week.
About your question~ I think it's nice to personalize with initials. Back when I was really into cross stitch I always incorporated my initials into the piece. Some where that was inconspicuous. If the design has the initial and date and I like it with it, then I put it in. I think it's a personal preference.
Have a great coming week!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I quite like having the year of something also initials. The only trouble is I don't like my current initials!!!
I used to be JM or JMM when I started stitching which I liked but now I'm JP or JMP. JP just doesn't "feel" like me and JMP is a colleague of my hubby's who is known only by his initials so that's not right either LOL.
ps I hate the Christmas countdowns, stop panicking me LOL.

Mouse said...

I like to see the dates on the ornaments either tiny so they don't shout at you or on the back with who made it and sent it to you .... that way you always have a reminder
haven't got older JCS'S as have only discovered them once I started blogging
I often change the intials to suit the person to if it is on the design as in the bird in hand ... stitched that for Michelle here in the uk .... hope that helps a bit :) love mouse xxxxx

TheCrankyCrow said...

You may be my twin in some respects, but you are the evil TWISTED twin. NO....that is NOT exciting. Take it off I tell you, take it off!!!

As for the initials/date thing...hmmm....Haven't thought about that in a good long while. Back in the day, when I stitched a lot, I had developed my own stitched signature (my first name in cursive) and I usually always added that, and the last two numerals of the current year. But, back then, I only stitched for myself. I guess if I am stitching larger pieces I intend to keep, I would still do that, but smaller pieces, or things I intend to gift, no, I wouldn't. Rationale behind that logic??? Absolutely none. ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

marly said...

Don't like either. The date on the back or backstitched over one is OK, but what if I decide to gift the ornament? Should my initials be on it or theirs?

The Merry Stitcher said...

I dont mind initials or dates on ornaments either way. :)

Marilyn said...

I like the date and initals idea.
That way if you give it away, or whoever gets it in the future will know what year it was made, and that someone put a lot of work into it.

September said...


just found your lovely blog.
I like the date and initials idea as lone as it doesn't spoil the piece.
I love your Fall decorated blog.
Have a good week.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hi Shirlee,
I don't mind initials ~ they are usually small and tucked into a corner. Dates however I don't care for ~ I think they stick out to much and take away from the stitched piece.
Hope you find the pattern books your looking for.
Prim Blessings

Dani - tkdchick said...

I don't put my own initials on an ornament now if the pattern calls for it and I'm stitching it for a specific person I will stitch their initials. As for the date I will put the current year on it but again only if the design calls for it or if its a special year like baby's firs Xmas.

Minnie said...

I don't usually stitch sampler type charts or ornaments. However I do initial and date my work and I love it when someone sends me a gift and they have done the same. This way I remember who it's from.

Natasha said...

YIKES 29.99 for a back issue. That is crazy. I think the oldest I have is 2004. Good luck on your search.. I don't want to think about how many days till Christmas, nope not gonna think about it I have yet to stitch a christmas ornie LOL

I like putting my intials and dates on the rnies I stitch, I don't alwasy do it though I usually forget., But as for the designer not providing a templet I usually go to back JCS issues and find an alphabet/.number guide I like usually fits into whatever Im stitching.

Hope you have a great day

cucki said...

I love personalized ornaments, whether it be initials and/or a date.
big hugs and love xxx

Michelle said...

I love initials and dates on things - makes it more personal x

Sally said...

It depends on the ornament for me. If it has it on already then I'll do it but if it doesn't I rarely add it. Should do I guess.

I can't wait to get the Christmas ornament mag over here. I think I will probably get mine mid October. Have to wait for my newsagent to get it :)